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Frost Junes: Employee’s on Strike April 19, 2010

Posted by tlynn2002 in Fuuka Yamagishi (Former FC).
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Oh noes! There is a strike at Frost Junes. Luckily there are people there to help!


Every day is great at your Frost Junes!


Except…. it doesn’t actuall seem so great at the moment, as the front of the store is crowded with lines of employees, chanting slogans and waving signs at the front of the building. Many of them say things like ‘FROST JUNES UNFAIR TO EMPLOYEES’, ‘TURN DOWN THE NOISE’, and the ever popular ‘I LOVE PIE’.

They seem well behaved, at least, not interfering with people who want to enter.

Inside, Frost-San is pacing around, muttering to himself and apparently at wits’ end.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of chaos and loudness going on right now… and people don’t seem to be all that intent on shopping, given there seems to be one Frost running the store and that’s about it.


Okay, honestly, what the hell was going on. Shirou came all the way out to Sumaru tonight to /avoid/ all this kind of weirdness, just going to see his brother to … decompress and talk about ‘issues’ while dancing around the fact that his girlfriend was probably grown in a test-tube and unleashed upon the world to further some idiot’s plans.

But now he finds a Junes that’s in the throes of an uprising. Part of him is pleased to see the proletariat rise up… but most of him just wants a damn Calipco and maybe a bargin bin DVD.

He slides into the store, looking around, his resonance pinging and pulsing the area, trying to seek out others he recognizes, his own aura lighting up the area like a funeral pyre.


This is rather peculiar, to be honest. Riki was on his way to the shop this time to get some more tools for his newest invention-to-be. After getting Yoh to volunteer his services as his guinea pig(MWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA), Riki wanted to build something that should be adequate for the young man to handle. However….

Seeing the angry employees about, Riki stares for a few moments. He is emerging through, trying to make his way into the store.


Fuuka had come to Frost Junes to check it out but when she arrived and saw that there seemed to be a problem she debated about leaving. However, she was curious as to what exactly the ’employees’ were protesting about.

The resonances of the demons overwhelmed her. She knew that supposedly this place was run by demons but she was NOT expecting this. There were so many of them. They did not seem to be trying to turn people away but it was still a bit unsettling.

She looks around for anyone she possibly knew. Maybe she could ask them questions about what was going on.


Minagi came to Frost Junes to get a Frost Plushy! They were so cute…

However, all of the demons were on strike! However, she was derailed from her mission because the I Like Pie sign was very convincing. So, Minagi finds one of the demons…maybe the one in charge of the chanting, and walks up to them. “So what’s going on? I mean, obviously you are on strike, but why? Also, can I have a ‘I like Pie’ sign?”


Tsukiko Otonashi is dressed conservatively and unremarkably except for a rather broad-brimmed sun hat. She takes off the pair of smoked lenses she had been wearing, folds them up, and tucks them into her purse as she walks sedately forwards, towards where the single remaining Frost on duty is doing the best he can.

Her hands fold together and she stands behind the others, patient enough with the queue for now.


Nanako, meanwhile, has booked it to the main Jack Frost.

“What happened?” She asks, one hand resting on one pink-clothed hip as her head tilts to the side, pigtails bouncing as she idly peers out around the crowd. Her voice is loud enough to be recognizable that those that know it very well; her demeanor and clothing makes it doubly so.


Aigis approaches Frost Junes to investigate, but before she can really get inside she finds a Pixie had flown over to her with a sign and dropped it into her hands. It appears that Aigis has gotten a ‘FROST JUNES UNFAIR TO EMPLOYEES SIGN’ handed over to her and she waggles it uncertainly in her hands.

“Ra ra?” She says uncertainly. Rather than stomping in to harass Frost-San, she uses her newfound conscription to look towards the nearest demon and just ask, “What is going on? How is Frost Junes unfair to its employees?”

And what’s with all the capitalism anyway?!


“HEE HO, WE WON’T GO!”, calls out the Jack Frosts in chorus, but one does look over to Aigis and Minagi as they asks. “What’s going on, ho? It’s been crazhee! Oppression by the management! Unsafe working conditions, hee-ho! Denied compensation!” He pauses, for a moment, and then quickly adds, “Hee-ho!” He then continues, going on to say to Aigis and Minagi, “So help us out! Convince that frosty flint that he needs to give us better compensation for our work! And a full benefits package!””

“Yeah.” An Oni grunts. “I want dental.”

The store looks completely deserted except for the Frost Junes and a couple oblivious consumers shopping around like nothing is happening. Even a strike will not stop the forces of capitalism, it seems! It also leaves opportunieis open for opportunitsts should they decide to see if they could acquire some more… extreme discounts.


Shirou begins using his resonance, and he gets an unpleasant experience. An unpleasant feedback hits his senses, grinding at the edges of his awareness. It’s like a thousand airhorns and vuvuzelas in the back of your mind!


Frost-San looks up as Nanako arrives, and he grins, leaping forward to give Nanako a hug! “Nana-chan! It’s so cool to see you, hee-ho! I’ve got a big problem!” He frowns, and looks away. “All my friends are mad at me! They say I’m treating them badly, but I don’t know what’s going on hee-ho! I mean, it’s been kinda noishee, but I’m doing my best!” He blinkus. “I guess the cold hard facts are that my assets are going to get frozen at this rate… Ho.” He doesn’t seem to notice that Nanako has another ‘friend’ nearby…


Ug… well, huh, /that/ was odd. Was it from the group outside? He doesn’t think so, he’d have felt it on the way in then…

So, of course, by himself, and without back-up, he tries to follow the unpleasant feedback, even as it makes his teeth clench and grind and his head throb.

“Seriously… why should I have to deal with all this…” He mutters, as he does exactly the thing he was complaining about.


Tsukiko says, warmly, “I think you’re having a labor relations difficulty, from the sound of it.” She glances back towards the line of strikers.


The first person that catches Fuuka’s eye is Nanako. The adorable little girl is near a Jack Frost. She waves in Nanako’s direction. Then her attention is diverted to Aigis. Who is now.. holding one of the protest signs? She makes her way over to the girl. She is about to ask about the protesting when she hears the explanation from one of the other Jack Frosts. “Oppression?” She says to it. “They pay you badly? How sad…” She frowns.

It is then that she, belatedly, notices the ‘I Like Pie’ sign and chuckles a bit to herself.


Nanakos’ smile dimples briefly as she listens to Jack Frost, hugging him back. “It’s cool to see you too, Frost-san! But…” She frowns. “Did you say ‘noisy’, Frost-san? Like there is a buzzing or ringing in your ear, perhaps, that makes you and your friends uncomfortable?”

Tsukiko is glanced at, but the words don’t mean anything to the little girl, who waves back at Fuuka.


“Dojima-san.” A voice speaks out towards the little girl.

He was able to appear behind her silently. Riki currently has a pocky stick in his mouth, then he looks over towards the angry men out there. His eyes drift towards the Jack Frost in more of a plain view, “… How much are you exactly paying them? I’ve seen situations like this because of certain working conditions.” He looks back towards the angry crowd again.


Minagi loves spreading her message. She takes a ‘I Like Pie’ sign and nods as she gets the low down. She waves at Aigis, “I guess we are doing a side quest eh?” She says towards the robot.


“Lets go Aigis-san.” Minagi says, happily wanting to help the situation with non violence…possibly with pie. She walks towards the Junes front door, walking inside she holds the sign over one shoulder in case she has to protest or hit someone with it. They ARE demons after all. Irritable demons.

“Heeeeeloooo? Evil oppresser-san? Where are you?”


Aigis is a serious robot who is very serious. “No,” She tells Minagi. “I am uncertain that circumstances are as they appear. Frost-San, as far as I am aware, has not altered his policy. Furthermore, it is a known fact that there are other businesses in the area eager to disrupt operations here.” Perhaps the Planeteers. Nevertheless, she looks back to the demons while waggling her sign. “What working conditions are hazardous? If he cannot provide full benefits, perhaps he can at least fix the problem.”

