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Frost Junes Sweepstakes April 16, 2010

Posted by tlynn2002 in Kasumi Horie (Former OC).
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Kasumi’s first visit to Frost Junes. She enters a sweepstakes for a game giveaway and wins a free copy of Curse from the game maker himself! Fun night!




The scene is even more festive and strange than normal, as the only thing crazier than demons have made their home here. Fans. Frost Junes is making a deliciously brisk trade selling foodstuffs and video game accessories to the crowd present. Between that and the BIG FORTUNE necklaces that had been shipped out to what seems like half of Sumaru, it’s harder to tell what’s the bigger fad today.

Frost Junes’ contingent of unusual ‘mascots’ serve the people with their usual alacrity. The Oni at Customer Service still has a perfect record of no one making a return. However, of more note is the big stage that’s been constructed with the help of the swarm of Gremlins from Hardware. It looks like it’s going to collapse at any second but somehow it remains intact. Frost-San hops up onto the stage and calls out, “HEE-HO WELCOME! TODAY IS THE DAY YOU’VE ALL BEEN CHILLING OUT AT FROST JUNES FOR, HO! IT’S SWEEPSTAKES DAY!” Cheers erupt through the crowd, and Frost-San waves his arms as if he’s considering crowdsurfing. He decides otherwise, perhaps, as he continues to wobble on the mic-stand and make declarations. “EVERYONE’S GOING TO BE A WINNER TODAY, BUT I KNOW YOU’RE ALL HEE-HO HERE FOR THE COOLEST GAME DESIGNER AROUND!” More cheers erupt, and Frost-san tumbles off of the mic stand, shaking his head as he bounces off the surface of the stage. He doesn’t miss a beat however, as he grabs the stand and pulls up the mic. “SO LET’S GIVE A FROSTY WELCOME TO NAOYA!”

Some party poppers explode all around, and the Gremlins wheel up a big stand with a bunch of handheld game systems and wrapped game packages on them. A couple of the Gremlins are gnawing on the packages.

From a shaded area near the main concourse, a man steps out. His hair is a light gray, his skin pale, and his eyes have a pinkish hue to them. The rumor on the street is that he’s afflicted with some form of albinism that causes his unusual appearance. But his clothing is almost as unusual, as he wears a blue shirt, left untucked into his gray slacks. He also wears a black cloaklike shawl emblazoned with clouds of bright green LED digital numbers, and he walks on a pair of wooden geta. He moves smoothly, a thin smile on his face as he steps up onto the stage. The fans scream and cheer as he appears. With a smooth motion he takes his place, pulling up the mic stand and preparing to do his thing.


There’s a sweepstakes going on, and she received a Fortune Necklace this VERY morning. Coincidence? No, not at all. But only because the TV Shopping Network used very efficient shipping for maximum customer satisfaction. Although it’s partially a coincidence she’s even here, as she didn’t even know of this event until today. She doesn’t live or shop around here regularly after all.

Still, the necklace had an interesting effect on her morale. She had decided to put it on, for the sake of science, although she wore it reversed so the inscription and MORE IMPORTANTLY the smiley face was not visible. But her day had been going rather well so far, classes had gone smoothly, she checked out the Music Club, and then called an out of town friend to see if he was free and lo and behold, he was! Lucky!

Well, a little lucky. She had something serious to ask, really. But then Akatsuki suggested checking the store so why not. She could ask after.

It was only once she met up with him that it crossed Himeru’s mind to consider if red was her color at all. Too late now. Impulsive purchase that was. She finds herself looking around the store a fair bit, unaccustomed at being around demons and at how other people seemed unbothered by this too. “I never knew you played videogames, Akatsuki-Sempai.” she mentions in passing, although that may just be a cover for something else that worried him too. But they really went all out with that sweepstake preparations…

The sight of the supposed game designer causes her head to pull back for a second, he looked strange, and not just his own appearance but also his choice in clothing. “Excentric.” was the young girl’s voiced conclusion.


Yay! Free stuff! Okay, so Kasumi may not be the best person to be in a crowd like this, but she hasn’t made it to Frost Junes yet since their grand re-opening or whatever. She heard about today through the grapevine at school and decided to come check it out. It couldn’t hurt right?

She is immediately surprised by all the strange creatures here. What the heck? “Man, these guys have some great costumes’ she thinks. She passes what look to be gremlins and looks up at the stage. She listens in as Frost-san speaks. As the crowd begins to cheer Kasumi is just peering around. So much to take in and there are so many people here. Focusing her attention back to the stage she sees the man approach the stage, looking most peculiar. She watches intently, as he prepares to speak.

She has yet to notice any one that she recognizes but with an event like this she is sure to run into someone. That is, if they can see each other in this big crowd of people.



Maki has come by for one reason and one reason only, for once, and that is to meet the mysterious reclusive Naoya who, according to some brief research (not really a gamer) is of enough fame and renown to be seen as comparable to Shigeru Miyamoto. Except apparently even more badass in the coding department. Maki could use a better job than working for Hinata which, while an awesome job, is not precisely related to what she wants to do with the rest of her life. It’s not really going to get her anywhere.

But it sure seems like he’s an eccentric, she thinks, smiling faintly. She applauds politely but doesn’t want to fall all over herself. She’d rather make a good impression than a HOORAY impression today. She’s actually dressed in business attire, long dress, business shirt and jacket. No tie.

She wonders briefly if he knows what the mascots really are. She does not rush the stage and instead relaxes, listening to the speech. She has a portfolio binder under her arm. She spots Himeru with Akatsuki and she wonders–what exactly her relationship with them is.

She agrees with her conclusion anyway, smiling as she waves towards them.

Hey now, don’t be so militant, Jack Frost. A Great Day isn’t to be forced on anyone!


This may be the one point where Jack Frost and Nanako Dojima disagree.

The small girl is just out of sight in the crowd, head titled to the side as she surveys the crowd around her. Not anyone she really knows a bit (if at all), so while she normally might be cheerfully conversing with Jack Frost, instead she just waits quietly nearby.


Okay, a supposed Junes run entirely by demons in Sumaru. Unpossible! Yoh had to see this for himself.

Now, Yoh usually stays out of Sumaru for reasons only known to very few, being his big area for rabbelrousing, smashing stuff and whatnot when younger. Not the pest reputation to be had here for the guy, but he probably wouldn’t see anyone he knew here from them times. Hopefully anyway. A run-in would probably result in a fight.

Either way, Yoh was dressed up nice. Again in his tighter than usual black buttondown with gold stitching. The shirt really shows off his actual muscles. Which… seem to be ever so slowly getting bigger somehow. Must really be working out! His hair is styled for once, being gelled back and to the side in a cool manner. Cool to him, anyway. Gold rings adorn two fingers on one side, and A gold watch on the other. To top it all off, he has on some sort of new necklace! A bright red gemlike affair, but with an added gold pendant it was stuck in, with the ‘fortune’ and smile face turned inward to not be seen.

The necklace at first was a little girlier than he had seen, but that was fixed easily. Speaking of fixed up, Yoh sure was it seemed! Course this was his usual outfit he wore when going out socializing and lady-hunting. Not that it was successful, but… Hey, gotta try!

The teen heads towards the entrance, looking NOTHIGN like his usual self, save that stupid giant duffel bag he was lugging. Yes, he still had it. This time it was still full of weights. Roughly two hundred pounds worth in there. Man, either he has began to work out overtime, or Magni has began to subtly affect him somehow, As that weight didn’t seem to phase him hardly at all!

The teen stops at the entrance and looks at the crowd enthralled within. Seems like it was a bad day to come.


Every day is great, huh? That’s a really nice slogan, but it remains to be seen whether it’s actually /true/.

Yui Utsuki, though, heard about the promotion running around, even if she hasn’t actually been in the area all that long… and saw a pretty good opportunity. Oh, she missed the grand show on Sunday where all these /lucky necklaces/ were being sold, but she isn’t actually all that much for luck in the first place. Instead, she’s actually closer to the video game crowd, though at first mostly just keeping to herself. She, of course, doesn’t particularly stick out–she’s about 5’4”, so she’s /relatively/ a little taller than average, but not enough to actually see over a lot of the people here–black hair is pretty normal, though hers is much shorter than average… and she’s still wearing her Yasogami uniform. What, like she had time to go home and change? This is /out in Sumaru/, seriously. She does not cheer… but she is totally looking straight for Naoya at the moment, watching with (very secretly, though it’s kind of obvious) interest.

