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You’re All In My Book Now June 29, 2010

Posted by tlynn2002 in Kasumi Horie (Former OC), TV Dungeon.
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A rescue team forms to try and save Kasumi from her own personal hell in the TV World. However, an unlikely opponent arises to hinder their progress.

Kasumi Horie [U] has posed.

After Kasumi did not show up at home for a couple of days her father began to worry. It was then that he called the police and her friends formed an investigation team of sorts. After visiting Fumihiko and speaking with a friend they were made aware of her visit to Inaba. Shortly after, an informant of sorts provided the personal item for Teddie as well as providing them with a startling fact from her past.

She has been missing for a week now. Time was running out until the fog lifted in the TV world and settled in their world. It was crucial that this team be efficient and quick. What secret is she hiding from them? What was so terrible in her past? Everything about her was going to be laid out before them. They would have no choice but to face it head on if they wanted to rescue her in time.

The team has gathered at the TV in the Junes Electronics Department. It was the best place and ensured that everyone met up together and entered at the some spot. Once they enter the TV, the fog is really thick and if they do not have special Teddie-approved goggles they will find it very hard to navigate through it.

Aigis [SEES] has posed.

Aigis sees Kasumi as a friend. She isn’t her best pal and she hasn’t known her as long as many of her other friends, but Kasumi had always seemed friendly and optimistic to her. Needless to say, when she had heard that her past was, well, pretty traumatic after all–she was surprised. She didn’t SEEM to have a past like that but, then again, not seeming to have that sort of past is probably the best sort of TV Fodder Fuel there is. Time was running out and though this is typically the KDA’s preview, Aigis called her pals and set up a time to investigate the television and, hopefully, find Kasumi. An official SEES job! With some KDA support. This is like reverse of how it normally goes.

Hopefully they can handle the dungeon without too much trouble.

Aigis is adjusting her glasses. “Teddie…?” She asks, if he’s around, “Were you able to sniff her out with our clues?” And because it’s Teddie, she adds, “I hope they were beary helpful.”

Straightfaced, as (almost) always.

Thora Kobayashi [KDA] has posed.

Time was always running out, wasn’t it?

Unclear on whether or not the rest of the KDA found out anything about the suicide disease, Thora was sorely tempted to just curl up in a bed and KO herself with sleep pills. However, there was another important and current case plaguing the KDA that could not wait. Not only that, Thora had a bit of a personal stake in it now. So here she is, even if she looks like death warmed over, in all of her large, brutish glory. Her own pair of glasses-square wire-frames-sit neatly upon her nose. One hand is clutched around a warhammer, this being one of the few times she actually has a weapon at the ready. The other clutches a pen that had belonged to Kasumi.

Quietly, she waits for her favorite BEAR IN THE TV to arrive, dimly aware of the number of SEES people that would likely be coming tonight. Kasumi was from Port Island after all.

Yoh Yamagatani [SEES] has posed.

Oh man, somehow, this has to be Yoh’s fault.

Kasumi got pulled in now? If only he had chosen to talk to her about it! Unfortunately he chose not to, feeling that even though she was in on the Persona stuff, not knowing about the TV world would keep her safe from it somehow. Unfortunately it seems liek the opposite was true, and now she needed help. For once, Yoh looked kinda disturbed and sad at the same time.

But when the call to help came, he answered it. He had to! He could have prevented this. Possibly. Still, guilt hits Yoh hard. he was wearing his usual outfit, with studded leather gauntlets that a scene-present Oni has made for him. Yoh follows Aigis closely, waiting for some orders or something. The teen looks towards his robo superior and says something that is very shocking!


He actually doesn’t say anything. This is obviously bugging him a good amount.

Aigis [SEES] has posed.

Oh no, Aigis wonders, is this a doppleganger?? A simulyohcrum?

She also seems worried by Thora’s state, but in an awkward sort of way, like–‘How can I approach this without noting that she looks like she has the plague?’.

Teddie [KDA] has posed.

Within the dark mists of the TV World lurks a fearsome predator. He has fearsome claws (when he remembers to put them on) and a mighty growl. Rar! And even worse… he has the scent of everyone who has come onto the stage! And.. uh oh! The sound of the mighty bear approaching can be heard!

Squeak squeak squeak!

“Hi, everyone!” A wide grin on his face, Teddie toddles out of the mist and lifts a paw to wave. “I’m here, and I have beary good news!” Wow, there’s a lot of people here! “I think I got a whiff of that girl’s scent! I should be able to lead the way… at least to the general area!”

Hinata Itoh [SEES] has posed.

Hinata was late to the party, her only warning having been noticing Kasumi missing from Gekkoukan the past few days. She had feared that something had gone wrong following the Persona game but what Aigis told her was much much worse. It was news enough to completely deflate the usually upbeat teenager. Somehow, Kasumi was inside the TV.

Hina had not been back inside there since that week when she nearly lost Ran and Shinjiro, all those months ago. She didn’t want to go back.

But like Yoh, she answered the call. It was a hard decision to make, and yet there wasn’t any decision to make. This was what she was in SEES for, why she still keeps her evoker. As hard as it would be to return, it would be much harder to lose Kasumi. So she went to Inaba with her teamates.

Only it seems that she’s somehow wound up in bizzaroland even before jumping through the TV. Thora looks like death warmed over, Yoh hasn’t said a word, and, well, at least Himeru and Aigis are their usual selves. And they picked up a Teddie! The sight of the fuzzy mascot cheered her up enough to put on a warm smile for him, her effusiveness, however, takes a back seat to the somber surroundings. For at least now. At least her blonde senpai gives her the opening to help warm things up a little more. She adjusts her sharp looking pink-trimmed glasses with a wink, “Thanks for all your help, Teddie! I wish we would’ve met in better circumsances, its been beary long since we last met!” Get it? ‘Beary’ long?

This might take a little work.

Mitsuru Kirijo [SEES] has posed.

Mitsuru has been in Inaba a handful of times, one of which included the time Ran and Shinjiro were thrown into the TV. But she never entered the TV world herself. She spent the entire time standing outside the TV trying to guide those who went in with her limited spotter senses. This would be her first journey in.

But then Aigis had mentioned to her that Kasumi Horie had ended up in the TV and she once again geared up for war, or at least a difficult battle ahead. Her rapier and her evoker are at her side. She should be working on a cure for this suicide diseases, and she is reminded of her duty again when she sees Himeru and Thora. But Kasumi was a kohai and one who looked up to her. And Mitsuru was never one who could readily turn away someone who came to her for advice and help.

She stands calmly by Aigis’s side with the rest of the SEES members and their allies. When Teddie appears, she bows to the small bear. All the bear puns.. go a little over her head. And she also blinks at the sight of all the glasses. She… will need a pair won’t she? “Hello Teddie-san. You can take us to her? Please do so, right away. Every minute counts doesn’t it?”

Himeru Namikawa [DS] has posed.

It was her second time in here. It was not terribly better than the first.

At least she was used to wearing glasses, Himeru thought. It was not so terribly different than when she was in class, save that these glasses were far more vital at seeing where she is or will be going. Part of her wonders how sturdy they are, but she certainly had no desire to experiment.

The wait was actually the only part she was mostly okay with. The sight of the wierd bear was as bizarre as the first time, but when he speaks of good news and having tracked down a general vicinity, she nods and agrees that these are as good as news could get. “Good.” was probably the first thing she said so far, the cloth cover slid off the sword scabbard and the weapon drawn, “Thank you for your help, Teddie-san.” is said in all politeness, before her grey eyes turn toward the crowd. “Let’s get to work then.”

Was there really any reason to chat more? She glances briefly toward Thora, nodding once before the ravenhaired girl moves next to the bear to take one position behind. It’s not the usual rear, but sometimes you need to be flexible. “Lead on.”

Kasumi Horie [U] has posed.

As the team follows Teddie, they will almost immediately come upon two paths. The first path leads to the left and is lined with flowers and green trees. Birds can be heard. It seems rather pleasant actually. However, there is a rather large chasm with a long wooden bridge that seems like it is falling apart. It would be impossible to cross it safely.

The second path leads to the right and the flowers are wilted and there are still trees but they are black. There are a lot of them making the path barely visible in spots. Very thick underbrush and low lying tree limbs will also make it extremely difficult to navigate. The only audible noises coming from the path are what sound like someone writing on a huge paper.

While the team progresses further down the approachable path, the fog lessens and the trees increase in number. It seems as though they are in a thick forest. To get through they will have to cut away the underbrush to make it safely through. Once all of the underbrush is cleared away the trees seem to grow larger and darker in front of them. The air around them is chilly.

Further in, there is a rather huge and wide cast iron fence, which is surrounded by the massively tall, dark trees which eerily loom over it. The gate is open for anyone to pass through and seems to be the only way to progress further. Just inside of the fence there is a stone walkway leading slightly upwards. There are numerous blackened flowers along the way. It is also covered in vines. While it is nothing like the underbrush leading up to the fence, the team will still have to tread very carefully. At the top of the lengthy walkway is a small quaint little cottage. Instead of a discernible door though there is the usual ominous black and red vortex.

Yoh Yamagatani [SEES] has posed.

Yoh just veers his gaze from Aigis and stares off into the yellow mist. Speaking of, man that stuff was thich. How were they going to find their way through all this? Yoh will find a way. So he can right the wrong he possibly did to Kasumi. Possibly. He cant help but wonder if it really is his fault. But if it isn’t why does he feel guilty?

He looks over to Hinata as she arrives and forces a smile momentarily. Likewise when he sees Thora through this mist. And the sight of Teddie would normally make Yoh be all like, ‘OH CRAP BADGUY?!?!1!’ But he didn’t feel like himself, so he just stares wide-eyed at it for a moment.