She tilts her head to the left. “Perhaps we can help everyone reach an equitable situation all around.”


Minagi squints at Aigis. “Well, duuuuuh. We gota talk to the guy first. I wana get his side! Geeze, I am not just going to go in here and smack him to death!” Minagi thinks. “Really!”


Aigis looks at Minagi blankly.


“Yes, it’s very sad! I’m so angry that I’m going hungry! and that’s very very sad!” A Pixie says to Fuuka, while waving a tiny sign with a diatribe about the travails of the oppressed… in text smaller than you see on LJ icons. It’s probably very profound if anyone could actually read it. Aigis gets the attention of some Puro Jacks, then, with her questions. “COME ON! Don’t you hear that noise? IT’s been going on for days, ho! It’s burning us up! It’s scorching our brains! It’s making tempers heat up and no one wants to deal with it any more, ho! And we’re not gonna burn up the rug unless we’re paid enough to put up with this!”

Shirou faces the power of metaphysical buttertrolling. He’s dealing with it because, like Neo, he apparently chooses to. He begins searching, playing a game of ‘hot and cold with Gilbert Gottfried screeching in your ear’. This is about as fun as you might expect it to be. Even more annoying is that what’s causing it seems to be…. moving? And even then… Hey, was that someone trying to sneak around? It’s not in the direction of the noise, but…

There is much pie in the bakery. The Succubus still seems to be in attendance there, simply getting… creative with her cake designs. Do you dare risk the deliciousness!? Frost-san, AKA ‘Evil Oppressor-San’, is currently making a frosty waterfall of tears with Nanako. “Yeah! Just like that! Do you hear it too? I can barlhee think, hee ho!”


“Oh god kill meeeee” Shirou whines, pausing a moment to watch someone sneaking about. OH HEY A DISTRACTION.

He doesn’t have his spear on him, and looking for a broom is a bit out of the question… so he just tries to stalk the stalking thing, using what Thora’s taught him.

Which translates into him bullrushing it at the best opportunity, and preferably from behind.


Fuuka looks at the protesters and then back to Aigis. “Maybe Aigis-chan… how do you think that we can help though. Other than protesting? I mean we don’t know the full-story after all.” She looks quizzically at Aigis and then to Minagi. “I agree with her. We should talk to Frost-san first.”

She nods solemnly at the tiny Pixie holding a sign that no one can actually read. She is sure that it is pretty important though. Poor little Pixie. She feels sorry for it.

Then the Pyro Jack speaks up and she blinks, “Noise? What noise?” Even with her spotter abilities she hadn’t noticed anything. Of course with the other resonances and people around maybe she had just overlooked it?


Tsukiko purses her lips. She cannot tell exactly what that sound is; she is in fact not really and truly willing to ‘open her ear’ to it, especially when that boy appears to have become some sort of deranged madman lunging after some stray passing demon.

“Well well well,” she says, as she moves at a sedate pace after Shirou. She does angle to walk past two things:

* The succubus and its cakes, because those look interesting
* The discount sporting goods rack, wherein she casually picks up an imported and 88% off cricket bat


“What?! I totally wasn’t thinking that! Really!” Minagi frowns. She looks slightly hurt at Aigis. However, she is snapped out of it by Fuuka. “Hey Yamagishi-san. Uh…noise? Hmm…” Minagi’s known for sharp hearing…perhaps with a boost form her persona. The lines of power fall on the ground at her feet as she tries to invoke it’s power without actually invoking IT. Hearing…hearing…come on heightened senses.


Aigis glances over to Fuuka. “I’m not sure. I do not hear anything but I may not have the proper awareness for it.” She assumed that it was just the competition being antsy but–“Perhaps you can search for it? You are the most adept at finding the sources of such disturbances.” She doesn’t mean out of the people here either, Fuuka is the best at this…in general, she’s pretty sure, out of all the other spotters she knows which are, admittedly, few. But she trusts Fuuka’s capabilities. She doesn’t seem to think that gabbing to Frost-San will be inherently helpful.


Minagi winces…

“Oooooow!” She says, holding her ears suddenly. However, she uncuffs them after a moment, trying to get USED do it…and starts trying to hear where it’s coming from. She looks focused…

Someone is going to get hit so hard.


Nanako immediately whimpers and flinches. “Gnh…” She says in a soft voice. “Okay, where did you first start hearing it?”


It actually draws Riki’s attention over to the succubus. Why? Cake.
As the young man approaches the succubus’s section, he stops to a halt before he lifts his finger up towards the air. “Excuse me.” He furrows his eyebrow towards the cake that’s being offered, “I’d like to by some of the cake, it looks interesting…” Then, he asks, “…How come you’re not on strike like the others?”


Fuuka nods to Aigis and starts using Lucia’s inherent abilities to see if she can notice the sound the protesters are referring to. She is momentarily distracted by Minagi. “You can hear it Minagi-san?”

She tries to hone in on it but as soon as she does… she wishes she hadn’t. It is the most horrible noise ever. It is worst than nails on a chalkboard or grinding silverware. It is… indescribable. She gasps in pain but through the noise she tries to figure out where it is radiating from.

She manages to tell Aigis, “Aigis-chan… it is horrible. I can’t exactly tell where it is coming from yet though.” She looks around. If this is what these poor guys heard all the time… no wonder they were on strike.


Shirou moves with the speed and fury of a hunting dog as he closes in on his prey. The screams and shrieks of the mystery noise resonate in his ears, and Minagi is hot on his heels with her catlike reflexes. The shadowy being dodges left, down an aisle, then leads them through the clothing section before diving into the electronics. Finally, Shirou sees his chance and POUNCES WITH MIGHT with Minagi close behind! There is a shriek, a real one this time, when…

“Ahiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! LET ME GO YOU BIG BULLY!” Shirou’s caught a…. pixie? This one is dressed in cotton candy pink with a little attendant’s cap, however, and she holds a tiny flail-like rod, with which she bops Shirou relentlessly on the forehead for minimal damage. “LET ME GOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Fuuka begins paying attention and suddenly it’s like listening to the worst metal band you’ve ever heard at 11. If the demons have been hearing this for days straight, no wonder why they’d be pissed. She can help try to pinpoint the source should she wish.

Tsukiko sees many cakes. Many of them would fit a Succubus’ sensibilities in one way or another, though thankfully this one is generally mostly classy about her double entendres. She does still have an 80% Off sign on her apron, though. Riki’s query causes her to turn and lean over the counter. “Hmm? Well, I’m a woman who enjoys my work. It’s not all about payment, you know…” She smiles. A cricket bat is easy for Tsukiko to locate in the sporting goods section. Cricket isn’t popular in Japan for some reason. It looks like it’s been backstocked for ages.

Frost-san looks up and puts on a thoughtful look. “Maybhee three, four days ago? Around when the sweepstakes day was!”

Fuuka ends up with a choice: She can follow the noises or she can go chase down the suspicious pixie with Minagi and Shirou.


“Ow ow ow ow ow Sorry!”

Shirou doesn’t drop her though. He just holds her father out from his face. “Listen, just… trying to find the source of that odd evil buzzing sound… and you were looking suspicious. /So/, logically, I had to hunt you.” He nods, and glances to Minagi, recognizing her from last night and a few other times… he nods to her. “So, just tell me what you know and I’ll let you go, alright?”


As she equips herself with a weapon, Tsukiko lets out a motherly little chuckle at the sight of some of the tastefully erotic cakes. “Oh my! How droll,” she says. She looks up at the succubus directly, then: “Do you do delivery? And tell me, where /is/ the source of all of this disputation and carrying on, anyway?” She glances momentarily towards where Shirou has pounced a pixie, but then back to the demon lady.


“Okay, so it started then. But /where/ did you first hear it?” Nanako says persistently. Sure she doesn’t have resonance, but she can sure as feck detective her way to an answer.


Fuuka senses the direction and begins to follow it. Funnily enough, it is actually away from Minagi and Shirou. She wasn’t sure if she was on the right track but hopefully Aigis was nearby… just in case something crazy happened. Which was a definite possibility here of all places.