What’s with the mascots? And anyway, she’s distracted. There’s… something…

Whatever. Game time!


Akatsuki was aware of this event, but that didn’t mean he was going to stop by. The reason he did is because Himeru called and asked to get together, and he thought that with Tatsuya being busy with his own thing, it might be a smart idea to check out the Frost Junes with another extremely reliable companion. This way, both SEES and the Shinsengumi can get information on what’s going on here. He was a little surprised to see Himeru wearing that Fortune Necklace, though.

“Not really,” he replies as they walk through the store and he gets himself a good look at all these demons running around. “I’ve been meaning to come here for a while; I just didn’t want to come alone. I’ve heard about the game, and it sounds kind of interesting, but unless I manage to win it in a raffle, I probably won’t be playing it anytime soon.”

The Sumaru U student stops when the demonic manager introduces the game designer, and Naoya takes the stage. Huh… He smiles slightly at his companion. “Not any more eccentric than a lot of the other people we know,” he points out.

Sweepstakes? What sweeps– oh, oh, right.


Daiya Kagami doesn’t particularly care about video games or Naoyas, last name or not, or even the fact that today’s a particularly unusual event at this new Junes. In fact, she didn’t even think there was much reason to come here before in the first place. A store staffed by demons? Meh! It’s not THAT interesting. She could start one of her own if she wanted! Maybe.

So what’s the reason she’s here, then? Weeeeell, it’s certainly not that she spotted Akatsuki and Himeru together on the way here and then, avoiding detection as best as she could, followed and spied on them until they entered this place, at which point she lost their trail.

Nope. Certainly not anything even close to that.

Still, it’s a pretty big celebration, and terrible stalking aside, she can’t help but get into the spirit of the festivities at least a little! She gives a loud cheer as the party poppers go off, and even she has to admit that Frost-San up there is basically adorable. And then he’s replaced by… some albino and vaguely sinister nerd megastar. Eh. Once you’ve kissed a nationwide megastar once, it’s like you’ve kissed them all.

But then, turning around, she spots… A-HA! There Akatsuki and his little friend are… and with that cheer she just gave and her standing smack-dab in the middle of the crowd, stealth has just become harder, hasn’t it? Hrm. Well, then! Time to switch to… Plan B!

“AKATSUKI-KUUUUUUUUN!” Suddenly, Daiya is waving at the boy with both arms, smile visible from space, and charging through the crowd possibly fast enough to send a few people flying. All right, so most of them have the sense and reflexes to get out of the way as she carves her path. One of them, however, does not, and soon, Daiya finds herself experiencing a head-on collision… with one Yui Utsuki!!


“Owwwwww,” she rubs her behind with a pained expression, sitting up from having just been sent sprawling on the floor.


The crowds. The cheers. All eyes on him. Naoya looks out over the people, and simply smiles. “Hello everyone. I see you’re all pleased to be here. Good!” He sweeps an arm out and grabs up the mic off the stand as he paces around the stage. “I’m here to tell you about our latest game! Maybe you’ve heard of it?” He pauses, and more cheers crackle through the air, some people chanting ‘Devil Master!’ over and over. As they do so, Naoya turns to look at the gnawing Gremlin casually reaches into his cape. With a swift motion, he whips out a black-lacquered fan, and smacks the Gremlin on the head. Those with reasonably good hearing might hear him lecturing the Gremlin off-mic, “No gnawing on the prizes. Bad!” He turns to the crowd and snaps the fan open, revealing a picture of a series of strange geometric designs. Some might remember them as appearing in his other games! “You are all very enthusiastic! I like that. Some of you will even have an opportunity to get advance copies of the game! Won’t that be wonderful?”

More cheering. The Gremlin has since wandered off in a sort of daze through the crowd from the fan strike, until it bumps into Yoh. It looks up, cringing away from him… Before kicking him in the shin and running off. Naoya, meanwhile, is busily pumping up the crowd. “SO! Is everyone ready for the drawing?” Anyone who wished to enter the sweepstakes was given a ticket that they filled out. Once collected, they were placed into…

He turns dramatically and points towards the rear of the stage! “NOW RISE!”

OH SNAP! All of a sudden, there is a large explosion of fire into the air from the rear of the stage. There is a terrible roaring noise as a massive clawed red demon-beast (not nearly as cute as the ‘mascots’) rises from behind, holding a spinning sphere with the tickets within! It hunches down before Naoya, and he grins while he plants one geta foot on a bulging animatronic arm. “Amazing what modern technology can accomplish, isn’t it? And this game will be an example, too. But what you’re wondering is who the first lucky winner will be!” He opens up the sphere and pulls out a ticket, holding it up. “Well well… How interesting.”

He turns and points the fan into the crowd. “The first winner is… Maki Sonomura!” The fan’s pointed at you, Maki! “Come up and join us!”


“Can’t possibly imagine why.” she replies casually to not wanting to come alone. Given the furtive and slightly nervous looks Himeru gives the closest demons, it’s quite likely to be a false statement she just did. Part of her felt a smidge disappointed at a lack of compliment of her new bauble, but it wasn’t that noticeable or that cute. She didn’t get it to look pretty anyway.

“Most people we know don’t do shows in front of crowds.” she does say before adjusting her glasses. Her gaze briefly catches sight of a familiar face, and given the look she had, it was surprising to see that Maki here. It was not the Idealized one, too calm and proper-dressed. But then her gaze is taken to the side at the sound of a voice she associated with the Persona Harpy followed by a nasty collision. Yet the disbelief in her grey eyes staring at Daiya remain before she looks at Akatsuki, then back at the fallen Daiya, then back at Akatsuki. She’s not going to help obviously, but…

“You let that strumpet call you Akatsuki-kun? Really?” is asked with faint disbelief. The animatronic demon (it is a robot, right?) and explosion seem like a minor issue compared to this. “I mean, really? If she fell into a coma from that impact the National AVERAGE is going up two points, not to mention the decency improvement.” not that she knew Daiya’s grades, but it pleased Hime to think she was as dumb academically as she seemed otherwise. The call of the first winner is a name she knew, and for a second she wonders if Maki ‘rigged’ a bit, but the 2nd year student claps politely all the same while asking: “Tell me she’s just being uncomfortably improper and casual.”


Kasumi isn’t really paying attention to the stage anymore at all even though she liked games. There are simply too many interesting things going on around her. Why hadn’t she made it here sooner? This place was so cool! In the midst of those thoughts, she is momentarily distracted by a rather loud collision.

Looking around for the source of it, she briefly spots Akatsuki and Himeru nearby. However, she does not approach them but rather looks at the two people who crashed into each other. She doesn’t recognize either one but approaches to see if everything was okay.

Looking at them, “Are you guys okay?” She chuckles a bit as they both seemed to be fine, if not a bit surprised.

Then she turns back to where she saw Akatsuki and Himeru and waves to them. She was a bit nervous about seeing Himeru again after the Dark Hour thing but it was unlikely Himeru would bring it up here of all places so she figures it is relatively safe.

Then… an EXPLOSION! Kasumi’s attention returns to the stage. A huge beast comes out with a ball of tickets. ‘Nice Effect!’ she thinks. She stands there gaping in amazement for the moment until… Maki’s name is called. She had yet to see her other friend here. ‘Way to go Maki!’ she claps excitedly for her.


Yoh smiles at the location, and finally enters.

Man, what a place! It was like Junes, but those rumors were true! They were run by demons! Or top notch costume wearing actors. But, SEES reports state otherwise, so, best to believe them! All sorts of demons he has seen in Mikage-Cho, and others were among the crowds. How strange! How this place wasn’t swarmed by the government or other forces is beyond him.

Yoh eventually finds himself in the dense crowd within, trying to make his way through. The teen eventually get to roughly the middle of the crowd. His resonance is rather easy to pick up from anywhere now, since it floods out like the first thunderheads of a storm. At about then, a thwacked gremlin wanders up to him and bumps into him. “Hey little guy! How are– Ow!” And it kicks him for no reason. Grumbling, Yoh fills out some sort of ticket and passes it forward. What was that? Oh, looks like a contest!
Wait, did he just say Maki? Huh! Must be some folks here that he knew! Though a contest of this size, he isn’t surprised. For the time, the boy just fiddles with his new neck trinket. Looks nice with the pendant alteration. Much more manly.