As more people arrive and the group is accounted for, Yoh just stands in the back, listening to the others. The sooner they leave, the sooner that Kasumi will be saved. The teen will merely follow the others silently for now, trying to peer through the yellow mist, with little luck at seeing much of anything.

Thora Kobayashi [KDA] has posed.

Hark, Thora hears a familiar noise! She also smells a /FAMILIAR SMELL/, that being of Kintoki-Douji, reminding Thora that she could now attach a resonance-scent to her favorite bear friend.

A faint smile appears on Thora’s face as she turns to the bear. “Hey Teddie.” Abruptly, she passes Kasumi’s pen to him. “Lead the way.”

With a faint grunt, she shoulders her massive hammer and follows. Yes, even Thora will cede the lead here. Once they finally reach the dungeon, though, golden eyes squint in the darkness and her calloused hands tear through the underbrush to get ahead.

She doesn’t say anything the whole while, knowing full well that Aigis and Himeru were likely giving her ‘why are you here and not sleeping’ looks. Upon presented with the split in the path, she squints at both choices, eyes narrowing at that precarious-looking bridge. “…we should avoid that path.”

Thora’s thoughts drift back to when she watched Tom Magusson’s TV dungeon as it was replayed on the TV. Notably, there was a point where Tom punched Shiori into the stratosphere (as it were). Later they recovered Shiori from a dungeon of her own. “Anyone that falls off that bridge into the mist could end up in their own hell.”

Aigis [SEES] has posed.

They better hurry, or they’ll bearly save her! Every minute sure does count!

Aigis wonders if maybe she thinks of bear puns too often. It’s not like she has furgotten that too many bear puns can be offputting, or too many puns in general, but she can’t help it. Perhaps she has let Ikutsuki near her brain too many times. Oops. CPU.

“Great, thanks Teddie!” She beams–be still, her beating heart! Teddie cannot be held by one woman, but must be shared between all the honeys!

She walks along. Paths. Flowers, trees, and birds! What a nice TV Dungeon. Sort of reminded her of Shion’s hedgemaze. Well, actually–Aigis looks at the hugeass trees. Maybe–maybe this isn’t so nice after all.

Oh and a red and black vortex of doom, that’s not very swank either.

She walks towards the cottage.

“I think it is in here–” She say, glancing back. “…Is that right, Teddie?”

Teddie [KDA] has posed.

People are being so formal today! Well, it is nice when everyone treats him like he’s special… so Teddie doesn’t mind too much. “Wow! I didn’t expect so many of you to come out to help.” Usually it’s just four! Or sometimes even three… “D..don’t worry! Teddie won’t steer you wrong!” Hinata is given a wide grin. “Hina-chan! It’s okay! We’ll just have to save her really really fast and then we can do more fun stuff!” Like ‘anything but be attacked by Shadows.’

The pen is taken and Teddie brings it to his nose. “Thanks, Thora-chan!” It isn’t just the fact that it’s an item owned by Kasumi… it’s more that it’s something that tells a good bit about her as a person. A writer… The bear sniffs several times at the pen, ears twitching… “This narrows it down even more! Let’s go!” He takes a few squeaking steps away before pausing. Sloooowly he turns around and squints at Mitsuru.

“Wait.. wait! We can’t go yet! Mitsu-chan doesn’t have glasses!” Quickly turning around, he begins fussing with… something, and pulls out a pair of glasses. “Here! These should help.. you’ll get lost without them!” There seems to be someone -else- without glasses here as well, and Teddie looks toward Yoh. “Hmm…” After a moment, he offers a pair to the boy as well!

“Mitsu-chan and Hime-chan are right! Let’s get going!” And squeak squeak squeak he goes, all the way down the path! When he gets to the fork, he looks longingly toward that nice field… then points toward the spookier path. “This way.” Big trees… and a cottage with strange sounds coming from it. “You’re right, Aigis-chan. This is it… she’s in there!”

Hinata Itoh [SEES] has posed.

“Sounds like a, uh,” Crap she used ‘beary’ already. “Good idea, Teddie!” Oh no! Hinata ran out of puns! This is beary bad news indeed!

It really does look like a nice peaceful TV dungeon. Maybe too peaceful. It can’t be that easy, and, of course, its not. Hinata eyes the rickety bridge, tilting up her fedora with the tip of her bat. She remembers what Aigis did to Entropy’s elevators. “Yeahhhhh, I think we’ll skip that one.” At least until they come back with jetpacks.

The path less taken is apparently never taken, as it starts to vanish beneath the underbrush. Throw in looming darkened trees and she’s starting to wonder if there will be hockey-masked shadows jumping out at them. At least Teddie’s there, otherwise she’d be both mildly spooked as well as more than mildly gloomy thanks to her compatriots. It wasn’t going to be fun, but did it have to be this… well… depressing? They’re here for a rescue, not a funeral!

Hina had taken position up near the front, finds herself having to fall back as blunt instruments are lousy at clearing brush. Now her list is up to jetpacks and lawn trimmers. “Does anyone else hear that… scribbling?”

And then its the cottage, with the ominous entrance waiting for them all. The trek had drained her of her cheer, she was running on pure courage now. Well, that, and the need to get the hell out of this haunted forest. “I don’t think a warm fire and hot cocoa is going to be waiting for us in there.”

Mitsuru Kirijo [SEES] has posed.

So this is what the TV world looks like.. well it doesn’t look like much at the moment except thick fog everywhere until Teddie approaches her with… a pair of glasses. She squints at the glasses. Spring-loaded google-eyes and… she simply slips them on as everyone else appears to be wearing glasses as well. She looks particularly silly in these glasses but she tries to keep moving.

It is a little difficult to see out of these glasses due to the narrow viewpoint the google-eyes provide, but she doesn’t complain. If anything, the red haired woman seems to wear them with all the grace and dignity that one would afford a much more serious looking pair.

She takes a glance at her surroundings now and then frowns slightly, murmuring to herself. “So this is what the TV world looks like…” She has to wonder at the dichotomy between life and death that Kasumi’s world is presenting her. “Hmm?” She looks to Thora, one eye suddenly going ‘SPROING’ at the turn when Thora mentions that they should avoid the bridge. “Any particular reas- ah..” The cottage path is the correct one it seems.

She keeps going until the party reaches the cottage. By the time they arrive, she’s already reloaded the eye back into it’s socket and stands calmly at the doorway. “Mmmm.. you’re right Itoh-san, a warm welcome is probably not what is waiting for us there.” She looks over her shoulder to make sure everyone is still in place and she tries to extend her meager spotter tenses to see what lies beyond the portal.

Himeru Namikawa [DS] has posed.

If the scenery was really normal, she’d be worried. The fact that they’re in an idyllic forest was actually doing a number on Himeru’s nerves, she kept expecting ambushes and such. “It’s too…nice.” she voices, the sword blade trailing low.

The broken bridge and chasm is a bit of a sudden change but such changes are apparently rather common in here. They can’t cross, and the only road leads into an almost more calming dead field. ‘The things she lost and hides behind smiles.’ she finds herself thinking but her stride makes it apparent that she likes THIS better. The fog thinning however…

A gated domain is revealed. At least it’s not a castle. “You are correct, Hinata-chan, there is a strange noise. If there is a vampire in here, I am prepared.” so says the Gekkoukan student. Her tone makes it unclear if she is serious or not. “But if her psyche likes sparkly vampires, I am unsure if I can forgive Kasumi-chan.”

She’s…joking, right? She doesn’t LOOK like it however.

Kasumi Horie [U] has posed.

Through the vortex there is a long hallway and on the walls of the hallway are pictures. The photos show all ages of the family. Upon closer inspection the team will notice that the older man in the picture is Fumihiko, Kasumi’s father. Anyone who has been at the bookstore or in the investigation would easily recognize him. There is a woman in the pictures as well as another boy. Kasumi is not in any of the pictures. The very last photo is that of Fumihiko, alone.

Looking around the hallway the feeling may be odd. The house appeared as something out of a storybook on the outside but inside it appears like a typical Japanese house. Even by just looking in the hallway there are electrical plugs and it feels more modern.

The further down the hallway the team gets the dark it becomes. The walls give a feeling of closing in around the group. At the end of the hallway is a wooden door with a small light illuminating it. The door is just a normal door and will allow the team to enter without incident.

Almost immediately after the group enters the next room a loud voice rings out, “I see my readers have arrived but oh no this wont do! No, this wont do at all! The book isnt even /finished/ yet! Come back later!” The voice is silent for a minute. “Hmmm…. but wait… I could use you to write my story. Yessss! That would work!”

Yoh Yamagatani [SEES] has posed.

Yoh follows everyone until, surprisingly, the little bear shaped fellow walks up to him and hands him glasses! Well that was nice of… he? She? It? Looks too small to be a person. Midget maybe? The teen accepts them and smiles weakly. “Thank you,” he says politely. After looking at others wearing glasses as well, he decides to put them on. And whoa! He sees why too! Most of the mist just vanishes when seen through the lenses. Some remains, but not enough to obscure peoples’ path anymore.

Unfortunately for Yoh, Teddie has done the un-bear-able! Apparently very goofy eyes are painted on the glasses outside, and Yoh cannot see them while wearing the glasses. Oh har har, Teddie.

Yoh does see the silly pair Mitsuru is wearing. Heh, who would wear that? THIS IS SILLY. The teen doesn’t seem to mind the brush, creepy looking surroundings, or the ominous portal. His mind is set on making this up to Kasumi. Yoh looks from team mate to team mate, as if wanting to say something, but can’t bring the words to surface. This wasn’t like him. What was bothering him?

Going forward, yet staying behind everyone else, Yoh hears the voice and can only hope that is Kasumi. One step closer to getting her out of here! Yoh seemingly lights up for a moment.

Thora Kobayashi [KDA] has posed.

