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Love is in the Air- Part One July 26, 2010

Posted by tlynn2002 in Fuuka Yamagishi (Former FC), Kasumi Horie (Former OC), Lovers TP.
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The Lost have been increasing in numbers for awhile now and not only that but they are being found in pairs as well. During the full moon on the evening of July 26th, 2010 people set out for Shirakawa Boulevard. Their leads take them to the Champs de Fleur Hotel.

(Note: This is the gathering and split with Fuuka and Rena being the only ones on the Lovers side the latter half while everyone else got split up for….. *cough, cough*)

Elizabeth [A] has posed.

July 26, Sunday. Shirakawa Boulevard, Port Island. The Dark Hour. People all over the Okina area have noticed the rapid and abrupt increase in the Lost of late, of all the couples who have been found together, gurgling as they stare into forever. It didn’t even have to be a clear day, either–though certainly the green of night wouldn’t have helped either.
Lots of people have been looking into them. Minamo, even before she learned of the Dark Hour and the power that she’d been ignorant within her, had found Champs de Flour Hotel. Fuuka and Shiori, the latter of whom has been monitoring the area, would be able to have pinpointed that hotel as the source of a giant bundle of power, too. Rena, as a Shadow-Possessed of the Lovers Arcana, managed to simply waltz right in, which made it easy for her to inform the rest of Strega if she so chose. Various others have beat feet and asked around, and keeping an eye open tonight would have inevitably led them here when they noticed a troupe of teenage kids all heading to the same location.
The entrance to the Champs de Fleur Hotel is pretty classy. All in all, as the kids and adults stream in, they’ll be able to note that it’s a pretty nice place. There’s no one in sight–well, duh, it *is* the Dark Hour–but even for then. There are no coffins… of course, it looks like the entrance is all automated. The actual people/coffins are probably in… various rooms. Of particular note, as they head in towards the stairs, is a large mirror. There seems to be something strange about it; it’s like there’s something in the reflection that isn’t quite *right*…

Naoto Shirogane [KDA] has posed.

Naoto Shirogane had done a bit of investigation, in the rare times he wasn’t occupied with trying to solve a chain-murdering dream demon. He had not managed to quite nail down the precise location, but he had it at least partially narrowed down; the fact that there are other teenagers approaching means that he is both probably right and can actually figure out /exactly/ what building it is.

Naoto, wearing his bright blue shirt, is not hard to find. It lets the KDA tag along with him easily and also advertises him to other people who know him and might want to coordinate. He doesn’t have a jacket, because it’s summer and he can get away without it. His shirt’s long-sleeved, after all.

“It is likely that this is it,” Naoto says, as he heads toward the automated entrance. This place kind of makes him uneasy, and not for any reason related to Shadows. It’s just… awkwardly uncomfortable.

Yoh Yamagatani [SEES] has posed.

Gods, another mission. Seems like only yesterday he had been beaten up several days in a row. But it wasn’t! This particular teen was fully healedn ow thanks to the magicks of the supernatural. Not a bandage was on Yoh. All of them. Gone, that is.

The teen was here along with whatever entourage SEES had assembled. He was wearing a black with gold trim buttondown, with a clean white tee shirt underneath, clearly visible as the buttondown was unbuttoned. Seems like he was wearing this a lot along with black jeans. Apparently trying a new wardrobe idea! Was surely refreshing from a bright orange shirt. BLUH.

So, a strange location, with even stranger things within. Well, obviously Yoh knew what it was. The signs were obvious. Even for being stupid, some things even the olbivious can tell with a little street knowledge. He follows in whatever leader decides to set foot first, and peers around inside. For such a place, it sure was clean. The lack of people is a little disturbing though. Coffins should be all over.

Other than apparently the link of pairing Lost, Yoh knew very little as to what was going on. He was just here to listen to the leaders, and punch things n’ help innocents. He leaves the heavy thinking to people better suited to the job. “My mom would kill me if she found me here,” he quietly comments. Course probably just a mild flogging if she knew it was to save the world in some way.

Minagi Shimizu [U] has posed.

Minagi has had a lot on her mind…the Shadow issues with her roommate, the Arcana Shadow, and the Rise of the Spring Frogs. While not all of this is BAD news, it is just one more thing she has on her mind. Tonight, she was hoping to stop the Arcana Shadow. Minagi, herself, walked in through the front of the automated doors, her wooden sword held in her right hand as her left hand remained freed.

This place sure was…weird. Then there was that weird mirror…but eh, probably nothing important. Lets just find that damn Arcana and hit it until it dies. This was a simple enough thing to do (in theory) and would hopefully stop the lost from piling up (She hoped).