Did Himeru just call Daiya strumpet? That sparks a laugh from Maki. She doesn’t really have strong feelings regarding Daiya but that doesn’t mean the comment wasn’t hilarious. Maki doesn’t seem to be DRESSED for a contest.

She is trying to make her way to Himeru to try and–
–wait what?
She looks up, mouth hanging open–what did he say?
But she /didn’t enter/ any contest. She works her mouth for a moment but wonders if, like, well the guy IS eccentric. Maybe this is like…part of the interview? Seeing how well she handles under fire? Well, okay, she may be /fire weak/ but she can do this.

“Oh wow, that /is/ interesting.” She agrees, smiling as she heads on up to the front. She tries to not bump into too many people, but she doesn’t want to take too long–it’d be embarrassing.

“Oh my gosh!” She exclaims, “I totally can’t believe it!” This is more for the crowds, though.


Yui is expecting that a crowd is a crowd, and they aren’t always the best of places to showcase how friendly folks can be. This is normal; it’s high feelings, high-energy, and there’s a lot of excitement from people. (Not as much from her, but well, she can at least /try/ to enter the sweepstakes–which she did.)

But uh, she wasn’t expecting a shouting girl to charge through the crowd. So, Yui glances to the side /just in time/ to see Daiya coming right for her and to blink once.


“What the…” She shakes her head, and blinks, glancing up, a little dazed. “…” That.. hurt. She fell forward, instead, having had her fall broken in part by.. her schoolbag. Okay, not very soft at all. “..Uh, sorry…” She stops, then, as Kasumi addresses her, and starts to get to her feet with a slight wince. “I’m fine,” she answers, though she is briefly gratified that /somebody asked/! “How about you?” Her voice is pretty normal, in any case, since.. it was probably an accident, so who really cares, right?

Such antics get a bit of a distraction going for them–the stage is back up, and… those are some crazy mascots. Seriously. She does hear something about ‘gnawing’ but not enough to get it, and instead, she actually smiles slightly, when the drawing is mentioned. Maybe…? She did get the ticket, after all, and hers should right up there, and–w-whoa. She waits, and… doesn’t… hear her name. Still, that’s just the first, right? However, as this ‘Maki’ goes up on stage, Yui is going to have to /remember her/!


Nanako has spotted a grumpy Gremlin!

She follows it, however, wanting to talk to it.


“That’s true, too,” Akatsuki agrees, chuckling a bit. No, he didn’t remark on Himeru’s jewelry, but he thought it might embarrass her if he did. After all, that’s that charm that they were selling on Tanaka’s Commodities, right? If he thought that she actually *wanted* him to notice it, he’d genuinely be surprised. Almost as surprised as he is by the exploding demon ball with the tickets, and significantly more surprised than he is by Maki winning a prize, which is to say, not very much at all. He smiles and claps, catching sight of Kasumi and giving her a wave, too–

Hm? That’s a familiar voice calling his name–Akatsuki turns around just in time to see Daiya ramming right into Yui in her attempt to bowl straight towards him, which prompts a smile and then a look of alarm. “Kagami!” he calls, taking a step forward to hurry towards her and that other girl, except–

Well, it *is* true that Daiya would call Akatsuki by a very familiar title regardless of what his own wishes were, but given the way their relationship’s progressed, he still gives Himeru a flat stare when she goes off on a rather vitriolic insult-fest on Daiya. “I know you don’t like her, so I’m going to let that slide this time, and I’m not going to ask you to be friendly with her, either,” he says evenly. “But she’s my girlfriend. Excuse me.”

With *that* fact left to slam down a heavy granite slam on Himeru’s mind, Akatsuki hurries over to attempt to help Daiya and the other girl up. “Are you two all right? Kagami, you really should pay more attention to where you’re going…” But his chiding is gentle.


Good thing Daiya didn’t hear the “strumpet” comment! She would have probably been very upset. …At least assuming she knows what the word even means.

“I’m okay!” she chirps as she’s asked– it wasn’t THAT bad a bump, and she’s a lot more resilient than she looks (or even claims) anyway. “Naaaaah, I should be the one apologizing!” she literally hand waves with a large smile at Yui’s apology for being in her way. “Here take this as my apology!” And suddenly, she has produced a lollipop (apple-flavored, duh) and handed it to a probably rather confused Yui.

Part of Daiya’s incredible cheer at this point, however, may or may not have something to do with faintly overhearing Akatsuki chiding Himeru for saying mean things about his ~girlfriend~. Oooooooh ho ho ho ho~! If she could ojoulaugh out loud right now without looking mildly insane, she certainly would!

Flashy pyrotechnics distract her momentarily, however, as Naoya and his animatronic demon get these sweepstakes started in /style/. Daiya stares, wide-eyed. Okay, she takes back whatever she thought about him earlier. He may be a nerd, but he’s kind of a fantastic nerd. And then he calls out a name that sounds kind of familiar, but she can’t quite put a finger o–

Oh, right, right. This whole DVA mess.

“Congrats, Maki-chan!” she cheerfully calls out, watching the girl head to the front. But with this handled, her head swivels as she returns her attention to Akatsuki and, forgetting everything else, resumes dashing in his direction and, this time, with no obstacles in her way, completes Operation: Cling.



Naoya looks over the crowd, his eyes narrowing slightly as he observes the occupants. Maki approaches the front of the stage, but Naoya waggles his fan, snapping it closed. “Ah ah ah. I said to come up on the stage!” He leans down and holds out on a hand and pulls Maki onto the stage, having her stand before the cheering (and probably jealous) crowd. “Come now, Maki. Tell us a bit about yourself.” He holds out the microphone for her to speak, his eyes sparkling.

Nanako chases the grumpy Gremlin, who has by now plopped itself next to the Lawn and Garden area, muttering to itself. How does Nanako decide to make contact?

For those who are just getting to the party, there is an unusual man on a hastily-built stage at Frost Junes. His hair is a light gray, his skin pale, and his eyes have a pinkish hue to them. The rumor on the street is that he’s afflicted with some form of albinism that causes his unusual appearance. But his clothing is almost as unusual, as he wears a blue shirt, left untucked into his gray slacks. He also wears a black cloaklike shawl emblazoned with clouds of bright green LED digital numbers, and he walks on a pair of wooden geta. He’s running a sweepstakes by pulling entry tickets out of a spinning sphere held by a giant animatronic red demon-beast. Maki’s on the stage apparently expected to say something by the guy.


Maya Amano walks through the door of Frost Junes, dressed as per usual, only this time she has a camera wrapped around her neck. Looks like she means to take pictures of the wonderful ‘animatronic’ winter themed mascots for some reason. But today, today Maya is not as cheerful as she should be. This doesn’t mean she’s depressed, no, she’s quite cheerful anyway, but she is not at 100% cheerfulness today. Why?

For this is because her car key has gone missing. The rest of her keys are fine, she has them on her for when she has to go back home. But somehow the car key specifically is missing. This doesn’t slow her down much, Maya believes that she’ll find her car key mysteriously reappearing on top of her computer monitor once she returns (‘I don’t even know why that happens’), but it does mean a lot of walking and train taking.

So then, Maya is here! Time to get to work. Her attention is mostly attracted to any of the staff, and especially the guy with the red demon-beast. She snaps a few photos of random things, though trained photographers will note that she’s doin’ it wrong.

Nanako hunkers down on her sandaled feet once the Gremlin has found himself a grumpy spot, tilting her head to the side as she peeks at it for a few moments, brown eyes wide as she considers the whole thing.

“I don’t think it was really nice that he just bonked you on the head with his fan. Enoha-san wouldn’t approve.” She says without preamble. “Are you okay? She asks, tone changing to her more quiet, calmer ‘fuss over big bro being sick’ type of voice.


Yoiko Ijima saunters in in the crowd with one hand on her hip and a purse that occasionally clicks slightly over one shoulder. It is sealed up, though — sealed up tight.

The man who is passing out tickets is interesting, however. She drifts in that direction, eyes narrowing to thin slits as she falls into line, more or less. By more or less, of course, we mean she neatly stepped in front of several people who were keeping a loose formation.


Kasumi was too distracted by Maki’s name being announced to have heard the actual conversation between Himeru and Akatsuki. Her attention is still on the stage changing her attention from the strange speaker, the giant beast, and now Maki talking about what a surprise it is that she got picked.

After a few moments, she finally turns her attention back to the people she knows and finally is able to greet Himeru and Akatsuki. “Hello Himeru-sempai, Akatsuki-sempai!” It was great to see Akatsuki again. She still needed to thank him for sending Hinata her way. “Did you guys enter the sweepstakes too?” She is a bit excited even though she doubts her chances were good with this size of crowd.