She heads down an aisle glancing back and noticing Shirou and Minagi with the pixie who is desperately trying to escape. She was pretty sure that they had that situation under control.

She tries to remember if this is a sound that she had ever heard before but nothing comes even close to how terrible this was. She wants so bad to make it stop but wants to figure out the source of it as well.


Minagi skids to a stop behind Shirou, the sign in hand. She doesn’t point at it, and then at the Pixie, but the threat itself is no doubt real enough. She narrows her eyes at the Pixie…looking around. Trying to see if the Pixie was actually the source.
“Shut that stupid noise up!” she says towards the Pixie. “It’s making me hungry.” Minagi threatens.

She looks at Shirou and smiles at him. She at least recognizes him…they however could talk later.


“That is a good point.” After all, it is better to be able to enjoy the job that you’re doing. “… It is good that you enjoy what you are doing.” Riki will have to be her customer more. …Mostly because she makes the sweets. Feeling that sweet tooth coming along once more, Riki twitches an eyebrow. “… I’ll buy whatever cake you have for a special, please.” Then, his eyes drift over as the young man hears a scream from a location.

He would go over there, but…
Buy cake first.


Aigis chooses to stick with Fuuka, trusting where she’s going. If Shirou and Minagi have found the source OF DANGER well that’s fine too now isn’t it? But if Fuuka ends up biting off more than she can chew, well, she’s going to need a killbot there to help her. Er. Protectbot.

“I suppose sometimes not being particularly powerful is a boon.” She tells Fuuka. Glad she can’t hear the horrible noises.


The pixie waves her rod in Shirou’s face, but his reach seems to have prevailed… for the moment. “I’m not suspicious! I’m just an industrious girl out to make some money in this tough world! I don’t know anything about these crazy guys, just let me go!” She starts prying at Shirou’s hand. Minagi can tell that the obnoxious noise is /not/ coming from the Pixie. But if not, what’s going on? Regardless, As the pixie tries to free herself, she looks up at Minagi. “I’m not making the noise! Seriously, the nerve! I should charge you for even making the accusation! That’s right! I’ll sue you for slander! I’m a good pixie!”

The Succubus Baker purrs. “The special, eh… I’ll get it for you right away.” She walks over and pulls out a box of fresh baked good, sliding it over. “Devil’s food.” She winks, and then turns to Tsukiko. “Home service? Sometimes. It depends on the situation. But they’re all going on about the noise. I don’t find it all that irritating, myself. It’s making everyone go crazy, though.”

Frost-San continues pondering for Nanako. “Oh, it was when we opened the store! We got a bunch of customers coming in, and we just started hearing the noise all over the place! It wasn’t so bad at first, but it just kept getting worse!”

Meanwhile, Fuuka and Aigis home in on the source of the noise: A woman casually moving along the aisle, picking out some soup. Her hair is delicately coifed, and she is wearing a paisley dress, sapphire earrings, a gleaming fortune necklace, and a pair of red heels. She seems more intent on the contents of the Chicken Noodle than whos’ coming up behind her though.


Tsukiko draws a personal visitation card out of her blouse and hands it to the succubaker, saying warmly as she does, “Do send something playful to this address when you get a chance?” The address is a rather older section of Sumaru. “Nothing too big, but don’t spare the chocolate.” Her head then cants slightly to the side. “Could you tell me where it’s coming from? Or from what? It /does/ seem to be causing quite the labor dispute!”


Nanako scratches her head, mussing up her pigtails.

“But that doesn’t make any sense…” She says. “If it started when the store opened and not before that, that means its’ … someone like me, a human, that is probably making it.” Of course, Nanako says this as other things happen..


As they follow the noise it gets worse and worse. Fuuka can barely stand it anymore. The source of it though is a bit shocking. She expected some terrible monster but standing in front of them is a lady who looks innocent enough. Looks can be deceiving though, she knows how that goes. As her and Aigis approach, the lady seems to be completely oblivious to their presence. What the heck could be causing this horrible noise though? It was definitely radiating from her. Fuuka whispers to Aigis, “I-I don’t know why but it is definitely coming from her.” How to approach is the question…


“Ahhuh. Okay, lets say I believe you… then why were you skulking around all sneakily? Working as a scab, right?” He glances to Minagi…

And he lets the Pixie go, eyeing her a bit. “Tsch… whatever.” He grunts, doing his best Squall impression before picking up his resonance again, trying to sense the source. “If I find out you were holding info out on me…”


“I’ll get hungry!” Minagi gives the Pixie a stare. And licks her lips. However, despite finishing the threat for her associate, she turns her hears towards the source of the sound again. Closing her eyes…she lets the image of the wolf through her mind…the calm sound against the disturbing sound. Come on, Wolf, lets find it and save Frost Junes.

Maybe get some pie. She likes pie.


Aigis examines the young woman for a moment and is about to say ‘FREEZE DIRTBAG’ when she notices the necklace–of course! Tanaka is a COMPETITOR for these people. “I believe I understand what is going on here.” She looks to Fuuka. “That necklace–it’s the Fortune Necklace, a product devised by Tanaka’s Amazing Comodities.”

She approaches the young woman, “Ma’am.” She says, “You purchased that necklace from that television program correct? I am willing to offer you twice the amount if you will sell it to me.” This seems to be her attempt to get it out of the store without alerting the young woman to what’s really going on here! Of course, she may be totally wrong but so far the evidence seems to fit?!?

When she brings the Devil’s food for the young scientist, Riki offers a nod and then he places the yen out for her, “…I get the feeling that I’ll be paying a visit to this area more.” His eyes drift over towards Tsukiko, however, “I see you are planning to make use of her services as well…” Then, Riki furrows his eyebrow. “..Is that so?” The bespectacled teenager furrows his eyebrow about the noise.

Very suspicious. “That is peculiar.”



On the one hand, every day was great at your Junes, even Frost Junes.

On the other, the picket line of demons was a little worrying.

At least they didn’t seem to be causing trouble by going on a rampage through the streets of Sumaru, and /that/ would have been more than enough fodder for kotodama. In fact, they seemed to have no trouble with people heading inside, which Shiori did with a series of apologetic and nervous headbobs.

What was happening inside?


Shiori hissed softly through her teeth, trying to fight down the headache from the really, really bad… /something/ she was hearing. Was it resonance? It certainly felt like it.

If this was what the demon employees had been putting up with, judging from the picket signs, they definitely had a right to complain. Did someone in demon management decide to fiddle with whatever was their equivalent of in-store muzak or something?

Shiori generally didn’t judge people by their resonances, at least not right away. She also had long given up on the idea of running /away/ from these nasty sources of bad vibes, on the basis that it was a spotter’s job to home in on the most disgusting and distressing things imaginable.

Which was why she had approached the nice-looking lady from the other end of the aisle, turning the corner… and freezing in place when she saw Fuuka and Aigis. Were they here to shop, or was there something far more sinister going on?

Shiori was still some distance away, in plain sight to the others, but far enough to be considered just a Random Passer-By. As Aigis interrogated the woman, Shiori pretended to browse the selection on the shelves (soup?), while sending forth her own whispers towards Fuuka…

[PHONE] To Fuuka Yamagishi, Shiori Hibiki phones: “Fuuka-senpai, what is going on here? Why is Aigis-senpai here? What is that /horrible/ sound?”

“You think you’re so tough because you’re bigger than me? Well nyeeh!” The pixie says as she sticks her tongue out and pulls down an eye at Minagi. “There’s nothing going on here that’s any of your business! Now leave me alone and let me make some money!” She zips off into the air, leaving a trail of sparkles as she heads straight for the back of the store.

The pair soon come across Aigis and Fuuka shaking down a woman for her necklace. The woman reaches to her necklace, and winces at the offer made by Aigis. “No… I couldn’t possibly sell it! My husband tells me it sets off my looks perfectly!” She giggles at that. Seriously? Seriously!? “No, it’s simply out of the question. Now pardon me, I need to finish shopping for dinner!”