Deidra Doyle [SEES] has posed.

The Dark hour, more people coming down with Apathy syndrome. This did seem to be the source of all the problems. Also she full well knew what sort of Hotel it was as well. But this seemed to be the foot of the problem. She’s got her staff out but collapsed as she comes on in she looks around. There’s got to be a shadow behind this whole mess right likely one of the big ones too. If they can find the source they can stop it from claiming more people.

Rena Kinukasa [S] has posed.

Spotters capable of detection may notice that there is certainly more than one Shadow in the area-more than one /bigger/ shadow at least. However, this second large signature seems to resonate with the same sort of power the bigger of the pair so it may be difficult to differentiate it from the other. Whatever it is, it’s already inside and had presumably arrived there long before the Midnight Hour. To certain people, Kiyohime will be an unfortunately familiar feel.

Within the halls of the love hotel, the long serpentine shadow stalks, slithering around the floor, nosing in and out of doors in search of her quarry. Rena Kinukasa, intrigued by the reports she heard of these apathy syndrome cases, had done a bit of investigating on her own and found it all too ironic that her searching had lead her to THIS particular hotel. As the Dark Hour wears on, her search grows a bit more frantic.

SEES would be coming down on this Shadow soon enough.

Michiru Fukase [KDA] has posed.

Michiru is wearing surprisingly little, and by surprisingly little we mean a sundress. It’s rather warm even at night, after all. Between this, somewhat more makeup than she can get away with at school, and a purse she does look credibly possibly maybe kind of in her early 20s, which may have been the goal.

She coughs once as she walks towards Naoto, looking over at other people milling around. “This is kind of embarrassing, isn’t it?” she observes to the young boy. (Not that young, she tells herself. He’s like two years younger than her at absolute maximum. OK, she thinks: young/er/.)

“But if something’s hiding, I guess that would make it a good place, wouldn’t it? I mean compared to, I don’t know… an empty warehouse.”

Shinjiro Aragaki [SEES] has posed.

Shinjiro stands at the head of the SEES contingent with Mitsuru and Akihiko. It’s the first time in a long while that all three of them have gone on a mission, like in the old days, and Shinjiro ruminates that the only thing ruining the nostalgic effect is Seiichi’s presence!!

Having grown immensely in patience since his youth (if not necessarily always in tolerance), Shinjiro says nothing about the pianist’s presence here, though no doubt he’s still chafing a little over that note he found in HIS kitchen late last night. Pride refuses to allow him to bring the note up to Seiichi himself; he’s convinced the other boy would just smirk, and then they’d have to fight, and then Mitsuru would Execute them both.

He doesn’t seem particularly perturbed by the hotel, nor by the location of said hotel, nor by the fact the absence of coffins means all the clientele are probably ‘in their rooms.’ There could be any number of reasons for his aplomb. Shinjiro shares none of them.

Mitsuru Kirijo [SEES] has posed.

On foot, Mitsuru had not been full capable of finding the source of the disappearances. It wasn’t until Fuuka was finally able to pinpoint the anomaly that they were able to formulate a plan of attack. Thanks to Aigis’s report, they knew this was not only one of the Greater Shadows but considering the Arcana, it made sense for just /how/ people were disappearing.

Add that to the fact that it’s a Love Hotel and well… Mitsuru doesn’t want to think too hard on what goes on in here. It’s certainly something indecent.

She comes armed with an evoker and her usual rapier at her hip. The turn out from SEES and their allies was rather impressive. She looks up at the front of the hotel and then at her sides where two of her oldest and closes friends stand. She can trust them to watch her back just as they can trust her to do the same for them. She shares a faint nostalgic smile at Akihiko and Shinjiro and also another, warmer one to Seiichi, who had shown up at the ojou’s request.

In the grim lighting, her hair and her SEES armband stand out in flashes of color. “Be careful everyone,” she says loudly to her allies. “Fuuka. You’re in charge of keeping SEES connected with each other and keep looking for that Shadow! The rest of us will proceed on foot!” She only has the authority to order SEES. Everyone else.. well, they can follow the SEES directive or not. “Fuuka, work with Hibiki-san to keep us in touch with our allies as well. When we find the Shadow, we’ll need to coordinate our attacks!”

She smiles at the boys, “Shall we?” And with that, the SEES commander takes the first step into the Love Hotel. She is.. a little surprised by the lack of coffins. She wasn’t sure what to expect. But certainly nothing.. this elegant.

Yuuka Chiba [SFC] has posed.