Thanks to Daisuke running his big mouth (for several thousand yen of Himeru’s) not to long ago, Thora has her suspicions about what this dichotomy is all about. “See this one time…” Thora starts to explain to Mitsuru, trying to keep a straight face in light of her eyewear. She does a good job until one of the eyes just randomly pops out and dangles in front of Mitsuru’s face. Unable to help herself, Thora let’s out a laugh that eventually devolves into coughing and gasping for air. She pauses for a moment to catch her breath.

She looks just a little more miserable after that fit. Wordlessly, she carries on, occupying herself with the photos. In a stark contrast from Kasumi’s house, she’s in /none/ of them while the rest of her mystery family is prominently displayed. Creeping along, Thora keeps vigilante for incoming Shadows, pausing as she hears The Shadow speaking. Afterwards, though, she takes a second to elbow Yoh.

“Why the hell are you so quiet? Did you catch the plague too or something?”

Aigis [SEES] has posed.

The plague, the plague!

Aigis decides to stop worrying about puns and to start thinking about real life consequences. For Kasumi. She walks through the home, glancing about, keeping her expression blank. Fumihiko, she thinks, well this is certainly her dungeon. She does not immediately think much of the lack of Kasumi in the photos. Any number of reasons are possible, including ‘that’s just how the dungeon works’. She hasn’t been in one quite like this, before. A storybook house. It sort of makes her think of


–huh what did it make her think of? Aigis can’t remember. Something slimy no doubt. She stops, fully, upon the voice, listens to it, and then frowns–

“–Kasumi-Chan? Where are you?” Sure, it’s the Shadow, but if it answers maybe they’ll be able to find her!

All this talk about the plague is most unsettling.

Hinata Itoh [SEES] has posed.

Hinata is biting hard on her own lip not to bust out in a gut laugh at Mitsuru and Yoh’s choice of eyewear. Its even worse when the spring-loaded eyes seem to have their own sense of comedic timing. Its at that point that she spun around and giggled away into a balled fist. This is no laughing matter! Besides, it could be worse: Minato wound up with a snorkel.

The change of scenery once inside is notable, she had been expecting Little Cottage of Horrors and not Kasumi’s actual house. There is, however, something amiss and it takes a couple glances at the photos on the wall before she too pauses before one. A moment of quiet, and then her fingers trace the space about the lonely Fumihiko. “‘You are so lucky to have your sisters,'” she whispers. “‘To be honest, I don’t have any family and not many friends either.'”

The party gets ahead of her, and its a quick trot before she joins everyone in the next room. Just in time for the narrator to present herself. Her first instinct is to correct Aigis, but then again the Shadow is a part of one’s self and blah blah blah. More important details to take care of. “Stay sharp, we’ve got a Writer On Board!”

And then to Thora and Yoh, a little quieter, “I think this is his first time here since, uh, yeah. C’mon, Yoh, you can do it! We’ve got your back!”

Mitsuru Kirijo [SEES] has posed.

When the girls start giggling about the eye, Mitsuru frowns a little. Yes she feels a little silly about wearing these glasses, but if wearing them will help Kasumi, she can swallow a measure of her pride. Or perhaps it is her pride that keeps her removing them and say to hell with the consequences. Regardless, she will continue to wear them until Teddie tells her otherwise. So there.

But she does pause before entering the cottage to blink at Himeru, “Sparkling vampires… why would vampires…?” It is obvious that the ojou doesn’t read /those/ kinds of books.

But as they enter the house, the young woman cannot help but peer at the photos that pepper the walls. They could provide some sort of interesting and unique insight. And they do. The distinctive lack of Kasumi in any of them tells her a little something about the delicate nature of the younger girl’s mental placement when it comes to her family. She believes herself non-existent. An outsider looking in.

Her ears perk at the sound of a voice. Readers? Stories… Her head tilts slightly and she rests her hand on the hilt of her rapier, “We are no characters of yours I am afraid.” She pauses, “But I do have to say, this seems a bit.. cliché doesn’t it? A band of adventures in search of their friend and run into the witch’s cottage? Clearly you could be more creative than that.”

Himeru Namikawa [DS] has posed.

A forest and now a hall? Trying to make sense from an engineering perspective of this place was clearly a lost cause, but then would her own mind make more sense? Himeru doubted it. If anything, the relative peace was getting kind of unnerving, even as they see some pictures…and a progression. Her eyes squint briefly as she sees the pattern, but remains silent.

Thora’s bizarre laughter draws a brief glance, but she prefers not to ask when she looks just worse for wear. The comment toward Yoh is not really something she can judge on and neither is Mitsuru’s set of glasses. It makes her glad she kept the pair from last time…

“Use…?” the first person they find, and it’s hardly saying anything she finds very pleasant. “Their inability to absorb the sun’s rays from their undead skin cell makes them reflective to light. Rather than, as common vampires do, burn and die in atrocious suffering.” she actually answers, before adding “Or something like that.” as in truth Hime was not entirely sure why.

She bites back any remarks when Mitsuru sermons the girl for a lack of imagination, but does mumble “If you piss off the writer, Kirijo-sempai, she might just write that rocks fall on us out of spite.” at a faint whispered tone.

Teddie [KDA] has posed.

There is a time and a place for being serious. Teddie is always serious when it comes to important things like saving someone from Shadows! Just… glasses gags were also very important. They made people laugh and appreciate him more! When the voice echoes through the room, the bear looks up, eyes wide. “Write? But I can barely text!” He flails one of his paws in the air. “And I’m so bad at spelling and there are always those squiggly red lines everywhere and I get so confuuuuused!” Both hands come up, gripping the side of his head.

But wait, he’s not alone! And some of his friends here seemed to be really smart. So maybe he’ll be okay… “I don’t mind cliché! It means we have an idea of what to expect. Just make sure not to make her Shadow angry!” As he turns toward Himeru, Teddie’s eyes are suddenly wide and his mouth gaping. “Y.. you really think she can -do- that? That’s scary!” As he looks up, his expression returns to normal, but he seems -very- intent on searching the ceiling for any signs of falling rocks.

Kasumi Horie [U] has posed.

The room they entered is covered with a black and white tiled floor. However, despite the odd looking floor, the room appears to be a bedroom of a young girl. There is a small TV in the corner of the room. Also there is a child-like princess bed and in the middle of the bed is a small pink teddy bear. Around the room are various bookshelves and toys. On the walls are awards and certificates. Upon closer inspection they will notice the awards are for writing but the name is so faded it wont be discernible.

Near the bed, is a desk with a princess lamp, and sitting in the chair is Shadow Kasumi. She is wearing a black and white outfit. She looks up at the team and grins. “Hello there! Are you going to help me write my novel? Lets continue…” Looking back down at the paper on the desk her voice changes and her writing speeds up…

“Deep in the woods is the Grandmothers house…” She pauses. No, no that isnt right. I dont like how that draaaaags out. Its rather boring. I always thought I could write this much better” Her eyes are fixed on the group again and she frowns, “Those outfits will /not/ work with my story.” She resumes writing as the groups outfits change. They are no longer wearing their normal clothing but are now dressed as characters from fairy tales, even Teddie is more… fairytale-ish looking now. Returning her focus to the paper she writes even faster but no longer is audibly dictating.

Then a very soft, distant voice rings out from somewhere beyond the room, “They always had things so easy in their world. I wanted my life to be like that…”

Yoh Yamagatani [SEES] has posed.

Yoh seems to remain in his reverie for a time more, before talked to by Hinata and Thora, two of his good friends. He manages to put on a smile, an unforced one at that. He looks at them both through the glasses, a worried look on his face. Though it is offset by the one-way made crossed eyes on his glasses. “I uh… I’m fine with being here and all. To be honest I have been training for it. just it is /who/ we are saving that bugs me.” He pauses for a moment. “Just, I didn’t tell her about this place to try and protect her from it, but it seems like, well,… uh, it’s nothing. I’m fine. We should continue.”

The boy will speed up his walking some to attempt to get away from the pair for now. He will talk to them both more when he isn’t so frustrated at, hm. Was it himself? Or just that this place exists and Kasumi got stuck here?

And of course, Shadow Kasumi comes into view. This nearly sets Yoh off as he asserts himself to the side of the group, just ready for the word to absolutely go batshit out the freaking belfry. Though it has to be hard to take Yoh seriously with cross eyed glasses. But then… wait, what is wrong with his outfit? It begins to sparkle and then it changes!

A moment later, Yoh finds himself dressed in a… a green tuxedo? Wait no. It wasn’t a tuxedo. A green outfit to be sure, along with a strange top hat with a four leaf clover and a wooden cane. What is this? THIS IS INCREDIBLY SILLY NOW. “Okay, not funny,” Yoh says, trying to pull off the hat, but it seems glued to his head or something. Also where did his expensive basketball shoes go?! He has some sort of blacktops on now with stupid socks. Oh man if he doesn’t gonna get his favorite kicks back he is going to kill someone.

Aigis [SEES] has posed.

Aigis looks around the room. Black and white. THIS SURE IS FAMILIAR NO IT’S NOT THE EELS THE EELS but she supposes there is little room to argue. Even if the trappings are a little similar, it’s quite different in terms of the apparent issues. Not that she’s REALLY one to gibber gabber about it. She smiles faintly.

“I’m sorry.” She says, quietly. “But we are here for the other Kasumi.” She looks up and about before adding, “There is no need to make this trouble is there? We’re friends?”

“Yes?” Smile. Smile??

Thora Kobayashi [KDA] has posed.

Hinata speaks up, pointing out that this was the first time Yoh’s been in the TV since, well, he was thrown in there. Thora’s…actually a little surprised, she hadn’t expected him to still be down by that experience. Maybe having his dirty laundry aired like that really hurt. But…Yoh refutes all of this, indicating that Kasumi being in here was the real problem. Thora turns to him and lifts a hand, squeezing his shoulder. “…hate to say it but…that’s something you have to get used to, Yamagatani. You’re gonna have to start bein’ a lot more careful around normies. You were good not to tell her about it though.”