The Succubus Baker takes Riki’s money and flips through it, nodding. “Very good. Come back often~” Having dismissed Riki for the moment, she takes the card and nods. “Sure, I can make arrangements for that. I’m sure it will be a very entertaining evening.” She smiles, and then tilts her head coquettishly, thinking. “I’m not sure, actually. It doesn’t bother me, like I said. I don’t hear it much. It started happening a couple days ago.”


Tsukiko lets out a rather warm little chuckle. “Really? I don’t hear it so much myself, though I can tell it bothers some of the younger fellows.” She draws out several bills herself to pay for a pornographic cake of some sort, saying as she does, “Other than this dispute, are you all doing well? Mm? No problems? I admit I’ve been occupied so I’ve never had the chance to come by.”


Nanako sighs, and bends down and just scoops Jack Frost off. “Okay, we’re going to play a game. As I walk around, tell me if it gets worse.” She books it off for Shirou, listening for his voice.


Fuuka looks quizzically at Aigis. A necklace? Really? “Wait.. you really think the necklace has something to do with it Aigis-chan?” She looks back at the woman, trying to ignore the horrible sound coming from her but not doing so well.

To Shiori: Shi-chan… we are here because of the protests but the demons mentioned a terrible noise. Using Lucia’s ability I was able to hone in on it. It seems to be radiating from this woman here. Oddly, enough. That is all I can tell you right now.

After the woman denies Aigis the necklace, Fuuka is unsure what to do next. They have to figure out what is going on here though.

That is when Shirou and Minagi approach. Fuuka explains to them, as the woman tries to leave, that the sound seems to be coming from her.


Jack Frost is suddenly scooped up! “Z…ZOMG WHEEEEHEEEEEEEE!” He exclaims as Nanako makes her way through the story, using him as a noise detector! “Aaaah! Don’t take me that way! It’s really noisy, hee-ho!” He says. He goes from blubbering to frost waterfalls quickly as Nanako unerringly homes in on Shirou, as Shirou’s is also with Aigis and Fuuka.


Aigis’s mouth opens wide at her reason for being unable to part with it. Well, she thinks, she isn’t about to steal a necklace from a woman who gets a compliment like that. But what is she going to do? She cannot be allowed to shop here if she is the source of the danger.

“In that case–” Aigis says, trying another tract, “You do realize that there is a strike outside, correct? You should do your part and–go to another store!” She bobs her head, showing the unsafe work conditions sign to her. “Before it’s too late.” She doesn’t feel like she can lie about the situation but at least she is not totally incorrect, in theory.

She looks to Fuuka. Haaaaalp.


Shirou grunts. “Minagi-san… um… hiyya.” He says, not /quite/ sure how he remembers her other then ‘she apparently likes to fight as much as Thora’. “I don’t trust her, but…”

He’s interrupted as he comes up to Fuuka and the others, and Fuuka explains what she’s found out. “That’s… that’s just friggen lovely. That’s pretty cut-throat… and it also implicates Tanaka as knowing about all this weirdness.”

That’s jotted down for future reference, as he seems to be the only KDAer out right now.

“So what, we can tell the others, but what are they going to do about it? It’s not like they can ban…”

He stops suddenly. “Minagi. You said it was making you and them /hungry/, right?” Shirou’s connecting the dots as he realizes just what the necklace is made from.


“Shhh.” Nanako says soothingly. “Its’ okay, I’m sorry.” As they walk up to the lady and the group, her chin wobbles, because, dammit, Nanako is a soft-hearted little girl and Jack Frosts’ blubbering doesn’t help matters any.

“Excuse me.., why are you making my friends cry…?” She asks, voice quiet.


After purchasing the cake, he is now dismissed. That is just as well. There was the whole mention of the noise. And….

Riki looks over to see Nanako using the Jack Frost as a detector. He blinks over he sight, furrowing his eyebrows. “…Hrm.” The young man gets curious, now starting to follow where the girl is leading them.


Some of these soup selections were actually pretty tasty-sounding, although not so tasty that Shiori would buy any of them just yet. Instant ramen was about the limit of her culinary skills at the moment.

Aigis had gone from interrogating to haranguing the poor woman, who was no doubt wondering what was going on. Then again, Aigis looked suitably Foreign, so maybe that would be excuse enough for her relatively strange behavior.

But… this woman didn’t seem like she was a Persona-user. The… sound Shiori was hearing was a little off, and weird, and…

(… familiar…)

A few more pings on Shiori’s senses heralded the arrival of Shirou and Minagi, interrupting her train of thought. She shoved aside the question of why the sound was giving her the creeps, and stared intently at Shirou, concentrating on homing in on his resonance. This ability was getting to be pretty useful.


Minagi blinks at Shirou. “Oh, no, I was just trying to sound intimidating. I did eat something larger than my head once.” Minagi says somewhat cheerfully. “I also promised not to do so again. There are SEES manuals on handling Arcana Shadows that say specifically don’t eat them.” She continues. “I got a bit of infamy in the demon world cuz o that.”

“Well, I am kinda hungrier…that sound is kinda pissing me off. That kinda hungry yeah?” she says and looks at the lady and the necklace. “I am going to punch you so hard if you’re causing this, I swear to gog.”


“Minagi-San.” Aigis warns.
“Whaaaat?” Minagi whines back.
“You know very well ‘whaaat’.” Aigis says.
“Noooo!” Minagi responds innocently.
“Yeeeees.” Aigis says.
Minagi frowns! “Nooo?” :<


Fuuka looks at the woman.. taking a leap but hoping it works. "Erm… I don't really think that necklace suits you all that well actually." She winces again at the horrible noise.

Then seeing Nanako carrying the Jack Frost towards them, Fuuka laughs. It is so cute and hilarious at the same time. They seem to be having fun but the noise must be terrible for him too. Sad Face.

She peers at Minagi and Aigis' bantering. "Seriously guys? Come on we have to figure out what is going on!"


Shiori blinked, and turned around, a packet of miso powder forgotten in her hand. Shirou said that they should probably inform the Frost In Charge about the metal in the necklace, and Shiori wondered where he was…

… why was the demon-resonance of the Jack Frost getting closer?

Oh. There he was. Being carried by… "Nanako-chan?" Okay, this was getting even more complicated.


"It doesn't fit me? Well, you're certainly entitled to your opinion, but I think my husband would-" She pauses when Aigis produces her evidence! "Unsafe work conditions? That sounds like trouble!" The woman says, as if she didn't notice the chanting demons outside on her way in. "Oh dear, but it's so late already, would I have time to get to a Satomi Tada-"

And then Minagi. "Causing what?" The woman says, taken aback at Minagi's threat. "What are you talking about? Don't hurt me!" She looks at Aigis, pleading. "Quick, call security! I'm going to be attacked by a punk!"

NANAKO INTERRUPT saves the day, however, as she is suddenly confronted by a sniffling Jack Frost and Nanako in a Team-Up Contact Attack. The woman stops and stares for a moment, before awwwwwwwwwing and says, "I'm not doing anything! Why is everyone picking on me? This isn't fair!" She begins to tear up as well, while the Jack Frost wobbles in Nanako's arms, pointing up into the air. "Hey, Nana-chan… Why is that fairy flying toward my office?"

The Succubus Baker happily takes Tsukiko's money, and smiles. "It's nice to see someone who understands once in a while. One moment, I'll get you one of my best creations. Don't unweap it until you get home, all right? Wouldn't want people to get the wrong idea~" She turns and after a few minutes, produces a Frost Junes-wrapped cake box. "Do come again, all right?"


Minagi looks up…

Minagi stares towards the Fairy…man that was far…and the thing was small. Minagi, instead looks at Aigis.

"Throw me!" She says, having had experience as a thrown weapon!


"Is it her necklace?" Nanako asks, quietly. "Because something your wearing is making Jack Frost sad, and making me sad too… is it metal?" She hands Jack Frost off to the nearest person – Fuuka, and follows the pixie quickly.