Yuuka Chiba had been off and on with her availability lately, especially when it comes to such things as the Dark Hour, and her being in and out of Sumaru and Inaba for visiting friends and generally getting shenanigans started. As such, when she shows up, she’s a little bit late to the party, her emerald eyes gleaming as she makes her way into the lobby, hovering close to Shiori.

“Something feels off.” The teen mutters, a pair of headphones, red-embossed with bunny rabbits on them, resting around her neck as she hits stop on her MP3 player, biting her bottom lip as the hair on her neck ruffles. “Please tell me I’m wrong, please…?”

Oh, Yuuka. You should no better than that.

Chie Satonaka [KDA] has posed.

Chie Satonaka, UNDEFEATED OF THE NORTH, SOUTH, WEST AND CENTER, is tagging along with Naoto. The Dark Hour, as always, creeps her the hell out, but she’s here on duty, this time; her yellow glasses adorn her nose, because Chie wears her TV glasses to Shadow-fightin’ as a matter of course. Otherwise, she is dressed mostly down, with her forest green summer tank and short skirt and bike shorts underneath. She’s ready for anything! However, she is slightly less resonance-sensitive than a doorknob, so it’s good to have someone who knows what they’re doing along, like Naoto.

And then…

Chie blushes red hot, staring poleaxed at the location they’ve arrived at. She ahems into her fist, and then looks to Naoto, saying, “Uhhh, are you sure this is…it? Uh. Not that…I doubt it, or, or anything.”

She glances over at her friend alongside her, blushing. “Man, the places we go together,” she laughs.

Fuuka Yamagishi [SEES] has posed.

The feeling over the last few days for Fuuka has been one of unease. Despite other things that were going on, the Lost being found in higher numbers and in pairs was worrying. She hadn’t had time to really investigate though unfortunately. It didn’t help that the Full Moon was tonight. She had spent most of the day in her room, preparing mentally as well as using Lucia to see if there was any pre information she could get that would help.

It wasn’t until the Dark Hour that Lucia picked up on anything though. When she realized where the shadows likely were she was surprised to find them on Shirakawa. Narrowing down a location, she found out the power was hear the Hotel there. Once they make their way to the hotel Fuuka, even without Lucia, can detect the power within.

She rarely ever came to Shirakawa. It had a reputation after all but tonight she is fully prepared to help her friends. Though being here during the Dark Hour was even more strange. The hotel itself is not all that shocking to her except for maybe the lack of coffins and well the large mirror. She is uneasy still though the sense Fuuka gets is more than just that of a larger powerful shadow. It’s also smaller ones too. Yoh gets a look from Fuuka but no verbal reply.

Elsewhere, Kasumi wonders what is going on. Even without knowing the mission happening tonight she had sensed that something was up. A few of her friends seemed to be on edge and the Lost were increasing too. Being somewhat aware of the moon phases and the effects when it came to shadows she decided to stay up tonight during the Dark Hour. She is still at home currently but that may soon change.

Akihiko Sanada [SEES] has posed.

Dude, who is that dude?

Akihiko says nothing for the time being, concentrating on slipping his signature black gloves from his back pocket and tugging it up his wrists. His expression is stony and businesslike, feet astride and every single pore radiating alertness. He has shown a surprising amount of discipline at the moment, what with his tendency to go charging in when the situation suits him. Still, while he does so, he is eyeing Seiichi. While he’s heard much of him (usually from Shinjiro), he has never met him until now.

At the smile from the SEES commander, he nods once, cracking his knuckles. “Right. Let’s do this,” he states, before striding in after her.

Kotone Nakamura [SEES] has posed.

Bringing up the awkward-looking rear of the SEES contingent (and purposefully trying to keep herself in the back) is Kotone Nakamura. She is relatively new to SEES, and is almost completely untested; she’s gone out into the Dark Hour occasionally but this is her first operation with SEES. She carries a weighted ribbon in one hand; her Evoker, at present, is hidden.

She feels kind of outmatched by the whole situation. She is a little oblivious to just how much danger this entails.

Minako Arisato [SEES] has posed.

Minako’s big brother had told her once about the Full Moon. Sometimes, it just meant more Shadows than usual. At other times, though, it meant something really big was going on. Apathy Syndrome cases had really been on the rise this time, so it’s no surprise SEES is coming out in force, or that Minako’s with them.

She’d arrived a little before ‘midnight’, waiting until the Dark Hour struck before assembling her polearm and otherwise suiting up for a SEES operation. Only then did she head on in with the others, waving briefly at Jason. Good, so he had come along, too~

Sticking close to (who else) her brother as she wandered into the front hall, the young Fool is almost immediately distracted. “Wow, this is a really pretty hotel~” she comments, noting also, “They really must have had a lot of guests tonight, almost all the rooms are full!” …no comment.