Stepping onto the tiled floor gives Thora the willies suddenly as a wave of paranoia strikes her. Those astute would notice her trying to step on the white tiles only as if she’s expecting some kind of horrible trap in here! She spots that Shadow, but sees no real Kasumi in sight, which is not good. About to comment on this, she’s suddenly cut off by a wardrobe change.

In an instant her braids have unraveled, Thora’s long blonde hair suddenly springing into thick, tight curls. What was previously a Yasogami uniform becomes a baby-blue ruffled dress with petticoats and all, making Thora tilt and nearly fall over at the sudden added weight. Thora looks mildly horrified.

Hinata Itoh [SEES] has posed.

Thora has Yoh covered, so Hinata can tend to more immediate matters. Teddie won’t be the only one scanning the ceiling. Great plan, Himeru, give the Shadow ideas! Now we’re all gonna have to run for our lives like Indiana Jones! Fortunately, there are no incoming boulders, which has the ponytailed girl quietly relieved, No, there are incoming authors instead. “Ahh!” SHE WAS THERE WITH THEM ALL ALONG.

And seriously what’s with the checkerboard flooring and why is Thora playing hopscotch on them. Hina fails that genre-savvy roll, simply stepping forward with a curious glance at whatever the Shadow may be writing on. Or would’ve except for Aigis. ‘Other Kasumi?’ “Senpai, we don’t want to anger the Shadow, uh, hey wait, this outfit-”


In the first instant, she notices that everyone’s wearing something different. The next, her own clothing suddenly got a lot heavier. Probably because its no longer her modified Gekkoukan outfit but now a big poofy white dress with a matching oversized white crown that is starting to droop forward on her now ponytail-free head. “What the- H-Hey. HEY.”

Fedora, gift from Nee-san: Missing.
Hairclip, gift from Nee-chan: Missing.
Bat, gift from Akatsuki-senpai: Missing.
Oh, and her Ichiro jersey? Missing.

The Shadow messed with her Ichiro jersey.

Cute stock footage of an atomic bomb explosion.

“‘scuse me,” White Queen Hinata grunts, rolling up poofy sleeves, eyes burning holes in the back of the Shadow’s head. “Someone needs an editor /badly/.”

Teddie [KDA] has posed.

“Ooh! This room looks so nice and not dangerous at all! I think I like it here.” There don’t appear to be any rocks in the ceiling, unless… unless stepping on the wrong color tile triggers a sudden avalanche of princess lace! Teddie freezes for a moment and looks down at the tiles, deep in thought. It could be a trap. This Shadow is a writer, so the black could represent ink, so that must obviously be the trigger! But… then again, the white could be blank paper, which is also bad! All this thought goes through Teddie’s mind until he begins to wobble unsteadily. “Aaaaa…” That about sums up his thoughts. Finally, he resorts to the best method of making decisions! “Eenie meenie miney moe.. this bear picks… the bear tile!” And with a mighty leap, he lands on a white tile! Nothing happens, so he raises both his hands triumphantly!

And then everyone–except Thora, who appears to have the same idea as Teddie–seems to be able to walk over all the tiles just fine. Shifting his weight, Teddie slowly lowers his arms. “I was just… being sure there weren’t Shadows hiding in here!” Phwew. They’re sure to buy that!

When the Shadow begins to narrate, though, Teddie tilts his head curiously. “She’s doing something. It’s…” A look of surprise comes to Teddie’s face as he feels himself… changing. He’s already pretty fanciful to begin with, being a large bipedal bear…ish… thing. But that seems to have changed! Instead of the red and white suit he usually wears, Teddie is now in pure shining white, complete with ruffles just below his zipper and along his wrists. At his waist is a belt, with a rapier attached, and his usual tuft of fur that sticks straight up from his head is neatly styled, down over his forehead in a spit curl. On top of that, a fancy had rests between his ears, with a large feather sticking up from one side. “Wh.. what…” Arms held out to the side, Teddie tries to see what’s become of himself! “I.. oh!” He puffs up, placing one paw against his chest. “Never fear! Prince Teddie will save the day! Oooh… if only Yuki-chan and Chie-chan were here to see this!” Wait, is his voice deeper?

Mitsuru Kirijo [SEES] has posed.

Mitsuru pauses, “… Rocks falling from the ceiling?” She blinks at Himeru and then frowns before looking upwards. “I will keep your warning in mind Namikawa-san.”

When the floor changes, Mitsuru looks at Teddie and Thora both with an odd expression. They are.. skipping tiles? She wonders why and ends up just simply striding across. Albeit carefully. Her spring loaded eyes seem content to stay in place at the moment as the small party approaches the bedroom and a girl looking like Kasumi is sitting there in rather.. Victorian clothing.

She frowns slightly, sensing the pure chaos of Shadow coming from the girl and she has to wonder. Where is the real Kasumi? Or was she already consumed..? For the sake of the girl from Port Island, the red haired ojou hopes that is not the case. But as others suddenly ‘pop’ into fairy tale dress, Mitsuru feels a rather heavy weight upon her shoulder. “You wanted to write a fairy tale..?” Her voice echoes and she lifts her hand, only to find that she’s dressed in a long grey skirt and a simple white blouse. A child’s outfit and what’s this.. weight on her shoulders and over her head? It’s a wolf-fur lined red hooded cape. “…” The ojou is not amused.

“Fairy tales are dark and terrifying things Horie-san,” she tries to say gently. “They were stories originally designed to scare and frighten. To make life seem so much better…”

Kasumi Horie [U] has posed.

Shadow Kasumi looks at Aigis, “Friends?” She smiles eerily at the robot but suddenly there is movement behind the group. A young man comes running out crying and being chased by an army of sorts. This army is reminiscent of a pack of cards, but rather than playing cards, they are tarot cards. Shadow Kasumi turns around and yells, “Off with his head!” Then she laughs and quietly says to herself, “Yes, yes that sounds splendid!”

As the army continues to pursue the boy, Shadow Kasumi furiously writes. Finally the army catches up to him and has him cornered. As they begin to mercilessly poke and prod at the boy he cries out to the rescue squad. “Help me! Don’t let them get me!” He is already showing the signs of bruises and small cuts and scrapes. He looks pitiful but if they try to get too close to him though the army blocks their path.

Shadow Kasumi stops her writing for a minute, “No! Don’t help him! Don’t you know what he /did/ to me! He is the villain of my story and you /never/ ever help the villain!” At that moment she resumes writing and a horrible scream fills the air from behind them.

The young man is now bent over double and begins pleading with the group. Even though he appears to be an older teenager his voice is rather child-like, Please help me! Its not true. Don’t listen to her! I am the victim here!”

Shadow Kasumi begins speaking louder, while still sitting at the desk, “Don’t lie to them! This is /my/ story. I saw everything! I /know/ what you did to her! What you did to us!”

At this point, the card army turns on the group. The leader of the army hurls spears at the group, while others toss chains and more at the rescue team. Their sheer numbers may be a bit overwhelming but they will be easily defeated.

The very distant voice rings out again…”Its my fault she’s not here anymore…”

Aigis [SEES] has posed.

Aigis hasn’t noticed that her clothes have changed yet. This is because she is normally naked. She is now, in fact, more dressed than she was before. Though this might not be WEIRD precisely, it isn’t until she hears the CLANK.

Looks like Aigis is now wearing a suit of armor. She raises a synthetic eyebrow, hops a little, and then…this is the scary part…/giggles/.

“I’m a knight!” She says happily. “Well–an illusory one, I suppose.” Hop hop clank clank. “Gosh, I hope I get to keep it–”

She glances to Hinata who, in one breath says not to anger the Shadow and then in the next is trying to anger the Shadow.

“Shadows are not to be capitulated to.” She says. There is no way that Thora is wearing a baby blue ruffled dress with petticoats and all, as that is an impossible scenario that would not exist in this or any world, so Aigis assumes her visual software is glitching. She has seen a lot of weird outfits in her time.

Spears slam into Aigis’s body. She jolts, but remains standing. She examines the young man thoughtfully for a moment and MAKES A MORAL CHOICE.

Actually no she doesn’t, she already made this moral choice several episodes ago. She says, “I am sorry, but even if he hurt you, I cannot allow you to kill him because you will hurt yourself more.”

She runs off, towards the cards–intending to slam through them and buy the boy some space.

Yoh Yamagatani [SEES] has posed.

Yoh looks himself over, eye twitching. His good shoes are GONE. Those cost a lot of fundraising to buy! “…Why am I dressed like a leprechaun,” Yoh states, his sadness turning into a good deal of irritation. He turns around and… at least see it isn’t just him. After a moment of looking, he notices even his gauntlets are gone that Thora made him! Oh right. Damnit all, they are technically clothing. Well, didn’t matter! His fists were deadly weapons! Who needs something equipped in the weapon slot to kick a little butt? Not Yoh. The teen attempts to talk more but apparently since the last time a pipe had appeared in his mouth and garbled his speech until he adjusts it and blows… apparently bubbles out of it.

And then a scene plays out, where someone gets attacked by cards. Rather painfully too. There has to be something they can do. Oh right, he can! “Finally, some action!” Yoh says, the fiery passion of fighting setting his spirit aflame, or some other corny battle and inner strength metaphor being inserted here. “Let’s get this over with!” Yoh says as he follows Seravee Aigis into the fray.

Himeru Namikawa [DS] has posed.

“Maybe.” she can’t say one way or another, regarding the strange bear’s query. Will they find out? Hopefully not.

The narration is always a little surprising, it was never entirely expected in the last time and it makes Himeru jump briefly again. And that jump feels hampered, as…she’s wearing a dress? A fairly long one at that, sky-blueish. She’s also wearing rather unfashionable socks and uncomfortable heeled shoes of a reddish tint, how strange. At least her sword is still within her grip.