"Heeeey, Pixie-chaaaan~"


Tsukiko accepts the cake. "Thank you, dear; I'll be glad to. Take care, will you?" She takes a moment to look over towards where there are people hollering over a necklace and waving around a jack frost, and so Tsukiko assumes that any such matters are well in hand.

She moves to exit. She takes the cricket bat with her, just in case the picket line gets uppity.


Fuuka, being the softie that she is, tells the woman, "No one is going to hurt you. Just trying to get some answers is all."

Then she is given a… JACK FROST. Oh hey. Suddenly Nanako takes off and Fuuka exclaims, "Wait Nanako-chan! Come on Aigis!"

Still holding the Jack Frost and leaving the probably super confused woman behind she takes off after the girl. The rest of the group can continue to interrogate the woman. Her concern is Nanako right now who is chasing the Pixie.


Riki finally gets over to see a bit of the gathering. He is playing the observationist, after all.
As Riki moves closer towards the gathering, his eyes drift over to see the fairy that they are trying to spot. Ehhh… Nah. Instead, he opts to follow the wandering seven-year-old who is brandishing the Jack Frost. Destination? Where that kid is going. Which is likely where the -fairy- is going. Upon the way, however, his eyes drift over towards a few faces.

First, the eyes drift towards Minagi, recognizing her from the show, and then the attention is turned to Aigis, finding her familiar. However, the person who seems to be ahead is also familiar… Club Zodiac, wasn't it?


Aigis picks Minagi up by the scruff of her neck like she would any other animal. "She will not harm you." She promises. "There there. I am sorry for all the harassment but as you can see matters are chaotic at present." She doesn't throw Minagi because this seems to be a pretty good position for keeping Minagi under control, hanging in the air like that.

"I will be right there." She says, looking over to the woman. "I will assist in the carrying of bags to the car." She looks at Minagi whom she is holding up, and then to her other hand. "With my other hand. I am capable of this. Do not worry, citizen." She nods. "Do you require the hugs?"


"Hey! Throw me at the Pixie! I am not going out to her car!" Minagi struggles futily against the hold of the Robot. "Come on! We gotta stop the suspicious looking thing!" Minagi whines! "Come ooooon!"


Shirou blinks as he sees Nanako hauling around a Jack Frost…

And then run off after /that damn pixie/. "…i swear, Shiori, I'm gonna loose a few years of my life because of that child. Come on, let's follow them. Oh, and ma'am? Perhaps when you shop here you can leave the necklace at home? It seems to be affecting the employees…"

He takes off, heading for the office. Mentally, he's betting that there's a source of that MA-347 stuff buried in there, to mess with Frost-sama…


This was all going horribly wrong.

Shiori stared at the Pixie heading towards a room the Frost claimed was his office, and then back at the scene in front of her. With a muttered "Excuse me, ma'am," Shiori hustled past the confused woman, towards the others, just in time to miss Nanako chasing after the Pixie.


She glanced down at her hand, finally noticing the miso packet for the first time, and irritatedly shoved it back onto the shelves in the wrong place. "Excuse me, Frost-san, I-" Except that the Frost was whisked away along with Fuuka, and Shiori bit back an impolite word. She quickly sent a message via Per-Sonar to Aigis ("Aigis-senpai, please tell the woman that she will have a discount if she leaves /right now/, limited time offer. I'll try to convince Frost-san to agree."), and scuttled over to Shirou, following his lead.

"Maybe she'll settle down if we give her a Jack Frost plushie or something," she muttered.


Tsukiko exits, stage left, and it totally left unmolested. For the moment.

The environment around the woman becomes extremely chaotic as most of the people present bolt. The woman stands there, staring for a minute in shock at the strangeness, before she looks at Minagi, "Uh…" She pauses. "… Yes, I think it is time for me to go…" She says, trailing off, as she sort of numbly begins pushing the cart towards the exit. She pauses and looks back at Aigis, blinking. "Hugs?"

Team WTF is now chasing a pixie across the building. Nanako runs with the speed and agility of a small child, which means she's probably outpacing everyone.

Until the pixie drops and knocks over the lobster tank. The tank opens, and a couple dozen crustaceans pour out, looking up at the charging people with beady, dark eyes. The floor's also all wet too. Watch your step! The Jack Frost wobbles in Fuuka's arms, pointing, "LOOK OUT!"

Meanwhile, the pixie vanishes around a corner, leaving the others to face down this…. terrifying… hurdle?


"Get the shell cracker tongs and a fork!" Nanako yells behind her.

She puts on a burst of speed and attempts to jump over the lobsters and keep chasing the pixie.


Aigis looks to Minagi for a few moments. "Understood." She says, "If you truly wish to be thrown, I will do so." She turns a ninety degree angle, rears back, and CHUCKS Minagi through the air!! It's very impressive, her throwing power.

Unfortunately, Pixie has gotten pretty far by this point and she only manages to send Minagi far enough that she goes flying right for the lobsters.

By this point Aigis turns back to the young woman. "Indeed. Here, I will show you. Do not fear, I am properly trained." Her arms swivel up and she walks closer. If this woman is not careful she may be hugged!? "I am a professional." She says.


Minagi goes flying…

"Oh shit.." Minagi is flying towards the Lobsters. Minagi, however, is DEVILISHLY hungry. She also has a persona ready for JUST such an emergency! However, she lands first…surrounded by the lobsters! Also, feeling slightly hurt from the horribly landing. They start approaching her…

“I got this guys! Go for the Pixie!" Minagi says, and unleashes FIRE on the Lobsters. Nekomata appears above her head. "I am /having lunch/."


Running after Nanako is hard work, especially carrying this Jack Frost. Why exactly /was/ she still carrying him anyway? Whatever the reason she continues her pursuit of the child. That is until he yells out for them to watch out. As he says it tons of lobsters are on the floor now along with gallons and gallons of water.

She stops in time to avoid going face first into the water but at the abrupt stop the Jack Frost flies out of her hands landing.. hopefully safely… a few feet beyond the water. Just behind Nanako.

She looks up but can no longer see the pixie. At that same moment Minagi comes flying by straight INTO the lobster pile. Since she is safe Fuuka continues looking for the Pixie.


Figures. Lobsters.
Riki furrows his eyebrow, narrowing the eyes briefly before he whips out his airsoft gun. It is a good thing that Riki is a bit accurate with his shots. To be fair, Riki was tempted to shoot the jar of tartar sauce to land on the lobster, but… property damage. But man, it is so tempting. So instead, while Minagi goes for one of the group, Riki fires off at one or two before he runs over to catch up with Nanako and the others now.


Shiori yelped, as she scrambled for momentum past the cascade of crustaceans. For a moment it looked like she would make it, after doing an acrobatic flip through the masses of waving claws gymnasts would be proud of, but /something/ slipped, and Shiori face planted hard onto the wet floor, coincidentally missing any lobsters, but sliding to a halt a short distance away.

"Frost-san," she mumbled, feeling the water formerly from the lobster tank soak through her clothes, "please dock Pixie-san's pay."

And then Minagi decided to roast some lobsters.

"S-Shimizu-san!" Shiori quickly scrambled back to her feet, adrenaline numbing the pain of the fall. "/Wait/, dammit! Oh…" She stumbled, dizzy, from getting up so quickly after an accidental fall. Okay, take stock of situation… Jack Frost not far away.

Without thinking, Shiori scooped him up, and staggered ahead after Nanako. "Nanako-chan! /Nanako-chan/! Wait up!"


"She's not one of my employees!" Frost-san wails. "I never hired a pink fairy!" Nanako makes an epic KID JUMP over the rapidly spreading puddle. She is menaced by some lobsters, but she manages to be fast enough to clear most of it! Everyone else is unfortunately not so lucky, and Nanako outpaces the group as Minagi sets the water on fire.