There’d been a rash of disappearances and an increase in Apathy Syndrome of late in Port Island, to judge by the news reports. Butler had asked for Katsuya’s assistance, and figuring he owned the private investigator one for the Tanikawa case, he’d agreed. Except he hadn’t quite… expected it to be centering around a place like this…

Worse, he’d arrived here well before the Dark Hour hit, and there was still no sign of the American as he waited outside the agreed meeting spot, the Champs de Fleur Hotel. It’s around after he’d checked his watch for the third time that Butler had finally come running up. He’d made a comment about being punctual, but that was about it; the clock struck thirteen, and with many of the others–some members of SEES, he noted–he’d made his way inside.

Well, this /is/ a love hotel. Katsuya declines comment, focusing instead on the mission at hand. “Butler-san…” he’s said quietly, frowning, “Something seems off.” He just can’t put his finger on it.

Himeru Namikawa [DS] has posed.

The Lost had been unusually high in a single neighborhood, it was logical to assume that the cause of this was an increase of Shadows that had a lair or instructions to attack around here. Whatever was causing it or for what reason however remained to be seen, and a hunt would be necessary to seek and preferably halt this before further people would be harmed.

While she still felt some aches from burns, Himeru could not in good conscience just stay home and sleep through a hunt of this magnitude. SEES had deployed in full, potentially excessive force and even more people who had been looking into this had come. “Your mother would disown you first Yamagatani-san, THEN kill you for going in this sort of establishment with a crowd this large. I don’t think they even have rooms for this many people.” kindly points out the ravenhaired girl, perhaps as a joke. “Didn’t think I would be here again for business…wish I had brought a black light.” not that it would have worked in the Dark Hour, but the Gekkoukan student had a morbid curiosity as to how many horrors she could find with a high UV light.

She stood at the back of the formation, armored, weapon strapped to her backpack and prepared for the worst. The lack of even staff-coffins is odd, but she chalks it up to ‘break’ or such. She’s not going to look under the reception counter to see if there’s a pair of coffins stacked on top of each other. “We should go check them out and maybe move the coffins in different positions or even entirely different rooms, Minako-chan. For science, you know.”

It’s probably best never to let Himeru experiment, EVER.

Itsuka Mizuhara [SEES] has posed.

Itsuka’s heard the rumors of what’s going on here; she hasn’t shared as much as she could have, but… it’s been a long week. Maybe a little longer. For now, though–another SEES mission comes, the Full Moon apparently calling them into action tonight. Itsuka’d been planning to just relax at the dorm, but with a crisis on the horizon…

She’s gotten into her uniform, this time, and come out with the rest of the group–her armband is on her arm, her Evoker is holstered, and her axe is stuck through a loop in the weapon belt she brought just for this purpose. She’s a bit behind Shinjiro at the moment, and–well, she doesn’t have a problem with Seiichi’s presence, either.

Idly, she considers asking Shinsuke to bake her something later.

As Mitsuru calls out the orders, Itsuka follows along, keeping close to Minamo, as well as Shinsuke and Shiki–the Eclipse Squad is here for a reason. And for Shirakawa…

Hey, Itsuka actually finds this place kind of charming. It would almost be fun, on a better day. “…Okay. Let’s stick together, guys. Splitting up is going to be dangerous.”

Minamo Takagawa [SEES] has posed.

To be honest, Minamo’s a little depressed. She’d spent days researching this latest outbreak of the Apathy Syndrome. Then a few days ago she learned exactly how the Apathy Syndrome works. And it destroyed all of her lovely theories regarding industrial chemicals.

Then she was like, “Hey, I know where the outbreaks are … probably, I did some research on the distri –” … and promptly got told, “Yeah, Fuuka figured it out in like five minutes.”

Oh. I’ll just sit over here with the useless kids who get worse grades than Shinsuke. Which is also a sore point with her.

So here she is eyeing her SEES armband, “This thing looks like the one I wear for volunteer work,” she says, picking at it and she just more-or-less follows along to learn by example and stop trying (too hard) to make a good impression. And she sticks with the group like a tourist.

Shinsuke Kusagawa [SEES] has posed.