“This is rather inconvenient.” is the nicest way to put it. She had armored clothing for crap sake, not something so flimsy. “You do know that fairy tales can be seen as metaphors too.” she does quip, but when someone is being chased and yelling all the way, she turns to see…

She doesn’t get to see the boy’s face, but as the Shadow calls him a ‘villain’ she has a sinking feeling. And as the Shadow speaks it only sinks further.

“He cannot be made to apologize and repent if he is dead. I cannot comply with that request, Horie-san. Death is the easy way out.” is her answer, as soldiers come toward them. She kicks the air, letting a shoe fly to hit one in the ‘face’, the second one following but unfortunately the heels don’t click together. It’s not like Himeru said the magic words in any case. The sword is then brought to bear, and flipped to use the back side in a slash?

Well, a Sakaba is reverse-edged, and clearly the young girl is willing to use lethal force against card presumed-shadows.

Hinata Itoh [SEES] has posed.

The change of voice is enough to avert her fury and give Hinata paws. She tries spinning around, finds that whatever new footwear she has is so not as balanced as her sneakers, and nearly topples over with a “Whoa!” There’s none of that here, however, and she finally lays eyes on… The Hero Of Our Story? “… I don’t think your voice is the only thing that dropped, Teddie.

Clang? Oh, there’s more than one hero here, of course! “Damn straight,” she nods, which further hampers her crown’s war against gravity, sliding it a bit further down her forehead. Her baseball helmets never were this troublesome! Now where was she, oh right, about to go re-write a story.

A story that’s already running past her. With card shaped bodies and sharp pointy spears. Again, there’s no moral choice here. There’s a moment of wondering just who this guy is and where he came from – was he chucked into the TV too? She’ll figure that out later. Right now, its clobbering time!

With a scepter. White Queen Hina glances at it with a wrinkle of her nose. “I hate the TV World so much.” And she’s off and after her knight in shining Aigis. Well, walking after her. Lewis Carroll’s dress designs suck so much. Any card people that get past the android, however, are so going to get line drived in their gut! “Hatehatehatehate-”

Thora Kobayashi [KDA] has posed.

Thora doesn’t stop looking horrified anytime soon either. “HEY!” She shouts at Shadow Kasumi, “Can’t you write me into something better-looking? This is awful! Everyone else at least looks /good/! Especially Aigis!” Yes, on top of being horrified, Thora’s also pretty embarrassed. She’s fortunate enough to still have her war hammer in hand but what good would that do when she has trouble moving?

Thora’s sinking feelings over the boy’s identity are probably very similar to Thora’s right now. The large girl struggles to get a glimpse of his face-as well as struggles to advance. “Easy way out…” she repeats suddenly, her voice sounding distant, eyes slightly glassy.

No, no no, she didn’t need to feel this now! And yet she falters and slows. “C’mere…” she growls, lifting her hammer high over a tarot card soldier-the Judgement card in fact.

Aigis [SEES] has posed.

“Why don’t you just take it off?” Aigis asks, mid-drama. Humans.

Mitsuru Kirijo [SEES] has posed.

The sound of marching puts Mitsuru on alert and she reaches for her rapier.. only to find that it’s been replaced with.. a hunter’s knife? She looks a little confused at her weapon. And then Aigis clanking about. She looks up at the knight and can’t help but smile when she giggles. She won’t make any promises about ‘keeping’ the armor though.

But then the army of cards appear chasing a young man and Mitsuru thinks to herself, this is no fairy tale. This is some terrible twisted Alice in Wonderland with Shadow Kasumi playing the role of both Lewis Carroll and the Red Queen.

But as others begin bowling through the tarot cards to rescue the boy, she has no choice but to follow.. and watch for the moment. Despite the fact that she has the feeling that they are somehow playing into the Shadow’s hands.

Teddie [KDA] has posed.

The robot with armor giggles.. and that distracts Teddie for a moment. He’s never heard Aigis laugh or do anything like that before! What trickery is this?!

But there are more important things to deal with! Some guy goes running past, and Teddie quickly hops out of the way to avoid being run over by cards. “Whoah!” He looks from the boy and cards to the Author and back. “They’re right! You can’t just go killing him because he did a bad thing!” He takes a few steps forward, but rather than squeaking, it seems his footsteps are causing… a dramatic trumpet fanfare?

“Huh?” As he looks toward Hinata in confusion, Teddie’s voice seems back to normal. “Did I drop something, Hina-chan?” Pause. He clears his throat and tries for the dramatic deep voice again. “Queen-Hina-chan?” There! He’s just being dramatic, that’s all. “Uh..anyway! You can’t…wait.”

The bear pauses and rubs at the side of his head. How should he put this… “You can’test kill him-eth!” That’s how they talk in the old stories, right? Oh yeah, Teddie’s on the ball today! Reaching down, he draws his sword, which glints in the light! “Have… have-eth at thou!” It gives him some courage to have friends nearby doing the same… so he boldly pokes the sword at the nearest card!

Kasumi Horie [U] has posed.

The card army crumples under the retaliations well… like a pack of cards. The boy smiles. “Thank you!” He runs off but the team will not be able to see where he went. Shadow Kasumi turns around, “No! Why did you /help/ him? I told you that he was the villain!” She begins furiously writing again and this time there is a noise from somewhere above them. A woman’s voice calls out, “D-don’t do this! We can help you! I just have to talk to your father first.” Then a boys voice, “You’re a liar! You don’t care about me!” There is a loud thud and then a few minutes of very faint crying and everything is silent above them.

As this dialogue is going on minor shadows appear in front of the team. Each one resembling enchanted objects such as candlesticks and clocks… interesting, no? They are still easily defeated but if the team is too distracted they will not realize the appearance of the boy again until Shadow Kasumi calls out. She stops writing for a minute and points in his direction, You see! Look at him! You helped the villain! Her voice is suddenly filled with emotions but she still continues writing while talking. “You ruined my story! I am not all that sympathetic to villains though so you guys can just deal with it!”

The boy’s appearance changes a couple times first to that of a wolf. She looks at him, scowls, and shakes her head. She begins crossing something out and as she does that he changes again to that of a large rabbit. He has huge yellow eyes and his fur is white but stained red. His hands are covered in blood that slowly drips off into small pools on the floor. He speaks to the group in a menacing tone, “Thank you for helping me! But she is right… you should /never/ help the villain.”

At this point his appearance grows until he is about 7 feet tall. He faces the group and suddenly leaps into the air landing closeby the group. The floor rattles and shakes all around them random debris coming up from the ground.
COMBAT: Kasumi Horie has activated The White Rabbit.
COMBAT: Kasumi Horie has entered Boss Mode for 7 opponents.

COMBAT: You have missed Thora Kobayashi with your Bunny Hop attack.
COMBAT: You have missed Mitsuru Kirijo with your Bunny Hop attack.
COMBAT: You hit Aigis with your Bunny Hop attack.
COMBAT: You have missed Teddie with your Bunny Hop attack.
COMBAT: You have missed Hinata Itoh with your Bunny Hop attack.
COMBAT: You hit Himeru Namikawa with your Bunny Hop attack.
COMBAT: The Agility Down status effect has been added to Himeru Namikawa.
COMBAT: You have missed Yoh Yamagatani with your Bunny Hop attack.
COMBAT: Thora Kobayashi hits you with her Revenge counterattack.
COMBAT: You have taken 22 points of Almighty damage.

COMBAT: Kasumi Horie has finished their turn.

Yoh Yamagatani [SEES] has posed.

Yoh helps demolish the card warriors, but… they kinda just fall over for the most part, with little effort. Eventually Yoh just stops punching then and starts pushing them to achieve the same effect. After they save the kid, he runs off, and he looks back over to the group. Seems like everyone is okay… for now. The shadow speaks up, and Yoh wants to go over and attack it, but then she does something else to rewrite the story they are in now. How was she able to change realit… or wait. TV World. Right.

Once the kid comes back, he transforms with the help of creative writing! DAMN YOU LITERATURE! Always the bane of Yoh’s existence. If it isn’t at school, it is with friends. If it isn’t with friends, it was shadows! And then GIANT BUNNY ATTACK! Yoh quickly braces himself for the shaking, and it helps immensely, though he still shakes around some. Damn that bunny is big, but is it a match for an even bigger entity?!

“Magni!” Yoh yells, and in a flash of crimson lightning, Magni comes forth, towering over the battlefield. Yoh doesn’t quite attack, but rather moves towards the group. And stands in front, particularly in front of Hinata.

COMBAT: Yoh Yamagatani is now covering Hinata Itoh.
COMBAT: Yoh Yamagatani has finished their turn.

Mitsuru Kirijo [SEES] has posed.

As the cards fall, Mitsuru slows her running. Eyes widen at the sound of the voices and then realization dawns. That young man must have been her brother. The woman the dead mother and now she understands. The boy is the ‘villain’ because he had some hand in the loss of Kasumi’s mother. In the girl’s mind, he is the reason why her family life is non-existent.

“Poor Horie-san,” she murmurs softly even as inanimate objects come to life. But he was only a boy. He was, undoubtedly, not truly conscious of the toll his actions took on others. That is the way of boys, of all children. She looks to Shadow Kasumi and frowns, “… You have it wrong Horie-san! That boy.. he’s not…!” But before she can say anything else, the boy has become a monster.

And when he turns from wolf to rabbit.. that is when she knows she is in a nightmare Wonderland for certain. Looks like she has no choice by to fight. “Be careful!” She shouts to the ground in general as the ceiling shakes and Himeru’s earlier ominous words come true. Rocks are falling from the ceiling. She dives and dodges one particularly large chunk o debris. She tries to think. What to do. What to do..? She /wants/ them to defeat the rabbit. But what about Shadow Kasumi?