It is not often that Riki shows up to things. In fact, the fact that there was a new game available for the winner drew curiosity. That curiosity is what brought the young scientist to take a walk into the facility. After all, he also needed parts on an invention that he is working on.

The young man had hoped to put his name into the entry for the sweepstakes.
After all, what wouldn’t a harmless game do? Riki starts to move along towards the crowd


Shiori’s visit to Frost Junes had originally been to check out the reports of eldritch demons from another world being employed as sales personnel, which was not as mind-boggling as it would have been a year ago. It was amazing what one could get used to, here in the Okina area.

Finding the place took a bit of inquiry and wandering around, but she had been helped by signs, posters, and an up-to-date tourist map of Sumaru. Her pace had quickened nonchalantly but noticeably when she came across the advertisements about some sort of game giveaway.

Shiori was more of an arcade fighting game fan, and collection-RPGs did not appeal to her all that much, but it was worth checking out. Besides, maybe they had promotions on other games while this Devil Master thing was going on.

Approaching Frost Junes, she noted the presence of… confusion. For one thing, the demonic staff actually /were/ demons, and there were quite a number of them. The various resonances bouncing off each other and making it difficult to focus on just one, although she did notice a few familiar ones. Not a surprise, all things considered; it would probably be weirder if something like this /didn’t/ attract attention from the Persona-wielding population.

What /was/ a surprise were the two announcements clearly audible over the crowd: an announcement that Maki Sonomura had won one copy of the game, as well as Daiya’s enthusiastic greeting of Akatsuki.

Shiori’s head swiveled around quickly, now that she knew to look for Akatsuki’s resonance. She started to make her way in that direction, but stopped short when she finally pushed through enough to see Daiya clinging onto Akatsuki, with Himeru looking on in severe disapproval. Okay, that one looked kind of private.

But she was there already, and it would be rude not to greet them. “Um! Akatsuki-senpai, Namikawa-san, good day.” Her glance slid skeptically to Daiya. “And, er, Kagami-san? Did I get that correct?”

Another voice caught her attention, and Shiori’s expression of nervous politeness was immediately replaced by nervous worry. “Ah, Horie-san. Um, hallo.”


Himeru Namikawa stares.

There’s just one word that left Akatsuki’s mouth that causes nearly a total mental freeze. You can probably guess which one it is. For a long moment her mind is set to disbelief, her mouth hanging open until he walks away and essentially proves it.

Grey eyes dance between the two, her mouth snapping shut. “Fffffffffffff…” is the soft sound of air escaping through her teeth, gaze brought down to the floor and then her eyelids shut. Count, COUNT her mind asks, screams, before she would say or do something with potentially heavy repercussions and regret. She’s in public, there’s a fairly large crowd, and she should avoid making a scene-

“Fffffffreaking brother has better freaking taste.” finally escapes said lips even through closed teeth when her mind was reaching the number 4, but the roar of the crowd is too high and her tone barely more than a whisper. And yet, what did she expect? ‘Any human male or female being OTHER than Kagami of age somewhere between 12 and 97.’ but sometimes 0.000000001% is enough to screw statistics over.

She seems fairly tense, any good cheer and calm mood crushed into a cube. Her glare at Kasumi when she addresses her is about 3 iotas short of murderous anger, even if the target is said anger is in no way the Kohai nor Shiori who gets a look a moment after. “Horie-san, Hibiki-san.” is probably the most strained greeting she had to do in the last six months, leading to her just walking away from the crash site, leaving a clear uncontested victory for Daiya. Instead, she pushes a path through the crowd to go closer to the stage to literally have a WALL of flesh between Hime and the two dating people, and to have nothing to focus on beside the weird game maker, Maki and whatever she just won.


For the time, Yoh just cheers Maki on, staying out in the crowd, and not moving around. Besides Maki, he had no idea just how many people he knew were here! Yoh would probably be rather surprised to find out, too.

He keeps in his current spot, occasionally switching hands when it came to which held the metal laden duffel bag. He quietly wondered just how many people win this thing. Would it be a lot, or just Maki? Also, the teen glanced around, watching the demons nearby. He is actually shocked that no incidents of mutilation or cannibalism have popped up. Someone must be keeping them in check or something!

Brave person.


“Um.” Maki says as she’s pulled up, “Haha, guess I’m nervous!” She allows Naoya to pull her up. She finds a mic in front of her, expected to talk about herself. Gosh, she thinks, she really can’t say everything but what CAN she say? She wouldn’t want to lie to everyone either. Hmm.

“Well!” She says, “My name is Maki Sonomura, I’m a third year at St. Hermelin, I like art and mythology and I’m /so excited/ to be here! I’d like to give a shout out to my /homey/,” She actually uses ‘homey’ by the by, “Himeru Namikawa whom I saw here earlier.” She whistles. “Don’t think I didn’t see you with Akatsuki!! Hope you two are having a great time! Um, I actually hope that I can work with you soon, Naoya-San. Gosh–what else…”

Um. What?


Yui hears Daiya chirp out how she’s just fine, and she certainly /looks/ fine, but the girl’s sudden… outright niceness is kind of surprising. The Yasogami student is, yes, a little confused when she’s left in the midst of the crowd holding a lollipop (because it’s not like she’s refusing it) and sort of… stares after a second. “…Sure,” she says, well after Daiya is actually gone. She may try it in a moment. Her brown eyes, after all, dart towards it, slowly, and…

Well, there’s a contest. But this is /like/ winning something, even if something small. It’s a start. Then, of course, there’s the matter of looking up towards the stage again, towards the weirdly-dressed game designer and… the first winner. She is admittedly a little impatient to hear the next winner so she just… stands, for the moment, and waits. She can show at least mild interest in Maki, but well. Come on. She hasn’t much seen the photographer just yet, though she can at least tell that folks are congregating over by… Huh. She misses the ‘girlfriend’ conversation, and, /for now/, doesn’t actually move over towards that group. She’s got a mission.

…However, it just so happens that her position in the crowd means that she’s not that far from Himeru’s new place. Of course, since she doesn’t know the name, she doesn’t immediately turn to stare at Mai’s homey.


Akatsuki smiles at Daiya. Even if she’s overenthusiastic, she is a caring person, isn’t she? Giving a lollipop to that girl she’d run into. The universe may be laughing right now, but he’s happy enough when she glomps onto his arm. “Ahaha–Kagami, cut that out, we’re in public,” he chides her, though he doesn’t really seem to mean it given as he does nothing to actually try to detach her.

Kasumi and Shiori appear then, and Akatsuki turns towards him. “Hey, Horie-kun, Shiori,” he greets them, smiling. “Yeah, I entered the sweepstakes. I don’t think I’ll get anything, since I just filled out a card last-minute earlier while they were still taking them, but I figured, why not?” He nods to Shiori next. “Yeah. This is Daiya Kagami. Kagami, this is an underclassman of mine, Shiori Hibiki.”

Then he looks over at Namikawa, and even if he knows that she really, /really/ dislikes Daiya, he’s taken aback by how murderous she looks. It’s REALLY good he didn’t hear her comment, either, or that would have gotten ugly quickly. …Well. Uglier. As it stands, Himeru just stalks straight away, leaving Akatsuki taken aback. “Namikawa–hey!” he calls to her, more than likely only to get ignored.
He sighs, then looks over at Daiya. “I’m sorry–I came here with her, so I don’t want her running off mad. I’ll be back, all right?” he tells her gently as he attempts to detach his arm. This is made rather more awkward when Maki makes catcalls about Himeru having arrived here with him. “She’s just a friend,” he adds, to clarify; he REALLY doesn’t want Daiya getting the wrong idea and having two girls mad at him.


The Gremlin looks up at Nanako with an irritable look. “It’s not so much the bonking, I get the bonking all the time, that’s all right, but don’t you hear it, the noise that keeps going on ugh the noise that keeps buzzing and humming it’s so annoying, this isn’t getting fun anymore maybe I can get a raise yeah that could be the ticket-” It just keeps talking… Constantly. It doesn’t stop once it starts! Oh no, what will Nanako do?

Naoya arches an eyebrow as Maki introduces herself, and then nods faintly. “That’s all right, Maki. As a winner of one of the prizes, please feel free to take one of the handheld systems, and then select one of the games. Will you select Holy? Or Curse? The choice is up to you! The online functionality won’t be available until the game is officially released, however, but you will get a head start! Enjoy your prize!”