Shinsuke is here tonight as the Eclipse Squad’s healer, of course, but…there’s /something/ about this Shadow that resonates with him. Kay is restless as always; the elegant teen feels his unruly Persona’s presence brushing against the walls of his mind like warm raptor’s feathers — the Seneschal is clearly more agitated than usual. He /hopes/ that doesn’t bode ill for tonight, especially because they’ll presumably be inside this…extremely garish building, and Kay’s destructive potential amplifies when he’s this upset. Shinsuke’s keeping a hood on the mirror of his soul for now, but there /is/ a faint azure glitter in his pale blue eyes that defies rational explanation.
Speaking of mirrors…
He turns that glittering azure gaze to his teammates, then at the strangely warped reflection in the mirror that hangs beside the automated reception window. A leather-gloved hand tightens on the hilt of his sword rapier, the heavier blade comforting in his grip. Shinsuke nods at his queen’s order, then sneaks a glance at his sister and the other younger SEES members. He doesn’t speak unless spoken to, already assuming his ice-cold battle mien. He does brush his off hand along the top of Itsuka’s back when she speaks, though, in a gesture of solidarity.

Akatsuki Enda [DS] has posed.
Akatsuki had a feeling that this would be a bad idea, and when they actually arrive at the love hotel, he knows for certain that it is. After all, this is the love hotel that Rena dragged him to after she knocked him out and kidnapped him. It doesn’t really have a lot of positive memories for him.
Nonetheless, he agreed to help SEES out with this mission, and so he’s here, dressed in well-fitting jeans and a stylish T-shirt. He doesn’t speak to anyone as of yet, though he won’t be unresponsive if addressed. As everyone makes their way in–yet others may be skulking around elsewhere in the hotel–he looks towards Mitsuru.
“Right,” Akatsuki says tersely, if politely. He pauses as Minako comments on how the rooms seem to mostly be full, before he coughs discreetly, unable to help a slight smile. Leave it to Minako to cut the tension.
…He still doesn’t comment, though–at least not until Himeru speaks up. “I don’t think that would be a wise idea,” Akatsuki tells her dryly. “Not unless we want a panic when the Dark Hour ends.”
He frowns then, regarding the mirror on the opposite hall. There’s something weird about it. “…Is it just me, or is the reflection in that mirror wrong?”

Fuuka Yamagishi [SEES] has posed.

Actually Kasumi is not at home, in reality she is nearby Shirakawa…. in the Dark Hour…. Himeru would /kill/ her if she ever found out. Shinjiro and Mitsuru would probably do so as well. So far though there hasn’t been much in the way of strange happenings though, thankfully for her.

Shiki Ichimonji [SEES] has posed.

It’s Shadow butt kicking time!! And the Shadow Butt-Kicking Squad (SBKS) is on the move, with WARRIOR OF LOVE Shiki Ichimonji always ready to help!! With this being Minamo’s first mission, he’s making sure to keep an eye out on her, along with Itsuka. Having heard that the Shadow targeted couples, he’s been making it a point not to get /too/ close to her tonight as they arrived… But then, it’s not very different from usual, right? They’re being professional!! Shiki turns to the rest of the group, pumping a fist into the air. “Everyone, be ready for anything! These Shadows can do a bunch of weird stuff!” He’s fought Chariot, and that battle was… rough. Hopefully this one won’t be as traumatizing, right?

Ominous lightning crash. Wait, isn’t this the Dark Hour?

He did some investigating on his own, and while nothing can beat Fuuka’s powers for spotting these, at least SEES is prepared for this! In the warm July night, Shiki is wearing a lighter “summer” variation of his usual fire jacket combo, instead opting for a fire /vest/, though equipped with no less battle gear than usual. Evoker, SEES armband, throwing knives, goggles and burning courage are ready!! Whatever that Shadow has to throw at them, Shiki will be ready!

Another ominous thunder crash. What is even up with that?!

He stops for a moment in front of a mirror, and squints. “Hey, is there something wrong with my hair or something…?” Blink. “…Hey, whatever!!” Now ISN’T the time to think about these things!

Yukiko Amagi [KDA] has posed.

The Dark Hour was still pretty spooky stuff. But by all rights, Yukiko’s ‘scary stuff’ resistance was getting fairly high. Still, those familiar in the KDA contingent always had the Amagi heiress by their side. She was able to convince her father to take her on a trip to a nearby town where he had a meeting, and after a quick train ride to barely reach here before the Dark Hour, she had been a bit rushed. It kinda showed in her appearance – hair just a bit rumpled, but she had taken extra care in her clothing. A light vest over a white short-sleeved blouse decorated with blossoms, and a long skirt started things off, with the stockings and dancing shoes ending things off. A bit warm for summer, but she did not seem to mind overmuch. A fan was tucked into a loop on her skirt, but she could not help but give the SEES evokers the occasional odd glance.

But then they arrived. “Um… seriously?” she asks, pulling her glasses out of a pocket on her vest, and snapping them open with a flick of her hand, to settle them on the end of her nose. Letting her eyes droop down to the floor, she colours along with Chie, bringing a fist up to clear her throat.