“This is a story! If we defeat the villain, then the hostage must go free when we defeat him!” She shouts at Shadow Kasumi. “Those are the rules!”

Hinata Itoh [SEES] has posed.

“Huh.” Hinata, her regal outfit wrinkled and crown hanging off of her scepter, takes a moment to review the fallen army surrounding her. “And they all fell down… like a house of cards.”

“Queen Hina-chan?” She tilts an eyebrow at Hero Teddie, then another at Aigis who may be having too much fun than one should have inside a suit of armor, and then at her crown. “I don’t think you need to talk that way, uh, you’ve got the tone down perfect!” It may be haunting her dreams for days to come. If the Shadow doesn’t get there first. Or the sounds from upstairs. “… That… That… Could it…”

“Villain? Hey, don’t look at me, you haven’t even given us an advance copy, and dammit where’s my- uh-” Oh hey there, little boy. Didn’t Hina just hear you upstairs? “Eh? Mitsuru-senpai?” Hold on, she’s missing out on half the story but give her a moment and she’ll put it together!

So, naturally, she doesn’t get a moment’s peace before the ‘villain’ becomes the world’s ugliest rabbit. With blood on his hands. “Uh.” Picture clear now. Rattling, but clear. Queen Hina-chan has to scamper to avoid having debris fall and break her crown, but even in the dress she still has her nimbleness. And Itoh luck~. Instinct has her grasping for her waist, where something cold and metal is very warm and welcoming. “This is what I get for helping a murderer,” Hina grunts as the evoker is whipped out and aimed square for her head. “I’ll fix that- uh-”

You’ve got to be kidding her. “Uh, thanks Yoh, but, uh, you’re blocking my line of sight!” He does know she goes running around shouting ‘who the hell do you think I am’ while swinging a bat, right? She has to lean over to get her shot off. “SKULD!” A shatter of the cage, and the norn appears in all of her veiled mystery. And fire. Can’t forget the fire. Even if the room may smell of burnt bunny hair for a bit.

COMBAT: Hinata Itoh hits you with her Agi attack.
COMBAT: You have taken 25 points of Fire damage.
COMBAT: Hinata Itoh has finished their turn.

Aigis [SEES] has posed.

Aigis frowns. All this is greatly detracting from her appreciation of knightly armor. She thinks if she went along with saying ‘Eths’ and whatnot, she’d probably consider that disrespectful. The random debris shakes Aigis up, but she’s hard to jostle over thanks to her weight. White Rabbit, she thinks. Alice is trying to ‘break free’ but she pushes that mask down for the moment. She doesn’t want to KILL the boy even if it’s an imaginative figment–not if she can help it, because that would give off the impression that it’s fine to kill. Better debilitate it and hold off Alice as long as possible.

Instead, she has a new power.

“Life is rarely so black and white.” Aigis tells Shadow Kasumi. And speaking of duality, she calls out, “BLACK FROST!”

An unusual aura of power shimmers around the Jack Fro–The Pyro Ja–THE BLACK JA–no it’s BLACK FROST! He waggles his arms up and down, spins around, and says, “HEE HO, HEE HO, May I befriend this one?”
“Just be careful to not melt him.”
But judging from what she knows of the skills of her compatriots, she can do some real damage to the White Rabbit with a bit of luck. Are bunnies burnable? Perhaps! But perhaps it can be made to be extra flammable.

COMBAT: Aigis has activated Black Frost.
COMBAT: Aigis missed you with her Terrible Power attack.
COMBAT: Aigis has finished their turn.

Thora Kobayashi [KDA] has posed.

Oh no, it’s a wolf! Oh no, it’s a rabbit! …A..rabbit? Thora would be less impressed except she’s seen blood-covered rabbits in Silent Hill games. They’re bad news. Paranoia and videogames save her hide in this brief moment, the en-dressed girl stepping backwards suddenly as the killer rabbit drops down in front of her. Reflexively, she swings a meaty fist forward and punches the rabbit in the nose.

She immediately follows-up with a shout, calling forth her persona. As she does so, the strain is immediately obvious, beads of sweat breaking out on her forehead and a drop of blood escaping from one of her nostrils. When Garm appears, he looks…strange. His fur is a far darker red than normal and his furless skull-like head has gone from bone white to gunmetal grey.

There is no longer a chain attached to the collar of the hound of hel. Its clawed paws are also larger and thicker. The belly of the persona has also become furred instead of scaled. Flecks of fresh blood decorate the sharp teeth and muzzle. Dried blood clings to the claws. He moves lethargically though, loping across the tile almost drunkenly before lunging at the rabbits throat with bared fangs.

COMBAT: Thora Kobayashi hits you with her Double Fangs attack.
COMBAT: You have taken 66 points of Pierce damage.
COMBAT: Thora Kobayashi has finished their turn.

Teddie [KDA] has posed.

Sniff. Sniff sniff! “Something’s not right…” Teddie skewers a card, then steps back and sniffs at the air. “I don’t think…” But it’s too late, as the boy runs off and smaller Shadows appear. The bear lets the others handle those… he’s too busy trying to figure out what he’s smelling.

“!!!” Yes, it’s actually audible. Somehow. “That boy! He’s not a human! He’s–” But it’s too late, as he begins to change, first into a wolf and then into a rabbit. “He’s a Shadow!” Teddie cringes back as he sees the blood dripping from the boy-wolf-rabbit’s paws. “The.. the -villain-!” He glances briefly toward the White Queen. “I.. I don’t…est?” After thinking about this, the bear lets out a breath. “Oh, thank goodness! Things are grizzly enough here without having to learn a new language! Whoah!” It takes a few quick dodges to get around the rocks that begin to fly around, but fortunately Teddie’s prince outfit remains pristine white.

Teddie takes a step back and puffs up slightly. “If you’re here, and this rabbit is here… where is the real Kasu-chan?” The sword is raised high. “We’ll make you tell us where she is! Kintoki-Douji! Come help us!” A rotund figure in a cape springs into view, lifting high a missile. It twirls around once before throwing the missile downward, where it explodes out in a wave of force that washes over… his friends?

COMBAT: Teddie hits Thora Kobayashi with his Matarukaja attack.
COMBAT: Thora Kobayashi has been healed.
COMBAT: The Strength Up status effect has been added to Thora Kobayashi.
COMBAT: Teddie hits Mitsuru Kirijo with his Matarukaja attack.
COMBAT: Mitsuru Kirijo has been healed.
COMBAT: The Strength Up status effect has been added to Mitsuru Kirijo.
COMBAT: Teddie hits Aigis with his Matarukaja attack.
COMBAT: Aigis has been healed.
COMBAT: The Strength Up status effect has been added to Aigis.
COMBAT: Teddie hits Teddie with his Matarukaja attack.
COMBAT: Teddie has been healed.
COMBAT: The Strength Up status effect has been added to Teddie.
COMBAT: Teddie hits Hinata Itoh with his Matarukaja attack.
COMBAT: Hinata Itoh has been healed.
COMBAT: The Strength Up status effect has been added to Hinata Itoh.
COMBAT: Teddie hits Himeru Namikawa with his Matarukaja attack.
COMBAT: Himeru Namikawa has been healed.
COMBAT: The Strength Up status effect has been added to Himeru Namikawa.
COMBAT: Teddie hits Yoh Yamagatani with his Matarukaja attack.
COMBAT: Yoh Yamagatani has been healed.
COMBAT: The Strength Up status effect has been added to Yoh Yamagatani.
COMBAT: Teddie has finished their turn.

Kasumi Horie [U] has posed.

Shadow Kasumi looks at Mitsuru, “Rules? There /are/ no rules here. You see I choose the reality. /I/ choose when this story ends and you are far from that ending. After all there can be more than one part to a story you know.” She turns her face back to the book clearly disgusted with Mitsuru’s outburst. No longer actually writing, merely musing over her story so far.

Fire rains down and merely singes the rabbit’s fur. He is not deterred in the least bit by it though a few black spots have formed in his fur. He laughs at the attack. “You think that would actually work? It’s going to take a lot more than that!”

As he says that though a large dog comes barreling for him. Rabbits are of course the natural enemy to dogs. The White Rabbit is taken aback by the attack, looking down where the dog has pierced him. His eyes burning with anger. He hops again but this time the debris rains down in even larger quantities. Before that though he takes out a pocket watch and using it like a chain he flings it in Thora’s direction.

COMBAT: You hit Thora Kobayashi with your Clean Your Clock attack.
COMBAT: The Magic Cost Up status effect has been added to Thora Kobayashi.

COMBAT: Yoh Yamagatani takes the attack for Hinata Itoh!
COMBAT: You hit Thora Kobayashi with your Materazi attack.
COMBAT: You have missed Mitsuru Kirijo with your Materazi attack.
COMBAT: You have missed Aigis with your Materazi attack.
COMBAT: You hit Teddie with your Materazi attack.
COMBAT: You hit Yoh Yamagatani with your Materazi attack.
COMBAT: You hit Yoh Yamagatani with your Materazi attack.

COMBAT: Kasumi Horie has finished their turn.

Himeru Namikawa [DS] has posed.

“A villain is only a matter of perspective. Your story wrote him like that, but he had ambitions, dreams, desires…and made mistakes. Should he have died like that? Would it have fixed any of his wrongdoings?” she replies, but she knows better than to think that the Shadow will listen.

The narrated exchange in no way helps, but…something twists in Himeru’s heart. Is this what happened?

The shapeshift into a vorpal bunny does make her regret helping him, but that’s just how she twists the story. “If we didn’t help you, she probably would have raised you as a ghoul.” she thinks, although that may be wrong. The quakes keep her defensive, but the harm is mostly minor scrapes and damage to her long socks. Teddie’s power rushes into her body, increasing her raw strength

“Actually, you can’t change the rules if you are too tired for it. What you create is tied to you.” states the ravenhaired girl. In truth, she has no idea if it was accurate, but if she can CONVINCE the storyteller of this truth then it won’t matter. Her hand slides against the backside of the sword, coating the blade crimson before she moves forward and does a rising slash with the sword.