He leans in to Maki and whispers something for a moment, before he turns, all smiles to the assembled. “And now for our next winner…” He reaches into the sphere once more, and pulls out a ticket. “The next winner is… Yui Utsuki!” He snaps his fan out again and points it in Yui’s direction! How is he doing that?


Kasumi is surprised at Shiori’s approach. Though she doesn’t understand why her voice would change like that unless she was thinking about the Dark Hour thing. Regardless, she is not here to dwell on it and is friendly and greets her, “Hello Hibiki-san!”

She looks at Daiya and Yui and introduces herself to them, “Hello, I am Kasumi Horie.” Short and simple but polite. That works.

THEN… Himeru’s greeting and murderous look scares the crap out of her. What the heck? Was she still angry about the other night? Kasumi looks at Himeru and frowns. Kasumi, of course, would not say anything here, but if /she/ was to blame for that greeting she would feel terrible. For the moment, Kasumi seems to have not noticed that Shiori was greeted in the same manner. She watches Himeru step away from the group and decides to follow her out of concern. Akatsuki seems to be following as well.

She momentarily pauses when Maki flat out calls Himeru and Akatsuki out. Oh crap. Kasumi was standing right there too. She is not big on this kind of attention even if it wasn’t directly focused on her. She doesn’t leave though but just stands there a bit shocked as the next winner is announced. It is a name she is not familiar with though.


Nanako could talk right over the little demon, but that isn’t fun, or very nice.

Instead she leans forward and latches onto it in a big hug.

Innocently, she asks him, “So the noise, is it like a ringing of metal against metal? – because I know that Frost-san and everyone else was very concentrated on finding that metal that is rumored to be scattered around in the old Inaba mines because it tastes good to him and is evidently really rare and you could probably find a bunch of that metal in those caves that opened up where that new mall fell in. You can just sneak past daddy and the rest of the detectives, you are really small, no one would notice.”

Oh, Nanako.


Akatsuki is indeed ignored, temporarily at the very least. Her attention is focused on seeing what Prize Maki gets, and what edition she picks. She didn’t expect her to make a small speech.

Being called out as a Homey: A strange and new experience, but not too terrible. Since she doesn’t actually POINT at her, Himeru remains moderately attention-free.
Being brought up being with Enda-sans-spiritual-goatee, not so good. “A bullet could be more humane right now than that kind of talk, Maki-chan.” she mumbles from the front area near the stage, and while her words are probably easily unheard except maybe by the nearby Yui, the evasive look in her eyes when Maki mentioned Akatsuki could be read by just about anyone who bothered to put a single * or more in Empathy. Thoughts momentarily shift to how she could trade a favor and have Daiya removed /permanently/ from the picture, she knew people who could do it, she knew a few things they’d want but…

‘Too weak to go ahead and go through with it, as usual. But that’s fine right? For that worthless piece of human trash to enjoy what she never deserved, right?’ momentarily creep into Hime’s thoughts, her right hand clenching into a ball as she focuses on breathing and trying to impose some degree of calm on her emotions, as control would start leaking away otherwise if those darker thoughts and feelings were left rampant. She tries to push all of that down for now, watching the NEXT winner which was apparently only a few steps away. Get rammed by Daiya, win a freaking prize? Really? It was probably coincidence and in no way related, but…


Daiya has left Yui in the dust! But since Kasumi introduced herself to the two of them just a second ago, why wouldn’t Daiya? She doesn’t take the time to do her usual introduction sequence, already dashing away, but they’re left with some parting words! “I’m Daiya Kagamiiiii~!”

Clingclingcling! Daiya simply keeps Akatsuki’s in her /inescapable embrace/ even as she’s introduced to Shiori. “That’s right! Hiiiii, Hibiki-chan!” Chan?


Maybe it’s just Akatsuki’s imagination, but it might almost seem as if Daiya is only hugging /tighter/, smile plastered on her face (from an angle he can’t quite see due to strange positioning) as Himeru stalks away. Oh my god. That was priceless! And it made this whole trip worth it. She wishes she had brought a camera.

But with a bit of effort, he manages to pry her off! She stands back up straighter, pouting a little. “Awww, all right. Are you sure, though? I figured she’d want some alone time if she was angry, even though I’m not really sure why. But I understand!” He surely wouldn’t be a lying, scumbag two-timing cheat, right? That would just be evil! The ponytailed girl’s cheer returning, she simply waves him off, blowing a kiss as she crosses her arms, waiting patiently, looking up at the stage again just in time to listen to–

Holy crap Maki just won like a million cool points.


What a pity, Riki considers. To think, the young man was interested in winning and seeing what the prize could be. The young scientist muses thoughtfully, deciding to take a look a bit further. Riki furrows his eyebrow. He’ll have to figure out what the game is all about when it comes out. After all, it does draw interest.

Nevertheless, as the new winner is announced, Riki just claps for the individual. It is to honor them, after all.


Shiori squeaked with alarm as Himeru turned a death glare onto herself and Kasumi. What had she done wrong this time?

… then Himeru left, after Akatsuki’s fondly tolerant smile at Daiya. Shiori blinked. “I wonder what that was about,” mused the girlfriend of KNOWS’s resident artistic autistic berserker.

“Um, we’ve met,” Shiori said, as Akatsuki introduced Daiya. (“Chan”?) During Akatsuki’s rescue from Rena (although technically he rescued himself), and the performance of the Swaying Lotus before that. Surely Daiya had some sort of Hidden Depths, considering Akatsuki seemed to have latched on to her, or in this case the other way around, but he didn’t seem too unhappy about it. Someone like him would not settle for anything less, right?

The action on the stage held little interest for Shiori; the game wasn’t in the genre she was obsessed with, Maki’s presence was noted but not particularly unusual, and the giant demon with the sweepstakes tickets had no discernable resonance, meaning it probably /was/ animatronic. No need for a cover story, like the big demon that appeared on Yuume-mi’s stage.

Maki called out to Himeru and Akatsuki (what did “homey” actually mean? Shiori resolved to look it up later), and Shiori winced with sympathetic embarrassment. “That’s probably not going to go over well,” she muttered, but turned a beaming, entirely non-judgmental smile to Akatsuki and Daiya. “So, how did the two of you… get together? If I might ask; I don’t mean to pry into anything private.” Just simple curiosity.

The next winner was picked; nobody Shiori knew. “How many copies are they giving out?” she asked conversationally, clapping politely.


Unfortunately, she missed some of Kasumi’s greeting in the crowd, though she’s vaguely aware that she’s being addressed from somewhere–Yui will have to maybe talk to Kasumi later, if she gets the chance. And Daiya, too, since she’s got a name, along with this lollipop. Meanwhile, the stage is continuing to be vibrant–so that’s the prize? The game /and/ a system to go with it? That’s just.. pretty perfect.

But, there’s something else, too–Himeru’s nearby, and Yui is certainly close enough to hear that… mumble. She glances towards the Gekkoukan student at that, and puts together pretty quickly who she might be. …Add to that that she does have enough in empathy to /see/ that particular look in her eyes, and she almost says something–but before she actually talks, she hears–

First surprise, and then an elated smile. “I won…?” The fan is pointed straight towards her, so–

Huh, how /did/ he know who she was?

Anyway, the Yasogami student is already moving up towards the stage, having seen Maki do this before! And of course, /she’s/ picked a game already, if… well, if it’s the same prize.


Maki does not know that Akatsuki actually is dating anybody. She THOUGHT she was just trying to hook the two up. She THINKS Himeru is interested in him. Whether or not that’s true, well–

Maki genuinely seems surprised to be up here. Perhaps she didn’t think she’d win? She doesn’t seem to have ‘rigged’ it though, well, maybe she did but she didn’t realize she rigged it? When Naoya whispers to her, she bobs her head about as discreetly as she can while also up on stage.

Maki may have a goddess as a persona but, seriously, Fuck Law. Curse sounds a lot more fun. “I’ll try Curse. Dark Magic is a lot more cinematic, hehe–” She says, taking the handheld, and then the copy (Curse).

Who is Yui? She doesn’t know her. But she applauds, wondering where she’s supposed to stand or if she’s supposed to get off now–

–looking offstage, Himeru doesn’t seem happy to be hooked up with Akatsuki. She wonders if she read matters incorrectly. And that Daiya girl is hugging him? Weird. She doesn’t seem upset like Himeru is. ???