“But… if this is a place like… well… this… where are all the people?” she asks.

Aigis [SEES] has posed.

Aigis wonders why Mitsuru invited /that guy/. She used to think he was a NWO spy but on reflection, that was ridiculous. He’s clearly a Strega spy. But she has nothing beyond suspicions rooted in very sketchy evidence. Aigis doesn’t seem to really grok the purpose of the hotel but she tends to not be preoccupied with the matters of meatsacks.

She is, however, following behind Minato and Minako.
And is looking at them very solidly.
And staring.
Sne examining their body temperatures and body language.
And also she is looking for potential ambushes centered around their being.
And is also examining various routes she could take to block any projectiles headed their way. Luckily, on Aigis’s part, this is pretty easy as they are close together. She might have to jump and twist her body with some shots but it’d be even easier to just run them over to get them out of the way.
Sensing no immediate threats to Minako or Minato she takes a moment to nod to Mitsuru. “Understood.” She says, and walks riiiiiight up to Minato, falling in line almost right next to them. She looks at Minato for another while.
She will be doing this until a supernatural force stops her. She looks over her shoulder and activates infrared–Maki Sonomura! That bitch! She quickly activates her Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy Shield to avoid even having to see such a horrible person.


Ugh, it’s that stupid automaton, Maki thinks as she hangs back to avoid getting to close to such a square. She does, however, throw a wave over to Akatsuki, pausing only to glance to Katsuya and Butler.
She squints briefly at him.
“Is it the sick green sky or the pools of blood?” Maki asks of him.

Mitsuru Kirijo [SEES] has posed.

Jason is running late. He knows this, but he had an important stop in Inaba earlier and well.. one thing lead to another and before he knew it, he had to speed most of the way from Inaba to Port Island, find a place to park his truck and then come running through the streets with his shotgun buried in a satchel. He smiles briefly to Minako and Himeru before they step into the love hotel and comes to a stop in front of Katsuya, “Hnn. Sorry about that Suou. I lost track of time.” Which isn’t particularly like him but he has a good excuse.

He leans in close to murmur something into Katsuya’s ear in response to being punctual and then the clock strikes twelve and everything changes.

The American pauses, looking about him and then up at the Green Moon and then at the coffins that litter the street outside. “… Does this happen /all/ the time?” HE’s heard of the Dark Hour of Port Island but has never seen it for himself. He then looks at Katsuya a little strangely, “You mean aside from.. well..” He waves at the effects of the Dark Hour. Then he pauses and lifts his head like a hound try to get a scent. Diomedes stirs and he shakes his head, “Can’t tell. I’ll trust your instincts on this. We better get going though.”

Seiichi Miyamoto [NWO] has posed.

That’s right. Seiichi is indeed a ruiner. He enjoys his position in the world. The fact that its Shinjiro’s nostalgia he is ruining makes it just that much more fun. He stands near the SEES contingent, close to front of the group with Mitsuru and her company of vicious delinquents. However a step or two apart from them. Not crowding of course, but definitely…there. In his dark suit without the jacket. Simple a button down ivory shirt and the black slacks. He seems comfortable, relaxed. No evoker though. He doesn’t need one.

At his side is a katana in a simple black-lacquered sheath. He doesn’t need to hide the fact that he carries it around now down he? Not when everyone else is obviously armed. He knows he is being glared at, eyed, and other various forms of regarded and for the most part he’s ignored them all the whole walk here. Akihiko gets a polite smile and a nod of his head as he acknowledges the member of SEES and his dark eyes sweep the assembled teens.

He has no armband. Or headband. Like he really needs one.

Instead he simply nods once as Mitsuru starts forwards, his eyes snapping towards the entrance of the building with a slightly amused smirk crossing his face. He is sure this is a place that most of the people here have NEVER seen the inside of. Ah well. Perhaps it’ll be educational. Or perhaps it’ll just be amusing. He is up for either one.

“I think we shall.” He adds quietly towards the young leader of SEES as he takes the step forwards along with anyone else.

Fuuka Yamagishi [SEES] has posed.

Fuuka looks at Minamo. “Nyamo-chan, are you up for this?” After her harrowing experience this week, the spotter is concerned about her friend. She still hadn’t had a chance to talk to her since the events of that terrible evening.

Mitsuru Kirijo [SEES] has posed.

Jason then looks at Maki and shrugs a little, “Seems like it doesn’t it Miss Sonomura-san? Let’s hope it’s not.”

Shiori Hibiki [KDA] has posed.