So now instead of lobsters and cold water being all over the floor, now there are clouds of steam (obscuring sight), boiling water all over the floor, and many /very pissed lobsters/. They begin assaulting Minagi en masse with their claw, pinching pinching! Riki fires at a couple, knocking them away… but the situation just got more complicated.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is why Nanako is always at Frost Junes.
Through danger and trouble,
even if doubled
Nanako is there to help
and pick up the rubble!

She skids in her sandals on the floor, then /books/ it after the pixie. "Stop in the name of law!" She yells.

Dojima would be proud.


"Oh to hell with this" Shirou growls, releasing his /own/ wave of fire before him, just barreling through the lobsters. "MINAGI! I'LL HEAL YOU LATER, THANKS FOR TANKING THEM!" He yells out, as he grabs Shiori's hand and drags her on after him.

"Man, I wish I had a spear… or a broom even… And she already has a Jack Frost plushie. Maybe King Frost next?"


Fuuka watches as Nanako gets further away and Shiori takes off after her. She is a bit distracted by… steam? and LOBSTERS! What the…. nice going there Minagi! Why are there so MANY of them?

Once this is over, there will be a lot of lobster dinners to be had. That is provided Minagi doesn't eat them all first. At the moment though Minagi needs their help. Fuuka goes back and attempts to pick off as many as she could but there are so many of them.

She can hear the announcement now…LOBSTER ATTACK IN SEAFOOD! REQUEST BACKUP!


The woman looks a little afraid at the slightly stiff movements of Aigis, but Aigis draws close and gives the woman a big o_ohug. Confused, the woman sort of gingerly gives Aigis a hug back. "Uh…. Thank you?" She says, as if she didn't just watch Aigis throw someone across the store.

Meanwhile, Nanako chases the Pixie to the door to the Manager's office. It was frozen shut (Frost-San's idea of a lock?), but it's been broken open somehow, and the pixie looks back to pop out, sticking her tongue out at Nanako! "Nyaaaah! You're not the boss of me! You want something, you gotta pay for it!" She pops inside and closes the door!

Nanako has a feeling about that door. Does she dare go inside?

Shirou lays on MOAR FIAR, scorching the floor as the water gets boiled away and the lobsters take critical damage from Not Screwing Around Mode. Fuuka's assists cause several lobsters to sort of staffer off and curl up.


"Why can't she stay at home and play that video game she won…" Shiori muttered, as she was dragged along by Shirou. She kept a firm but polite grip on Manager Frost, on the basis that she would probably want to revisit Frost Junes someday.

Why were they chasing the Pixie so frantically anyway? They knew more or less where she was going. They could just trap her in the office, or something.

Why was the Pixie heading towards Manager Frost's office anyway?

They pounded after Nanako, who had apparently gotten a door shut in her face. Will they be in time to convince Nanako that opening the door without backup was likely a bad idea?


"… mean little pixie! You are doing the things that makes Jack Frost cry, don't you?" Nanako accuses it, right as the door shuts in her face.

She takes one step backwards, tests the lock, then swivels and kicks it open while maintaining her distance.


Shiori blinked.

"Either your contractors made your doors out of styrofoam, Frost-san," she said, "or it's probably a good idea not to annoy Nanako-chan too much."


Aigis thinks Nanako is a very violent bitter girl.

Nevertheless, she continues to ignore Shiori except for one thing. She thinks 'Do not talk to my head again, please.' Aside from that, she pays the former SEES no mind at all. She does, however, guide the young woman to front of the store where, well, nobody is actually working so Aigis walks around the corner and, checking the internet for inforation on how to be a proper retail person, says, "Please set your inventory down and I will slide them across the scanner while the others are trashing the store."
She blinks twice. "Then I will provide the price to you. Please remember that every day is great at your Junes."


Having gotten the lobster situation seemingly under control, Fuuka continues the pursuit of Nanako… well.. and the pixie. As she arrives at the door it is shut in Nanako's face. She is about to tell Nanko NOT to open it when the little girl KICKS it open! She just stands there amazed for a minute while moving nearer to Shiori and Nanako. "Nice job Nanako-chan!" She laughs. Never underestimate someone by their size! Of course, the door could have just been weak but still that was pretty awesome.


Riki stares for a few moments. Seeing Nanako kicks the door open, Riki just reaches over for his glasses and straightens it. "Quite a kick there…" The young man continues to follow, though, occasionally looking back to see if Minagi faired off against the lobsters. ….Looks like the added assist of the others helped significantly.


Ho-Lee-Crap, Nanako just kicked a door in.

Shirou couldn't be more proud then if she was his own sister.

"Nanako, that was… wow. Great job!" He smiles, nodding at her just a bit. "Now… time to 'talk' to miss Pixie." He says, slipping into the office, grabbing the first thing he can…

And being this close to housewears, it happens to be a broom. The Universe /does/ have a sense of humor.

"Alright, freeze lady. Just stop this madness already… I'm /really/ tired of all this crap."


Shiori stopped just behind Shirou and his broom, setting Manager Frost down, and then resting against the doorway for a moment to catch her breath. "We're sorry about the damages," she said. "In our defense, most of it isn't our fault." Well, except for the blasts of fire Minagi and Shirou had unleashed in their attempt to make lobster thermidor.

"Nanako-chan?" Shiori looked around for the little girl, albeit one who had just kicked a door in. Had she been taking those lessons discussed before with Chie and Lisa? "Nanako-chan, are you all right?"


The woman sort of numbly does as requested. She's reached her limit of craziness. Maybe she WILL stop wearing the necklace; clearly it's bringing her SOME kind of fortune…

Nanako kicks the door open with a dramatic motion. Suddenly, camera switch to the inside, where bright light streams into the room…

Pan down, where Nanako is standing there just like Daddy. He probably would be proud… Except for the fact that she's in a situation where she is doing this at all.

The manager's room is a frosty wonderland. Icicles hang off the ceiling and it's really cold inside. It's also kind of a mess. Paperwork is everywhere. However, what's most important is that there is a pixie in pink and a man in a suit with a black ski mask trying to drag a bag out of the room at that moment.

"You led them right to us!" The man accuses. "Traitor!"

"Traitor? You're the traitor!" The pixie replies. "You were going to take it all for yourself!"



"Brrr." Nanako says almost automatically. "… hey, wait, what?"

She looks bewildered. Now is where Nanako cannot be the Littlest Dojima, now is where she is just a vulnerable little child.

"Shirou-san, Shiori-chan, whats' going on?" She asks, plaintively.


… Shirou just grunts, and rubs his temples.

"Okay okay /okay/. Drop whatever is in the bag, 'cause I hope that it isn't what I think it is." He /glares/ at Frost-sama for a second.

"So, yeah… Nanako-chan, please, stand back and keep safe. I believe they're thieves." he cracks his knuckles, and stares them down. "Things might get dangerous here." The cold barely affects him. Why?

But he's tapping into his hidden HOT BLOODED nature, taking up his broom and jabbing it menicingly at the pixie and her co-hort.

"…I am afraid you best explain yourselves…"


Behind Nanako and the others is the young inquisitive scientist, Riki. His eyes focus over towards the pixie in pink and the figure with the ski mask. His expression remains unchanging. Instead, he is moving closer towards the group, particular by Shirou's side. "This is getting even more interesting."


At first glance in the room Fuuka is a bit surprised but why should she be… this /was/ supposedly Frost-san's office after all. Looking at all the icecicles and such makes her feel cold. The general state of the office, other than the cold, doesn't phase her.

Stepping inside she sees the pink pixie first and then the man with the ski mask. She tries to use Lucia's abilities to hone in on some kind of resonance but there is some type of interference. It is… changing it or distorting it in some way. She looks puzzled and looks back to the group.

What was this man trying to steal? She trusts that the answers will come soon enough. "Guys, something is weird here with the resonance. Be careful and yes Nanako-chan stay back please! We will figure out what is going on!"


Aigis rings the young lady up, bags the goods, and then after taking payment, returns provides the young woman with the bags. "Thank you very much." She says, "Now please enjoy the rest of your evening. I must–" She pauses, considering. "–Please take care of yourself."