Maya is still around! She’s mostly watching the antics on stage, taking a photo here and there. Maybe she can pass this information on to one of her comrades in Kismet or something. She dives in and out of the crowed like a be-hearted Jaws, and perhaps she’s looking for something or someone to pounce on. Or maybe just someone to talk to until their ears fall off. Lots of teenagers here, though.

Then again, she figures if she looks hard enough, she can probably find someone to talk to that actually qualifies as ‘work’, so when she goes to talk to her boss tomorrow she can say she’s gotten something done.


The Gremlin gets hugged, which causes it to twitch and tremble like a coffee addict on a major high. It even makes the Gremlin stop talking for a second before it starts wriggling, trying to get free. “Don’t you hear it, it’s like bees and buzzing and ugh it’s terrible and annoying and why won’t the noise stop it’s crazy maybe it is time for a vacation and a raise a really big one man this sounds like a great idea and I’ll tell the guys about that cool place maybe we’ll go check it out yeah that sounds like a cool thing to do-” It keeps talking even while it wriggles around!

Yui, once she reaches the stage, is also presented the chance to give a short speech, and then take a handheld gaming system as well as her choice of Holy or Curse version. Naoya smiles faintly. “You look like you’ve been looking forward to this for quite some time. Please, let’s hear what you have to say. This isn’t going to be like any other game you’ve played before, I can guarantee it.”


Daiya can be self-absorbed and flaky, but thanks to her being good at this sort of thing, Akatsuki’s never gotten the impression that she’s malicious about it. She does seem like she really does care, and that cheerful innocence is refreshing. But the way she clings tighter *is* a little exasperating. Akatsuki can only attribute it to mutual bad blood; anyone would get upset if they were talked to like Himeru had just been talking about her.

He gives Kasumi and Shiori another smile and wave–oh, that’s right, Shiori *would* have met Daiya before, wouldn’t she? “Consider it a formal introduction, then,” he adds–before he hurries through the crowd, smile fading as he slips and weaves. It’s not long before he reaches Himeru near the front of the stage. It’s good for that girl that Daiya ran into–Yui Utsuki, apparently–to have won, but for now, Akatsuki’s not paying attention to that.

“Namikawa,” he says, cautiously touching a hand to her shoulder. He’ll remove it or let it stay depending entirely on how she reacts.


Kasumi is glad that Maki seems to not have actually pointed Himeru out since she was right behind them so she relaxes though still wondering what was up with Himeru. Whatever it was, she decides it is better if she doesn’t say anything after all.

Moving closer to the stage and standing only a few feet from it she looks at the new winner Yui and claps for her too. Noticing Maki glance in her direction, Kasumi smiles. The girl most likely would remember her after their meetings. Something else occurs to her about Maki but for now she doesn’t dwell on it too much. She would have to ask her later.

Her attention is turned to Naoya and to Yui. Oh! Since she hadn’t had the chance to get her name at least now she knew it. She watches as Yui decides which game to accept. Hopefully Curse. That just sounded cool even if it turned out to be a terrible game. Haha.

Somewhere close Kasumi hears incessant chattering…


Nanako does eventually let go.

“I don’t.” She blinks at him, a bit dolefully, but still interested. His hyperactivity keeps the seven year old entranced, which is probably for the best of most everyone.


Ooooh, Daiya recognizes the girl who just won the second prize! It’s the one from just a second ago, isn’t it? And now she, too, has a name! “Congrats, Utsuki-chaaaaan!” Daiya is good at cheering loudly when she sets her mind to it! Plus, if they (literally) bump into each other again, then surely that Yui girl will remember her gesture of good will, right?

Shiori asked her a question, though! And Daiya calms down a bit in order to answer, smiling. “Oh, we just got along well. I brought him a housewarming gift, we talked… and soon, he just asked me out. Guess I’m just that charming!” She puts a hand to her cheek, laughing cheerfully. “Of course, not that I’m complaining. Akatsuki-kun is the best~!”

It’s… really quite a shame that Daiya doesn’t have a better view to watch Himeru’s reactions to this from here, however. Clever girl, putting a wall of people between the two of them in her moment of weakness. Well, of course, if either of them were particularly easy targets, this rivalry wouldn’t be half as fun, would it? <3

(She's fairly sure she's won this round, though. Ohohohohoho.)


None of her Personas can make a sudden six inch spike of bone sprout from her shoulder, fortunately. If it could, that touch likely would have triggered it given how Himeru just tenses again like a scared cat.

Maki's reading was not entirely off, but the actual reality was not exactly as she believed. Then again, as far as the raven haired girl was concerned, the status of one Akatsuki Enda was slightly edited less than two minutes ago. "What." she asks, her tone stretching the syllables so much it almost seemed like she spoke in slow motion. Her gaze won't turn, she's watching Yui take her prize and maybe say a little something about herself. Her shoulders, no, her entire upper torso is so tense it may very well be forcefully LOCKED, and it would take more than just one hand to make her look in any other direction.


Oh, right–a speech. Yui reaches the stage, and figures she can guess a better order for this–so, she takes a quick breath, and offers Naoya a smile, suddenly looking not at all nervous any longer. "Thank you," she says first, "I'm Yui Utsuki, and I'm a second year at Yasogami High–I just moved to the area. I'm excited–this is a great opportunity to get to see the game before it's really 'out'. You're right–I've been looking forward to this. I played some of your other games, and hearing that a new one was coming makes me really interested to see how you'll meld in the obscure elements this time. It's great to get to meet you!" She bows, at that, politely, and /then/ allows a concession to her excitement by her step skipping a little as she picks up the system, and, "I'd prefer to try the Holy version, myself," to Maki. "I think there's something special about that name." She has to kind of hold the candy with the same hand as the game, but that works out just fine.

…Silently, unseen: 'Yay!' Though.. she does glance down to Daiya fairly pleasantly as the girl cheers out for her. It's a little weird, but uh…


Shiori wasn't sure if Daiya had even noticed Himeru's angry exit. She detected no hint of malice, but Shiori was never very good at figuring out things like that anyway. The self-absorption and apparent shallowness was… strangely irritating, which was odd, since Shiori didn't usually care about things like that.

(But then Daiya had turned up to Akatsuki's rescue, and Shiori hadn't heard anything negative about her participation, so Daiya probably had /some/ skills. Or was smart enough to stay out of the way when the Personas started appearing.)

And Akatsuki seemed to accept her as… well, a Really Close Friend at the least, and Shiori had unfortunately arrived on the scene just a little too late to hear Akatsuki's declaration of his status with Daiya, but Shiori had her suspicions.

It wasn't like she could judge others on their choice of romance.

"What's this game about, anyway?" Shiori hadn't been keeping up with the news, mostly due to being lost in the mines of Inaba for several weeks. "Some kind of… collecting all the monsters?" Which meant that whether one took the Holy or Curse editions, both would be required to Catch Them All. Most likely the hardcore would buy two copies, along with two game systems to play them on simultaneously.


Maki steps on down, after being guided to by a helper. It'll take her a while to get back to Himeru so she whips out her phone and starts tapping rapidly on it. She isn't sure what it was that bothered Himeru but that's what super fast apologies are for. Her hands are like a freakin' /blur/ on her phone. tickitytackitytickitytackity..!!

ET: Hey Hime!! I guess I went too far? Sorry!! I thought you two were together! (I kind of ship you two).

She smacks send and brings her cell down, breathing out and biting at her lip.


Riki, who already seems out of place in the store, is actually moving over towards the warehouse section. Or at least, where he can get some tools. The reason for this? Well, he's working on building something and he is low on a few things. While the contest is still probably going on, Riki is keeping an ear out, just in case.

He moves over towards the Do it Yourself Section. "…If you guys are there again…" Hopefully the gremlins are, "I need some gas fuel and a few steel plates with the strongest magnetics you have." Assuming they have such. If not, he should be able to fiddle with it until it is strong enough to what he needs it for.


Naoya seems to be dominating the stage right now. Where did all the Frost Junes employees go? They don't seem to be anywhere. "Oh, it's a fan! I'm glad that you came." Naoya replies. "Please, enjoy the game. I'm sure you'll find it more than measures up to my previous offerings." He signals that Yui can now head off and enjoy her game, while Naoya reaches into the bubble for the third! "And the third winner of the grand prize is…" He arches an eyebrow, as if surprised for a moment. "Nanako Dojima!" He looks over into the distance where Nanako is still consoling the Gremlin in some manner, and waves her over with his fan. Come, you've won! You're a very lucky girl today! Tell us about yourself, Nanako, then please feel free to take a game system and either one of the Holy or Curse versions of the game." Naoya has an unusual expression on his face, however, as he looks down at Nanako.