Shiori walked through the hotel lobby, looking more than a little distracted. Too many Shadows around for a clear reading outside; entering the hotel seemed to be the best option if she wanted to be helpful.

She had arrived with the others, on the basis that the Shadows probably wouldn’t bother such a large group of people. The KDA had also turned out, to Shiori’s mild surprise; after Yosuke insisted that Any Port Island Shadow Business Was SEES Business, she had expected to be attached to the SEES contingent, or operating alone.

Shiori caught Mitsuru’s orders to Fuuka, and acknowledged them herself with a wave and a nod. “Understood, senpai.”

She felt… weird. She was probably still recovering from the recent battle against the demon from the Devil Masters server, and that last nightmare attack the demon had unleashed. But everything felt… detached, like she was viewing it from the outside. Spectating a movie, rather than being involved in it.

“Something /does/ feel off,” she replied to Yuuka. “I mean, more so than usual. It’s like… hm.”

Keeping her senses wide open, she slowly approached the large mirror, a curiously fascinated expression on her face. Out of impulse, she raised a hand, and wiggled her fingers at her reflection.

Natsuko Choukawa [S] has posed.

God, what is this even. Natsuko isn’t even super sure what she’d do if she found this thing — she’d been gone for so long, and now suddenly an Arcana Shadow!! Of course, Natsuko does not even recall involving herself with any of the previous Big Shadow Jerk incidents, but it seemed as good an excuse as any to do something useful with herself. At least Nagisa’s advice had given her some peace of mind in terms of not screwing things up: it’s hard to screw up a plan like that. She’d shown up with Rena earlier, but, well, Shadow Possessed are a little bit eerie to be wandering around all alone with NOT THAT SHE IS AFRAID BECAUSE THAT’S FOR BEDWETTING LITTLE KIDS and it was with no small amount of relief that Natsuko split up to go do her own thing.

Besides, a young girl like her doesn’t really ‘get’ this whole ‘Lovers Arcana’ thing. It did not, in fact, help either that she was personally not well suited to understanding the set. Not being Shadow Possessed herself, navigating the Shadow-infested hotel required an amount of stealth and careful planning.. though a few Shadows did find themselves dealt with along the way. RENA PROBABLY WOULDN’T MIND, RIGHT? Well, Natsuko just won’t tell her.

Fuuka Yamagishi [SEES] has posed.

Fuuka nods at Mitsuru. “Okay sempai!” Then she looks to Shiori, this will be their biggest mission together so far. She was concerned about her kohai but knew she would likely be fine. She remains in the lobby, summoning Lucia. “Be careful guys.” She communicates to the group. “There is definitely something powerful here. Very powerful.” Looking at the mirror she tilts her head. “Hm… that’s odd.” Something was different about it. She looks at Shiori, “I don’t think that is a normal mirror Hibiki-san.”

Minato Arisato [SEES] has posed.

There’s always a kind of tension when the Dark Hour occurs, even after all of these years. A touch of tightness to the chest. A nervous flutter to the heart. It gets even worse on Full Moon nights. There might be a kind of movie theatre in Minato’s head, replaying that night a decade ago where a sickly green, too-large moon shined down on the bridge where his life changed. Tonight would be the very same as that other night so long ago. Tonight, they would kill a big Shadow, and release more people from the Apathy Syndrome. Minato indeed might be nervous… but it doesn’t really /show/ on the young man’s face, just like very little emotion actually does.
He’s standing not at the /front/ of the SEES contingent this time, but rather behind the elder three of the original SEES, the leaders of the group. A sword is strapped to his belt, and he wears his jacket even though it’s a warmer night, the one with the armor surreptitiously sewn into the lining to protect against attacks. Other than the grip on the pommel of his sword being a little too tight, there doesn’t seem like much that disturbs the blue-haired elder Arisato brother. But looking up at the love hotel, the lack of coffins, that /moon/… who wouldn’t be feeling a little tense? As Mitsuru strides forward boldly, Minato takes in a deep breath…
And that’s when Minako, his sister, makes a comment about how the hotel is pretty, seemingly not understanding what the building is used for. It evokes a blink from the young man, and his eyes slide over towards her. Surprise is evident, but only for a moment. It disappears and is replaced by a small smile. A genuine one. It wasn’t that Minako said anything particularly inspiring, but more that she said anything at all. It reminds him that she is here. That he isn’t alone. And that this time, the Shadows won’t be out to kill him and his friends and family…
They were the ones who were going to hunt the Shadows.

Deidra Doyle [SEES] has posed.