She turns and walks after the others, nimbly avoiding lobsters and the like (though she doesn't help Minagi in handling them, she seems to have them well in hand). She hopes the purchases made will prove to be helpful after all.


On the upside, since it was still only spring, Shiori was dressed for the weather, and the freezing temperatures only made her gasp in surprise, her breath fogging, rather than cause actual pain.

On the downside, Shiori's headache had returned in full force.

"Stay behind us, Nanako-chan," Shiori said slowly. "We'll keep you safe." With everything that had happened, Shiori had no idea if Nanako knew that her friends almost all had Personas. Probably best not to reveal that fact right now.

Besides, there was that… who /was/ that new person? Shiori vaguely remembered him from that ill-fated television show with Wang Long Chizuru, as one of the audience members. Had resonance. Still a stranger.

Which did mean that Shiori was pretty much only good for running away, in this case. And Fuuka was right; /something/ was distorting the resonances, and why did it seem so /familiar/…

Stupid headache.

Shiori kept close to Nanako, ready to grab the little girl on a moment's notice and run, away from what was aptly described as the scene of the crime.


The pixie looks indignant. "Hmph! You guys don't know anything! We're recovering… stolen goods!"

The Jack Frost cowers. "Noooooooooooooo-ho!"

The suited man straightens. "It's too bad! You kids think you're going to just bust in here? How is he going to put charges on me if he's won't even have a store in a couple days! Get out of our way, we're going to be leaving now!

Jack Frost shakes his head. "Nana-chan, they're taking my secret! If we lose that, we have to all leave!"

The man laughs. "Stupid! You're all going to be leaving anyway! Look at your employees! They're all going to leave you, and by the time you're done, no one will ever want to work for you again! You're going to be fired! And the best part! You don't even know who beat you!" As he points dramatically, a cell phone ringer goes off.

"Anata no! Televy ni!Jika-net Tanaka! Minna no, Yoku no tomo!"

The man blinks, and then reaches into his coat and answers his cell phone. "What? I'm BUSY right now… What? No, tell them to come back tomorrow!" He clicks off his phone, and then points. "YOU DIDN'T HEAR THAT! That was a private conversation! If you talk, I'll totally sue!"


… Nanako has a /good guess/ about what is in that bag. Does metal come in numerous quantities, Philemon?

"I'm /seven/." She says in that flat voice she can get at times. "How do you sue an underage child?"

The question is–

— can Nanako bull-rush and grab the bag and dive and roll with it? Oh, wait, was she supposed to behave?


"And, yeah… litigation, I /really/ don't care about. As under aged children, it'll go to our parents. And frankly, my father's an ass." He flinches. "Nanako, don't use this language in front of your father or brother, kay?"

Shirou steps up to the bat, boldly stepping towards the two, still waving his bat around. "Just drop it and run, before we get this security footage and plaster it all around the net. That'll just /tank/ your profits, won't it?"


"Tanaka-San. The game is up."

Aigis steps inside the room, carrying a pipe in her mouth that she borrowed from one of the shelves. "The crime has been solved. You sold Fortune Necklaces that you knew would disrupt the employees' ability to work here, you broke into the building and engaged in corporate espionage and subterfuge, along with outright theft."

She slams her hand into a nearby desk, accidentally punching her hand through it. She winces, pulls her hand out and says, "My apologies, I saw this in that courtroom drama."

She jams a finger at Tanaka, "If anybody is here who could be sued, it is you! Isn't that right, Frost-San!?"

She glances to Fuuka, as if to say 'how did I do?'


Shiori, mightily resisting the urge to pinch the bridge of her nose and have a good long lie-down, rummaged in her pockets, pulled out her cellphone, and flipped it open.

Holding it up, she snapped a picture of Allegedly-Not-Tanaka.

"What's in the bag, Frost-san?"


Fuuka speaks to Nanako, "Nanako-chan, don't worry. We will figure out what is going on here and help Frost-san." She reassures her.

Fuuka stares at the man, not really sure what is going on. She looks at Aigis seeing if she understood what was happening. Listening to Aigis speak though /she/ obviously had some idea though Fuuka was still a bit confused.

She smiles at Aigis. "Nice job, Aigis-chan!" Punching your hand through a desk… intimidation was usually a good tactic in these types of situations after all.


Tanaka, because it totally is Tanaka, reels in the face of the counter-threats and accusations. "W… What!?" He falls backwards, and this gives Nanako the opening she needs to be ACTION NANAKO. She leaps forwards, colliding with the bag. It falls out of his grip and hits the ground, tumbling with it…

And the bag falls open around the object, revealing… A cracked casing, complex technological attachments…

And a large, solid core of a shimmering silvery metal that glints green in the light. A good chunk of it has been shaved off (and there's a few bite marks), but it's still a chunk of cylindrical metal about 2 feet tall with a six-inch diameter, weighing in at about 30 pounds.

It's also very, very familiar. The core of the DVA System.

The pixie crosses her arms. "Well, I guess the jig is up. Don't be an idiot, Tanaka. They don't have nothin' on you."

Tanaka has a picture taken of himself with a ski mask on. He grimaces… And then an evil glint comes into his eye. He stands back up and shakes his head. "No, I don't think you're going to do that. And you know why, don't you? The necklaces don't affect /people/ at all. You're not going to take this to court, because if you do, you're going to have to reveal that fact to the courtroom… And the whole country." Tanaka sneers. "You can't stop me, because they don't own anything. And if you attack me… /YOU/ are the ones who will go to jail!"


The eyes drift towards Aigis as she goes over the crime that the individual did. He peers as she lady as she imitates a certain court room drama maneuver. Then, the small technological devices looks like it catches his attention, "….Now then, what is this…?" Riki is approaching the solid core… His hidden camera on his coat takes a nice picture of the device.

The Young Scientist now loses attention of the others, kneeling to see the strange device.
After all, the others have the deal with the perpetrator taken care of.




Nanako hits the ground with the casing, and the shimmering metal, and she sprawls half on top of it, and half on the ground itself. "Ooow." The seven year old grumbles, even as she looks at Tanaka and shrugs quietly as she keeps her arms stubbornly wrapped around the core. This thing isn't going anywhere without Nanako going with it.

"And we're all underage and could claim, um… um… I've heard daddy say this… defense?"


Fuuka watches a Nanako lunges for the bag. She cries out, "Nanako-chan!" and lunges protectively for the child. As the bag hits the ground with a THUD and it's content is spilled out, Nanako protectively clinging to it. She bends down, "Nanako-chan, are you okay?!"

She stares at it for a minute before hearing the rest of what the man is saying. Looking at Aigis once again, "So the necklaces don't affect people… b-but…. then…." She doesn't finish but looks concerned.


"No, but you're still breaking and entering into private property and oh no what is that thing doing here?" Shiori stared in horror at the DVA core. "Why do you even /want/ that thing?"

She rushed to Nanako's side, since Shiori had imagined the bag to contain something like secret documents or cash or such, and the thought of Nanako colliding with the very solid core of the DVA system painted lurid pictures in her mind. She carefully touched Nanako's shoulder, taking care not to nudge the core itself by accident. "Nanako-chan, are you all right?" Blink. "I think your daddy meant self-defence, Nanako-chan. But…"

"… Tanaka-san. We have eyewitness testimony that you may have cause injury to a /seven-year old girl/," Shiori emphasized the pertinent point with a flare of righteous anger, "in the midst of illegal entry. We don't /have/ to use the charges of the Fortune Necklaces. The scandal alone…"

Ow, headache. Was the core causing the pounding in Shiori's head? It felt like something in her brain wanted to burst free.


Shirou grins just a bit, and waves a finger at Tanaka. "That may be, but if you were to attempt to sue /us/ as well, wouldn't you have to make those same claims? Otherwise why would someone want to steal a large hunk a metal, even if it was stolen from one before hand? Face it… you don't have anything either!"

Okay that was a bold-faced bluff, but the logic /does/ seem sound. To him. And he didn't even hit the table himself. Man that would have been cool.