Awwww…. Yui picked Holy. Oh well… Maki leaves the stage. Kasumi hoped to catch her before the night was over but it may not happen. A lot of people here after all.

Her attention momentarily is distracted again by the chattering. How she can pick it out over the crowd is beyond her, but Kasumi searches for the sound for a few minutes before giving up.

Akatsuki approaches Himeru and she just stands and watches and it finally hits her that Himeru was, in fact, not mad at her, but something else entirely. She is relieved but the tension around her is pretty strong.

She decides to move back closer to Shiori and take up chatting with her. "Hibiki-san! How are you doing?" She smiles warmly. "Isn't this place so cool? The costumes are SO life-like. It's amazing!" Kasumi may be at least /aware/ of the other world but if she really had any idea of what was supposedly going on here she would be amazed and probably a bit freaked out too.

Then… the next winner is.. NANAKO?! Oh wow! Kasumi laughs and claps excitedly for her as she approaches the stage. How lucky for her!


Well… so much for buying fuel tonight. Riki exhales a sigh, shaking his head dismissively. Very well. Riki is, of course, returning towards the stage where the others are at. Now, the next winner actually draws a bit of an expression. A mere twitch to the face. As Nanako's name is called, the young man shuts his eyes, clapping his hands a few times in congratulations for Nanako.


If Akatsuki were aware that Maki were texting Himeru, and specifically texting her with 'I THOUGHT YOU TWO WERE AN ITEM LOLOLOL I TOTALLY THINK YOU TWO SHOULD HOOK UP,' he would probably make more than a few slashing motions over his throat. It'd never occurred to him that Himeru might have feelings for him–she never seemed to look at him that way, and although the two of them had a heart-to-heart lately, and admittedly he's been somewhat more honest with her than most and he does trust her some and her particular morbid sense of humor makes him laugh and she remembered something that he'd done for her when he'd forgotten–

Later on, Akatsuki's going to feel very stupid.

For now, though, he keeps his hand off her shoulder. Even if Himeru can't actually raise bone spikes from her shoulders, he can sense that tension, and he doesn't want to upset her more than he already has. "It's not as though I'm going to stop hanging out with you just because she showed up," he tells her gently. "You're the one who called me out, after all. I won't abandon you." He frowns, though. "Can I ask why it is you hate her so much, though? I know she's weird in some ways, but she's really not a bad person once you get to know her."

He glances up as the next winner seems to be… Huh. An unchaperoned little girl. Akatsuki furrows his brow. Is that allowed? Apparently so. He suspects it has a lot to do with the manager not being human, and thus not knowing or caring about human standards…


"Mhmm?" Nanako hears her name and looks up, one pigtail swishing to cover one eye briefly before it falls back into its' traditional bouncy place. She makes her way to the stage, and picks up a copy of the Holy version–

For where thou justice has doth laid
In the time of rage and fate?
Almighty, the holy, guide the fair maid…

"I knew Jack Frost before he started working here." She says solemnly to 'Naoya'. "But daddy said I shouldn't say all that much to strangers…"

She gives her strangely cute, sweet smile, brown eyes widening as she then slips off of the stage and into the crowds.


Maya's still flitting from place to place, checking out the sights and taking photos of people and places. Too bad she doesn't have training to use that thing well. If only she had a trained photographer to follow her around and do the photo taking for her.

But then she stops and considers, well, the product being advertised here today. The game, that is. Not really a huge gamer, Maya is curious to know if there was a PC version. Since she's not keen on disrupting the festivities, she'll just look it up online later.


Hey, Yui won't complain if a great designer like Naoya is up on the stage. She nods, firmly, and smiles again towards Naoya as he replies to her statement. "Thanks!" And with that, she'll head off the stage–she's not gushing all over him, and she is leaving like is about right, but–she does still step like somebody's who's pretty happy. She just actually seems to be kind of /composed/. She does glance to the stage, though, raising an eyebrow as it looks like a little girl is heading up. Is that…? Isn't she a little young for this?

And yes, she picked /Holy/, Kasumi! How awful!

Meanwhile, her way down the stage just happens to be leading her towards Kasumi, though she also may pass Maki–or step near her–on the way. She doesn't bother trying to read the sudden text messages or anything. She can't clap, since her hands are full, but she takes a moment to step by the wall–nodding over to Kasumi again pleasantly–wasn't that the girl who introduced herself and helped her out?–as she tries to actually put her stuff away. She can /ruthlessly play/ it later, maybe on the train ride back. She does glance up, though, as Maya seems to be /taking pictures/…. "…Are you with the media?" she asks her.


Shiori, being an arcade fighting game maniac, knew all about Super Special Ultra Limited Editions. There would be the Holy and Curse editions now, and in a few years there might be a re-release of the Angel Holy and Demon Curse, on the latest generation of consoles or something. It was the way the world worked.

But Kasumi appeared to be under the impression that the demonic staff were in costume or something. "Yes, they're very… convincing," Shiori said weakly, eyeing the… wait, where did all the demons go? Backstage, perhaps, to sort out the next part of the show?

Speaking of which, the next winner caused Shiori to snap her stare to the stage.

"Nanako-chan's here?" Well, this /was/ a Junes, despite Yosuke's occasional frothy rants to the contrary based on some philosophical differences. It was unusual to see Nanako all the way out here, though; presumably she had someone looking after her?


'Well good for you, Utsuki-san' was about the only positive thought that briefly crossed her mind, as it seemed the contest winner was a fan of those games. She's not going to actually SAY it however. The pressure she is currently applying to her own teeth via increasing tension in Himeru's jaw may in fact be sufficient to bend certain softer metals right now.

The fact the newer winner is a little girl is not even affecting her mood any, it's too far down for cuteness to have any effect. The mention of non-abandonment seem to go completely through deaf ears, as if that was completely irrelevant to the immediate moment and it's only when he asks the 1000$ question that she half turns her head toward the right. "Have you ever heard the sound of five centimeter long nails on a blackboard? That's her, to me, CONSTANTLY. Everything she does, everything that goes through her mouth, everything she IS. I can't even explain it RATIONALLY. I can't STAND her, it's…it's…grh!" She can't even sound COHERANT trying to put together words when it came to what about Daiya annoyed her. It was possibly shorter to list what DIDN'T annoy Hime. "Forget it. She's your girlfriend, I hope you two end up happy and you don't catch /herpes/. I'll find someone else for this." Who? She hasn't thought THAT far ahead. Right now her mind is all about 'LEAVE BUILDING' which is why the younger girl just shakes her shoulder free and tries to make her way out of the crowd, and out of the store.

Her phone vibrates in her jacket pocket, slowly pulling it out to see what that's about. She was expecting a somewhat important message, and it's from Maki. Not the expected message, but one she reads all the same. Good thing her phone is solid, as the sides of the casing cracks a little.

'BSF: We have nothing going on. He chose the Kagami-Submarine: It goes down with little effort. I expected better from him.' is replied. Unfortunately there is no font for bitter instant messaging.


Maki didn't even sign up for the contest! As someone applying for a job there, you generally don't sign up for contests the company is holding. Hell, isn't it illegal to sign up for a contest for a company you ARE working for? She was so surprised by the whole situation she didn't notice that Naoya immediately knew who Yui was. But knowing Nanako immediately? Maybe someone is pointing them out to him via radio.

"Geeze." She says, "Everybody's picking Holy. I hope this doesn't mean I'm gonna get ganged up on, hehe." She looks to Yui and pats her on the shoulder. "Congratulations. Hope to see you in game. My name'll be E.T, if you want to friend each other or something." Her own phone vibrates, which is keeping her from getting back because she has to hold onto OTHER THINGS too at the same time. Her eyes widen faintly at the comment.

E.T: Her? Really?

She mulls over it for a time and supposes she may have acted as she would have, being overly affectionate to spurn the attention of others. She looks down and taps a message back.

E.T: Wicked burn, though. Maybe he wanted someone who wasn't better, the pressure of being a super senpai and all.
E.T: But
E.T: I'm sorry for embarrassing you.
E.T: I wasn't expecting to win a contest I didn't even enter :|a
E.T: So I kind of panicked.