It may in fact hit the bunny between his legs, but Himeru didn’t care too much for it.

COMBAT: Himeru Namikawa has activated Hannya.
COMBAT: Himeru Namikawa hits you with her Cruel Attack attack.
COMBAT: You have taken 55 points of Pierce damage.
COMBAT: Himeru Namikawa has finished their turn.

Yoh Yamagatani [SEES] has posed.

“Okay, okay, fine!” Yoh says towards Hinata as he gets out of her way. She looks like she may have a hard time moving around in that outfit. Everyone begins to aggrieve the rabbit, and Yoh watches for an opening. Even with their crazy outfits, they manage to hit the thing pretty well. The bottom of Yoh’s temp shoes are rather polished like tap dancing shoes, and he can feel how slippery it is. Then again, he needs to take the advice of what others that are his superiors said; to not be so brash. Wait for an opportunity and take it, rather than swing wildly. The rabbit retaliates from the attacks, and causes rocks to fall from the ceiling! Yoh manages to dodge some, but sees a rather large rock forming nearly on top of Hinata! “Look out!” he yells, and shoves her out of the way. The large rock smacks him hard and slams him on the ground. Thankfully it doesn’t land on him, otherwise he might have been wounded much more. “Nngh,” Yoh says, holding his chest. The impact knocked the wind out of him, and hit pretty hard. He was stuck to the ground for the moment.

Yoh looks pretty indisposed at the moment, but even though he normally throws the blows himself, he always has a giant standing by to do it in cases like this! Speaking of, Yoh just scowls and points angrily at the rabbit while still on the ground. This is where Magni runs up out from behind where he was and slings an electrically charged massive hammer at the rabbit!

Yoh begins struggling to get up. It may take him some time.

COMBAT: Yoh Yamagatani is now covering Hinata Itoh.
COMBAT: Yoh Yamagatani missed you with his Thunder Crush attack.
COMBAT: Yoh Yamagatani has finished their turn.

Thora Kobayashi [KDA] has posed.


The gigantic clock on a chain swings for Thora, striking her soundly but she holds her ground. Not only does she hold her ground, but she grabs onto the makeshift flail, wrapping the chain around one hand and yanking. Pulled off balance, the rabbit is dragged towards the giant teenager who is most certainly not wearing a dress, right into Thora’s waiting fist.

Thora shrieks like a harpy, punching the creature over and over before pushing it away and turning her back on it. The Shadow rises, shaking in rage and starts to advance before Thora holds up a hand suddenly to stop him.

“In five seconds, your body will explode.” Thora holds up the giant pocket watch and the seconds hand ticks away ominously. “Contemplate your meaningless existence in this time.”

The rabbit shrieks in rage, and reaches out for Thora’s head only before it can make contact, its skin ripples. Soon, it bubbles violently and EXPLODES into a mass of shadow goo.


Thora gets the utter /crap/ knocked out of her by an oversized pocket watch, sending her sprawling on the ground. As she groans and starts to pick herself up, the ground beneath her explodes in a painful shower of rock and tile, leaving her a bloody mess. When she calls for her persona, her voice is tired and devoid of the usual Thora bloodlust. Clearly she didn’t bring her A-game today.

Nevertheless, Garm appears at the ready, eager to taste more rabbit flesh. This time he attacks at a distance, suddenly burying the beast in crushing ice from all sides.

COMBAT: Thora Kobayashi hits you with her Bone Freeze attack.
COMBAT: You have taken 48 points of Strike damage.
COMBAT: You take less damage due to your Strike resistance.
COMBAT: You have taken 78 points of Ice damage.
COMBAT: Thora Kobayashi has finished their turn.

Mitsuru Kirijo [SEES] has posed.

As others unleash their persona upon the white rabbit, Mitsuru focuses her attention upon Shadow Kasumi. Teddie makes a good point. Where /is/ the real Kasumi?

The differences to Garm and the sudden appearance of.. Black Frost?! This makes Mitsuru pause for a moment. But then she shakes her head and refocuses at the problem at hand, “Namikawa-san is right. Though you are the writer and creator of this reality, you were the one who wanted a fairy tale. There are rules to fairy tales and they must be obeyed.” If she believes in this.. they will have a chance at rescuing Kasumi.

But if defeating the rabbit is what it takes, then invigorated by Teddie’s spell, she lends her aid to the others attacks. The young woman pulls her evoker out and fires. “PENTHESILEA!”

What appears is the Amazonian Queen but instead of a metal visor found on a knight’s helm, it’s been replaced by a black domino’s mask. The dagger in her left hand swings, striking at the falling debris and keeping it from hitting Mitsuru. With her other, a blast of bone chilling air envelopes the rabbit and she murmurs. “If fire will not hurt you, then let us see how you react to ice.”

COMBAT: Mitsuru Kirijo hits you with her Anima Chill attack.
COMBAT: You have taken 39 points of Ice damage.
COMBAT: The Cursed status effect has been added.
COMBAT: Mitsuru Kirijo has finished their turn.

Teddie [KDA] has posed.

Teddie has some strong friends… and now they’re even stronger! Of course, that doesn’t stop the next chunk of rock from slamming into him. The bear is pressed against the ground with a loud SQUEAK and then… launched out like a watermelon seed pressed between two fingers. But look, the bed is right there to break his fall! He’ll be okay! Or at least that’s what he thinks, right until he collides headfirst with one of the bedposts. Clang!

Teddie is a tough bear, though. Even as he picks himself back up again, he only looks a little rumpled. Well… except for his hat. “I’m okay, right? I–noooo! my hat!” The bear plucks the squashed thing from his head, looking in horror upon the threadbare feather. “I liked that hat…”

And even worse, when he steps forward, instead of the dramatic trumpets comes the sound of an off-key kazoo. “…nooooo!” Sniff sniff! Even that was taken from him! “B.. but I won’t give up. I can’t give up!” Teddie takes a step forward (dzoooOOoo~) and glares at the rabbit. “I can’t do much, but I still won’t give up!” The rotund figure of Kintoki-Douji appears again, this tume hurling his missile at the killer bunny. It explodes, but not in fire… instead, shards of ice fly out!

COMBAT: Teddie hits you with his Ice Blast attack.
COMBAT: You have taken 54 points of Ice damage.
COMBAT: Teddie has finished their turn.

Aigis [SEES] has posed.

Aigis’s first gambit fails utterly. That’s the tricky thing with those moves. They can sometimes just not work. Aigis is, however, able to continue her self defense. This is not very satisfying for Aigis, however, because she is more concerned with the safety of her allies–who are taking a beating! She punches through some debris with her fist and considers. “This world is not your world. It is taking your desires and shaping itself according to them, but it is not yours.”

She frowns at the rabbit. How can she battle this entity without annihilating it? Oh, she has an idea.

“Black Frost!” She cries. “HUG!”

And, bursting into flames, the adorable mascot character (not Teddie, the other one) attempts to do just that!

“Are you alright Teddie?” She asks. WHAT IS DZOOOOOO.

COMBAT: Aigis missed you with her Let’s Be Friends attack.
COMBAT: Aigis has finished their turn.

Hinata Itoh [SEES] has posed.

Talking down the Shadow? Hinata isn’t entirely sure that’s going to work, but she leaves that to Himeru and Mitsuru. There’s something else that needs to get out and in the open. The crown is deftly put back atop shiny amber locks, the White Queen narrowing her eyes at the White Rabbit with a very unplayful wink. “You want more? There’s more where that came from! But before I knock you back down your rabbit hole, I have to ask: Why the bloody paws?” She can feel a little stronger now, and a thumbs-up is flashed towards the bear. “Thanks, Teddie-chan!” Now she’s really ready to go!

If she’s not flattened by more flying flooring. The next chunk is too close, she realizes too late that she’s not going to be able to dodge this tag – unless Yoh knocks her out of the way! What a gentleman! For a leprechaun. “Yoh!” Well, he’s a tough kid, he’ll just need some aspirin. Hina gives him a thoughtful smile, and a whispered “Thanks” before taking care of the next of the wounded: “I’ll get you a new hat just like that one, Teddie-chan!” Because, she has to admit it, it looks cute on him.

And holy shit that clock took down Thora. OK, this is serious business but thanks to the bear she has serious business handled. Even as she’s still sitting unceremoniously on the ground, the evoker is back up and at her head again. “SKULD!” The norn returns, and in honor of Thora’s dream, soars up to rocket a punch for the rabbit’s head that Kenshiro himself would approve of.

COMBAT: Hinata Itoh hits you with her Sonic Punch attack.
COMBAT: You have taken 34 points of Strike damage.
COMBAT: You take less damage due to your Strike resistance.
COMBAT: Hinata Itoh has finished their turn.

Kasumi Horie [U] has posed.

Shadow Kasumi frowns at Himeru, “You know being logical doesn’t always help. The best stories are the ones that have the twists and turns. It’s not all black and white and as clear cut as you make it.” She resumes writing in her book.

The Shadow Rabbit looks up at Himeru, “You know you kind of make me sick.” is all he says to the girl. Once again flinging that large clock on a chain around but this time aiming for Himeru.

Once again that huge dog rears its ugly head for the White Rabbit. He wasn’t exactly expecting ice and it pervades his fur reaching the very skin. He isn’t phased too much until the second (and third!) ice attack. It is enough to knock him off balance for a few seconds but he will not back down so easily.

“Ugh you guys are taking too much of my time.” He bounces back and forth shouting, “I’m late!” Shadow Kasumi looks angrily at the group, “You guys are going to have to do better than that if you want to defeat /this/ villain!”