"N-nanako… Fuuka, please take care of her. And keep that bag /safe/"


Riki is observing everyone's reactions to the device. The hidden camera is taking pictures of these as well, from the commotion to the whole deal. The expression, however, does not change. His eyes drift towards the group, now keeping that camera hidden once more within his labcoat. That device is tolld in his mind, but he is listening for anything else in particular.

All what he knows? It seems to be a device that is worthy of being feared. Technology is wonderous. However, Riki furrows his eyebrow, "…Quite a bit of offenses, there."


"It seems that we are in a position of mutually assured destruction then, Tanaka-San." Aigis say slowly. She turns around, and closes the door, locking it. "Very well, we will have to create a mutually beneficial arrangement that you will be unable to sabotage." She says. "Our overall arching goal would be to simulate two economic structures rather than allowing one to triumph, a two-power system so to speak rather than a one-power system. In order to successfully create such a program, I imagine a deal could be made." She looks towards Nanako for a moment.

"You may not be aware, but these individuals have access to a wider variety of material than you see here. If you simply steal it, they will be unable to continue working. That is a fact. However."

She looks back to Tanaka. "They have access to more material to work from than this and you are unable to get to such material." She is referring to Mikage Cho. "If Frost-San is able to procure material, unique material you will be unable to find, they can sell these materials to you. Then you can use those materials to create unharmful, beneficial items that you can sell to many individuals. Your program's success is dependent on providing unusual items at limited supply. This store has employees capable of accessing those materials. However, if you destroy them, you will lose access to those materials as well and thus an additional supply of funds."

"Is forming such an arrangement acceptable to you, Tanaka-San? Would this encourage you to cease your hostilities?"

Aigis adds, as an afterthought, "Junes's strength, of course, is providing usual items in great quantity. Your businesses, in this fashion, should not be in danger to one another."


Shirou chuckles. "That… wow, good one Aigis." Go go Robo-brain!


Tanaka looks like he's about to argue again, when Trisk just sighs, eyerolling and tapping her foot impatiently in midair. "Okay, this is just getting silly. It's worth a lot of money, of course! Isn't that why people should do anything? But it's time to go! Come on, b-"

"Hold on." Tanaka says, holding up a hand. There is a glint as he looks at Aigis, ignoring the other continued threats. "So you say they can get more of the material? And others? And you want to set them up as a supplier of resources to me…"

Tanaka thinks. The pixie flutters over, looking slightly put out. "What, do you think these guys will actually produce? There's nothing /in/ Sumaru for them to work with! Without a steady supply of this stuff, they'll just go poof!"

Tanaka nods. "But that means they NEED to find more. This won't last forever. And if they can find more… They can supply anything they don't need for survival." Tanaka looks over to Aigis. "Who's going to negotiate rates? And where are they going to find more supplies of the materials? But seriously, either way Frost Junes is going to have to go. It can't last forever here, look at what they're doing to the store!" He pauses. "But even then they can still be productive… I'm willing to negotiate on this one."

The pixie suddenly kicks Tanaka in the back of the head. "Don't you DARE leave me out of this! I'm going to get a cut too! Otherwise your stupid ass would still be getting run around!"

Tanaka yells back, "HOW DARE YOU, YOU…" He pauses, and seems to deflate a bit as the pixie glares. "… fine."


Nanako huffs, but stays silent for now.


Fuuka simply watches Nanako and the Core while listening to the conversation. Not really having any input at the moment. Some of this goes over her head but the mention of the MA-347 earlier reminded her of Mitsuru's request so now that was a pressing thought in her mind. She would have to get on that assignment soon.


Despite her concern over Nanako, despite her splitting headache, and most certainly despite the cold penetrating into Shiori's wet clothes, she stared in awe at Tanaka. It took a certain amount of chutzpah to negotiate business terms right after being caught red-handed for breaking-and-entering.

She stifled a sneeze, and shivered. Still staying close to Nanako, who seemed determined to remain wrapped around the DVA core.


"I nominated Aigis to act as negotiator between Hammy Sellsalot here and Frost-sama. Shiori, let's get Nanako out of here…" hopefully with that hunk of metal too. He half hoped to just toss it out into the Japanese Sea and be done with it forever… but that's not how these stories go.

He walks on over to girl and core, and bodily hoists up both of them, using a bit of Cu Chulainn's strength to do so, and so far as no one stops him, heads for the door.


That is all that Riki needed. He got the information and the reactions drew curiosity. However, the unassuming young man is now turning away from the group. There is not much that needs to be said. As his hands dig into the pockets of the trenchcoat, he is exiting the hidden room and he is making his way off towards the exit of the shop.
Scooping the wrapped cake along one arm at the process, of course.


Shirou grunts, and tries to pry the core away from Nanako, and will hand it to Frost-sama. "I believe this is yours. Just make sure /everyone/ gets a taste, alright? No need to hog it all for yourself."

Nanako Dojima says grumpily, "Fine, but if the workers don't get happy again, then I'm going to be sad."


"That's how I was paying them." Frost-san admits. "It fell right out of the sky! BOOM! And then… I had the idea, hee-ho. But now…" He shrugs. "The big guy is right… We're going to eat it all eventually, hee-ho. What do whee do then?"


Shirou Sekigawa says, "If they don't get happy again, I'll be speaking to Frost-sama here /personally/… and then, we'll have to get you more. We know of… I guess two places to get it…""


If you dropped the DVA core into the Sea of Japan, the next enraged lobsters they came across might be able to fire back, Shirou.


Shiori looked dubious, staring at Tanaka for a moment, but when no further reprisal seemed forthcoming, gently took Nanako by the hand. "Come on, Nanako-chan. It's time to go home. I'm sure Frost-san will make sure everyone will be happy."

A glare at Manager Frost, spoiled slightly by her shivering in the cold. "Right, Frost-san?"


Nanako Dojima says, "Um… I think teacher said the old mines in Inaba had metal, this might be it…?"


Aigis has no idea how demons work, she thinks that's how they work but she can't be sure. She suspects they're pretty freaking bizarre is what she suspects. She hopes that encouraging demon capitalism isn't going to cause any problems down the line. But what's she going to do? Throw Nanako into lobsters?

"You may be correct, but ultimately everything physical is temporary." Aigis says. "I am certain the fine details can be worked out–" She glances to the pixie who seems to be pretty solid in this regard, "–But for now we have a deal? I do not believe the 'where' is important so long as they are capable of trading."

She looks to the Frost for a moment, cupping her chin.

"Perhaps there is an alternative, or perhaps more will have to be found. Perhaps there is a manner to fabricate it. I know a research company that would be interested in it, perhaps they can see if they can create a synthetic alternative. I do not know how long it would take or if it is possible at all, however that is my only idea besides finding an alternative food source"


The lobsters aren't interested in Nanako. They're currently em/broiled/ in a duel to the death with Minagi. "Tanaka nods. "Yes, we have a deal. We'll work out the specifics later."

The pixie nods. "Great! We'll be making even more money, now! But it's time to go! See you all later <3"

She then begins dragging Tanaka out of the office. Looks like negotiations are over for now.


If there was going to be another battle over the DVA, or a part thereof, in a basement of a Junes, Shiori was going to be quite cross.

For now she led Nanako out of the freezing office, wondering if Daddy Dojima was going to hunt down everyone involved in this fiasco. Having never actually met Daddy Dojima, Shiori tried and failed to get the mental picture of some sort of wrathful deity descending from upon high, yea, to lay down vengeance upon all who dared place his one and only child into peril.

After a brief silence, Shiori said weakly, "Nanako-chan, I think it'll probably be best if we kept this little adventure to ourselves."

Wrathful deity? Descending? Oh no.

Dojima kills you in your sleep.

"… even from big bro?" Nanako asks.

"… your big bro is fine," Shiori decided. "Probably."

"Mmm-kay." Nanako says, doubtfully.


Souji Seta says, "Oh man my fortune necklace is here." CHOMP. "Oh man my tummy. but at least my courage improved."


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