Naoya replies, "Jack Frost, eh? Sounds like a wonderful person. Perhaps I'll have to meet him. Good luck, Nanako…" He says, watching her leave. There's several moments that he's quiet, but he then turns and looks back at the crowd, his smile returning as if it had never left. "That's all of the grand prizes… But we still have drawings for the remaining prizes: The last four advance copies of the game that I brought with me." He quickly reaches into the bubble, the animatronic demon roaring, and he pulls out four tickets! "And the winners are… Akatsuki Enda, Kasumi Horie, Nagahisa Kai and Setsuna Kai! Come up on stage and claim your prizes!"

There are cheers as the winners are presented with the final four copies of the game. There are precisely two copies left of each type! What will they pick? Naoya folds his arms as they claim their prizes, but they don't get a speech as they are simply given the prizes and allowed to bask in the glory, fame, and jealousy of their peers for a minute before being shuffled off.

Naoya steps forward. "So, that's all of the prizes. For those who were not so lucky, there will always be preorders for the game, coming out next month. In the meantime, thrill in the conflict! Learn things you never expected to find out! Challenge yourself against the greatest opponents ever presented in a game. It is a new generation of trials. The true challenge begins when the online function is activated, allowing you to engage in a new level of artificial intelligence, adapting to your skill and ensuring that the story never gets boring." He nods, pointing out over the crowd. "You are the heroes… You will discover the truth of the world! Now enjoy yourselves, and do thank our kind hosts, as they made this all possible!

With a turn, he begins making his way down the stage, heading out as the demon roars, fires burn, and J-Rock plays on the speakers.

Soon, Frost-San pops up on the stage, beginning to organize drawings for free merchandise from Frost Junes! But it becomes very apparent that he seems… stressed, somehow.

Riki goes and chills in the hardware section, but the Gremlins are nowhere to be seen. When Riki makes his question, there is some quick whispering, and then a short, "WE'RE ON BREAK!"


Yui isn't especially broken up about a lack of congratulations from people she doesn't know–perhaps for the best, she's not about to stick herself in the middle of Himeru's bad mood, through a very lucky coincidence. That coincidence being–Maki! She probably won't gang up on her, though she notices a pat on her shoulder and glances up. "Oh, thanks–you, too." E.T…. She nods, committing it to memory. "Sure, why not? I haven't picked a name yet," she admits, "But I'll remember yours." And then, there's the matter of the phone, and the rest of the contest being decided. …Hey–that Kasumi girl won. That's pretty great.

But, the music's up high, and Yui glances up again to see Naoya finishing up. This… should be fun. But–pause. She flips out her own phone, and looks twice at the time display. "Nice to meet you, E.T.," she replies and will say the same to Kasumi… later.


Kasumi is listening to Shiori when…. her name is called. She looks at Shiori a bit surprised and walks up to the stage. Choosing Curse she smiles and thanks Naoya. Thank god she did not have to give a speech too. That would have been awkward for her.

She smiles at Akatsuki on her way off the stage and makes her way back to Shiori. "Dang, this is pretty cool. I am glad I came! I have never won anything like this before." She is pretty happy. Himeru is no where in site though and that concerns Kasumi. 'I hope everything is okay.' she thinks.


And Himeru storms off, insulting Akatsuki *and* Daiya in the process. "Nami–" he utters, reaching out after her, taken aback and honestly hurt by how vitriolic she is about this. He can't help it if she hates Daiya for what she already admitted was an irrational reason, so maybe he should let her go, but…

"Dammit," he mutters under his breath angrily, and starts to chase after her. This is complicated when he's announced as a winner, and he stares up in astonishment up at the stage. Did it have to be *now*? "I'll be back!" he calls, and then hurries on after Himeru outside.

He finds her gripping her phone, texting somebody. "Namikawa!" he calls, this time sounding not very pleased. "Hold up!" If he can, he'll try to quickly step around her to prevent her from running off–trap her between himself and the Frost Junes, as it were. "You can't just say something like that and expect me to let it go. Go ahead and hate her, if you want. I can't stop how you feel. But are you really going to let that break a friendship? Because I'm *not* going to let that happen!"


Shiori craned her neck, hoping to catch a glimpse of the blurb on the game cover. "Congratulations, Horie-san." She turned. "And Akatsuki-senpai too- oh, wait, he's gone." Most likely going after Himeru. Shiori sent out vibes of encouragement towards Akatsuki, having been in more or less the same sort of situation before far too many times. One person stayed, the other stormed off, and both were Important…

Still staring in the direction Akatsuki had left, Shiori continued absently: "Do you like these sorts of games, Horie-san? I've never been very good at them, but if it's popular, maybe I'll try it out when it's released." Blink. "And if I can get advice from others playing the game as well. I'm… really not good at them."


Kasumi realizes that Akatsuki and Daiya have also appeared to have left. Obviously something going on with those three. Oh well… at the present time its not too important to her. She will see them again another time for sure.

Kasumi looks at the game in her hand. "I have played similar games in the past and I have heard great things about this one too. I will let you know how it is and maybe give you some tips, hehe." She smiles at Shiori. "Well this has been great but I think I should head home soon. Have a great evening Hibiki-san!" She waves as she makes her exit.

On her way out though she passes the three that left. She doesn't really stop to listen or anything but whatever conversation was going on seemed to be pretty heated. She does however manage to catch Himeru's gaze and if she was not too distracted she would probably have noticed Kasumi's obvious concern for her sempai.


'BSF: You didn't know and had the situation been different maybe I would not have been embarrassed. Don't fret over it. His choices are his own. I just… Never mind.’ is the short IM reply, before she lifts her eyes and has a roadblock that was not there a moment ago.

“I don’t need your authorization to like or dislike anyone.” in a nutshell, Himeru will do just that, consent or no. “And I don’t want to break anything!” Well, almost anything. “Go away and let me breathe! I don’t _HATE_ you, Akatsuki. It’s HER that I can’t stand, and…” the image of the two of them together gingerly creeps in the younger girl’s mind, it’s not a perfectly PG13 image given she frowns almost in pain and throws her arms in the air, making a vague irritated grunt. “I’m not in the mood to hang out today anymore, do whatever you want, I’ll see you again later.” as she tries to just go THROUGH Akatsuki if he won’t step aside. “When the hell did you register for that contest anyway…”


“Sure, I just always use that. Hopefully it won’t be taken already.” Maki tells Yui. Though, uh, she actually doesn’t know much about this game yet maybe she should find out. She starts looking up the internet on her phone before realizing–Himeru! Where’d she go? She can’t see her through the crowd god dammit why did she succumb to texting she KNOWS she tunes out the world when she does that. She sees Naoya leaving and settles she probably should try and catch up after him –well, he probably meant the interview.

If only there was a TRAINED PHOTOGRAPHER named YUKINO to follow MAYA AMANO around and also be a friend :(. For now though she tries to push out too. She has an advance copy. He wanted her to have it early for reason, she suspects–probably so she could check it out! It is kind of weird that her friends all got copies. Surely there’s nothing ominous about that though.

She checks out the game system as she tries to catch up but with Himeru’s determination to leave it might not be that easy.

ET: I can’t see you anymore but I’ll catch you later, get you some apology food <3
ET: You're the grttest

Fuck! Spellign! Damn phones!


"I didn't say you needed my authorization!" Akatsuki replies, agitation making his voice rise. This pretty much puts him at 'normal conversational level,' given how quiet his voice tends to be. But he watches her yell back and the irritation and anger that suffuses her being and the way she physically expresses this agitation of her own. He sighs shortly, then steps to one side. "We'll talk about this later," he promises, tone back to its normal quiet, though perhaps not its normal kindness.

Mood soured, he returns into the Junes a moment later after he's composed himself to accept his prize–he's got the leftover, so no choice between Holy or Curse for him; he'll just have to take what's there–and remain mostly reticent for the rest of the night.


Later schmater. She didn't want to talk now, although once she cooled down and maybe stopped considering making a Daiya pin doll and thrown it in a dryer cycle a couple times with nine needles into it, Himeru might be more willin-

Texted? Again? Apology food?

Gears turn into her head…

BSF: Lunarvale. Something greasy, as un-Japanese as it can be and so unhealthy my mother will weep like a baby in her office without knowing why. She's a dietitian. And then, we're going to the candy store. I'll wait for you at the Train Station.

This will either be a wreck or a bizarre adventure which will turn out into an impromptu slumber party at Arisa's house.

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