COMBAT: You have missed Himeru Namikawa with your Clean Your Clock attack.

COMBAT: Yoh Yamagatani takes the attack for Hinata Itoh!
COMBAT: You have missed Thora Kobayashi with your I’m Late!! attack.
COMBAT: You hit Mitsuru Kirijo with your I’m Late!! attack.
COMBAT: The Damage Over Time status effect has been added to Mitsuru Kirijo.
COMBAT: You have missed Aigis with your I’m Late!! attack.
COMBAT: You hit Teddie with your I’m Late!! attack.
COMBAT: The Damage Over Time status effect has been added to Teddie.
COMBAT: You have missed Yoh Yamagatani with your I’m Late!! attack.
COMBAT: You have missed Himeru Namikawa with your I’m Late!! attack.
COMBAT: You hit Yoh Yamagatani with your I’m Late!! attack.
COMBAT: The Damage Over Time status effect has been added to Yoh Yamagatani.

Teddie [KDA] has posed.

Woe is Teddie! Hated for such a short amount of time before his status as the hero prince charming is taken from him! Life just isn’t fair at a–“Really, Hina-chan?” Gone is his sad face, replaced with a wide grin. It seems it’s hard to keep him down for long.

Well, unless you knock him over. The force of the hops sends Teddie tumbling head over heels several times, but like the good weeble he is, he wobbles but doesn’t fall down! Back on his feet again, the bear looks left… looks right… “Everyone’s so hurt… But there’s something even I can do about that! Bearsona!” Kintoki-Douji appears and twirls over Teddie’s head, scattering sparkling motes of light around the room.

COMBAT: Teddie hits Thora Kobayashi with his Media attack.
COMBAT: Thora Kobayashi has been healed.
COMBAT: Teddie hits Mitsuru Kirijo with his Media attack.
COMBAT: Mitsuru Kirijo has been healed.
COMBAT: Teddie hits Aigis with his Media attack.
COMBAT: Aigis has been healed.
COMBAT: Teddie hits Teddie with his Media attack.
COMBAT: Teddie has been healed.
COMBAT: Teddie hits Hinata Itoh with his Media attack.
COMBAT: Hinata Itoh has been healed.
COMBAT: Teddie hits Himeru Namikawa with his Media attack.
COMBAT: Himeru Namikawa has been healed.
COMBAT: Teddie hits Yoh Yamagatani with his Media attack.
COMBAT: Yoh Yamagatani has been healed.
COMBAT: Teddie has finished their turn.
Mitsuru Kirijo [SEES] has posed.

“There is something about the phrase ‘I’m late!’ that seems to strike Mitsuru. The words stir up something and it’s like her heart is being squeezed before it hammers hard in her chest. She winces at the sudden speed and the shortness of breath, dropping to one knee. Her hand touches her chest, feeling as if it would explode out of her chest. “Nnnn!” Her breath is coming in just as fast as he heart it seems.

“Hnn.. this.. If you want better,” she murmurs, “Then we will have to show you the spirit of team work it seems.” Teddie’s magic slows her heart just enough to let her grip her evoker more firmly and bring her focus to a point where she can summon Penthesilea again. The temperature around the woman and the persona drops to subfreezing temperatures before.. “BUFUDYNE!”

Dozens of ice shards fly towards the rabbit, each of them sharp as a dagger and colder than ice

COMBAT: Mitsuru Kirijo hits you with her Bufudyne attack.
COMBAT: You have taken 78 points of Ice damage.
COMBAT: Mitsuru Kirijo has finished their turn.

Yoh Yamagatani [SEES] has posed.

Leprechaun Yoh looks up to see Hinata safe and sound. That is good enough for him. Maybe the superiors do have something for this reserved method of fighting. If Yoh hadn’t have done something, that rock might have fallen squarely on Hinata, possible crushing her. Sure, his side and legs are throbbing in pain, but at least he was still breathing. Yoh finally manages to get up, gripping his side, until OH GOD RABBIT. It slams into him and sends him sprawling. “Okay, maybe reserved fighting isn’t for me,” Yoh coughs out, in a tangled mess on the floor. Looks like Yoh wasn’t much use in this fight after all. Useless again, Yoh hated being useless.

Thankfully Teddie’s Con-fur-lescence helps him some, but not enough to get up after that thrashing combo.

All he can do is rub his head with a hand. The one that doesn’t hurt as much.

COMBAT: Yoh Yamagatani has finished their turn.

Thora Kobayashi [KDA] has posed.

As her persona does her dirty work, Thora slowly picks herself up off the ground. In the process, she gets to behold the loveliest of creatures: Black Frost.

A quiet, content sigh escapes her before he disappears. She doesn’t stand fully, opting to pull herself up onto her knees. “Late huh? Maybe you need to slow down and…”

With a sharp gesture, Thora directs Garm back to the rabbit. He lets his blood-flecked mouth loll open, blue light gathering in his mouth as the temperature drops suddenly. With little warning, Garm practically vomits a stream of pure ice at the rabbit, belching out gigantic pointy icicles.

“…chill out.” At that very moment, Teddie’s healing strikes her, as if rewarding her for her godawful pun. Slowly, Thora manages to stand.

COMBAT: Thora Kobayashi hits you with her Bufudyne attack.
COMBAT: You have taken 66 points of Ice damage.
COMBAT: Thora Kobayashi has finished their turn.

Himeru Namikawa [DS] has posed.

“The world is grey, not black and white. You know I hardly see in extremes.” calmly retorts the older girl, her eyes showing pity more than anger.

She seems about to step back, but when the bunny swings his clock her legs are too slow. The sword moves to parry but the weight difference is too much, the blow sending her back hard, tumbling and laying on her stomach for a few seconds.


She’s not dead, but this definitely stung. She pushes herself to her knees, swaying slightly as the glasses nearly fall off her nose. Clearly the hit caused her a minor concussion of some sort, as she can’t move for the moment. The slight healing magic aid her to remain steady, but Hime feels she has no chance right now to stand up.

Her mind shift to defense, calling forth the Beast God Turtle to hold her steady. She holds very still, unwilling to let anything move her, calling forward the massive Genbu.

“Where there is room for two, there is room for three.” she states, just as the scaled god unleashes a torrent of ice of his own.


COMBAT: Himeru Namikawa has activated Genbu.
COMBAT: Himeru Namikawa hits you with her Bufudyne attack.
COMBAT: You have taken 68 points of Ice damage.
COMBAT: Himeru Namikawa has finished their turn.

Hinata Itoh [SEES] has posed.

Somewhere, a California governor is sneezing, then telling his aide no its not a tumah.

Hinata rolls away from getting bunnied again, as it strikes Yoh yet again. She does wince, and makes a mental note to make this all up to him somehow. She may regret that decision later. Right now, its wabbit season, and – ooh heal “Thanks again Teddie-chan!” – and she’s ready to join in the dyne parade.

Only she breaks the streak by going icy hot. “PYRO JACK!” she shouts, firing the evoker to summon the cackling Jack O’Lantern. “You look cold, pal, let me warm you up, hee ho!”

COMBAT: Hinata Itoh has activated Pyro Jack.
COMBAT: Hinata Itoh hits you with her Agidyne attack.
COMBAT: You have taken 68 points of Fire damage.
COMBAT: Hinata Itoh has finished their turn.

Aigis [SEES] has posed.

Aigis crosses her arms at Black Frost.
“Whaaaat ho!”
“This isn’t really helping.” Aigis explains, ducking underneath the chian–hopping is not something Aigis fears. Aigis can hop too. In fact, she hops over a second swing of the chain and


Okay it’s not really very hippity hoppity, but she can JUMP. It’s a Shadow, Aigis thinks, even if it took the form of a boy. So you can, in fact, kill it if you have to. There is little in common with Minato, but she thinks back to him and how to save the many she was quite willing to sacrifice the few. Or the one, for that matter.

She sees her comrades getting eaten up and she settles that, again, she had already made this decision.

“Alright, Alice.” She says, “You can do it this time.”

The dark persona shimmers above Aigis’s head, the young blonde girl in a blue dress with an apron. Her eyes widen upon seeing The White Rabbit. “OHMYGOSH!” She squeals. “It’s the White Rabbit!”

Her lips curl into a smile. “Hold on, I’m gonna /catch you/.”

A wave of cards spin around Alice, twirling rapidly before fanning forward, aiming to slam into The White Rabbit and skewer her body with their razor tipped edges and tiny spears, held by their spaghetti like arms–

COMBAT: Aigis has activated Alice.
COMBAT: Aigis hits you with her Die For Me! attack.
COMBAT: You have taken 143 points of Dark damage.
COMBAT: You take greater damage due to your Dark weakness.
COMBAT: Kasumi Horie has been knocked out!
COMBAT: Aigis has finished their turn.

Kasumi Horie [U] has posed.

More ice flies all around and there is so much of it that The White Rabbit is literally frozen in place. Unable to move at all or dodge any of the subsequent attacks and Shadow Kasumi does nothing to try and change the current outplay of the story after all this is what she wanted. “Amazing. Finish this villain off!” She seems rather excited about all of this.

With Hinata’s fire attack the rabbit is unfrozen in just enough time to be vulnerable to Aigis’ dark attack but still frozen enough that he can’t move. There is nothing that he can do now and in an instant he is knocked out and dissipates in a puff of black smoke.

Shadow Kasumi looks up again this time approaching the group, “The villain is gone but like I said this is not the end. She grabs her book and placing it in a basket with a red covering runs off and disappears into the darkness.

It would be unwise for the team to follow tonight. As much as Kasumi needs to be rescued, regrouping and getting rest was probably a better idea. There was still the question though, “Where exactly /was/ the real Kasumi in all of this? Was the distant voice hers and if so was she still okay?”

OOC: January 3rd, 2011