Deidra Doyle nods at Mitsuru’s warning. The leader lady’s right. Who knows what might be crawling around here. She’s also clearly got her SEES armband on to. She takes another glance around. Deidra’s on edge. “Thank you for the warning Fuuka. Minato gets a bit of a look for a moment, as does Minako.

Elizabeth [A] has posed.

The members of SEES and the KDA pour into the love hotel, glittering green and stained beautifully w ith blood as the atmosphere warps darkly, while outside, the adults check out the exterior of the hotel, likewise tastefully decorated. It’s all silent on the outside frontier; there’s really nothing for it but to head inside, too. A sense of anticipation fills the air, though, and those who remain outside may get a vague sense like they’re being watched… though of course when they look around, there doesn’t seem to be anyone out there. Everyone who *should* be here is all inside the Champs de Fleur(s).
Inside, things are eerily quiet. There are Shadows about, as Fuuka and Shiori will be able to easily tell, but not on this floor–they’d have to head up to the second floor to get to them. However, now that they’re inside, the two spotters would also be able to tell more precisely… that they can’t tell where in the hotel that strong sense is, despite seemingly being right on top of it. Actually, there’s a strong sense coming from that mirror, and when Shiori approaches and waves to herself in the mirror, she’ll notice that… her reflection fades away, leaving a blank spot on the other side. As *everyone* approaches, their reflections disappear. There’s also a strong power emanating from it, that grows stronger as everyone approaches; even non-spotters with some decent resonance ability should be able to feel it by now. Mitsuru definitely will, too. There’s definitely something wrong with this mirror…!

Itsuka Mizuhara [SEES] has posed.

Poor Minamo. Itsuka was–actually–really impressed by her research, since she was listening when it was mentioned. The chemicals… Well, that’s really unfortunate, but if someone’s actually keeping /track/ of where the Apathy Syndrome outbreaks are, couldn’t that be really useful for their patrols in the future? Maybe she could mention it to senpai after the mission…

Itsuka laughs a little, at Minamo’s comparison. “This is kind of like volunteer work,” she admits. “I guess a lot more violent, though,” is her thoughtful addition. Maybe a whole lot more, but you never know. Her eyes do dart to Minato, though, as he comes in, too. She notices a smile, just out of the corner of her eye, and… well, she doesn’t talk to him much. She’s kind of curious, even given… Well, old stuff.

She’s dealing more with anticipation than apprehension. Or is there a big difference…?

She does, though, spares a slight smile for Shinsuke, at his reassuring gesture. For Shiki… “Um, no, your hair is fine.” But the mirror–it’s getting the attention, so it’s best to approach… which is when she starts to notice. This is–weird. “Guys…” And what is that /music/??

Minagi Shimizu [U] has posed.

Minagi turns from her looking at the strange Mirror to look at the large grouping of people. She ignores the three elder SEES members…two of which because she has a serious dislike of, the other because she simply did not know the boxer too well. Minagi gives DD and Minato a wave! They were still partners in crime, so to speak. Aigis gets a wave too, as does Yuuka, and Maki.

Maki gets a text message, indicating that she can’t spend tonight committing Fury RPing, it would be too dangerous :(. Himeru was there, and she gets a nod…as does Fuuka. Akatsuki’s appearance, causes Minagi to turn back towards the Mirror…business! She had to stay focused!

Then the mirror gets her attention…

Minagi does not like this feeling! She does not like it one bit, she narrows her eyes and then swings her wooden sword at the Mirror with as much force as she could muster to try and break it!

Yoh Yamagatani [SEES] has posed.

Haha, all you SEES folk with cute little armbands. No really, they are cute. Yoh has a self made HEADBAND. That’s right. switch it up. It is still easily visible as the armbands. Probably even more so. Yoh cannot help but emite a snicker at Himeru’s comment. “Buried in the flower garden?” he adds. Well, he was coming here to help people, and not what the destination is meant for. The teen follows quietly close to the head leaders. He does not exactly talk to them though.

No insubordination here, no sir. Yoh does look over to Akihiko as he slips on those gloves though. Another guy who punches stuff! Yes! They cannot possibly lose! Speaking of, it reminds Yoh to pull his thick studded gaunlets hanging out of his back pocket, and put them on. Man, Thora makes some comfy weapons. Strong weapons. Stromfy? “What exactly is causing this all now?” Yoh asks. Obviously he was ahead in some places, and years behind in others. He hasn’t even heard of an Arcana Shadow yet.

People approach this strange mirror, and Yoh does the same, peering over people. Strangely enough, his reflection isn’t there! What’s up with that? The teen squints and lets out a growl. When mirrors play games it makes him mad, like at the DVA halls of reflection. Rather, no-reflection. “I would so punch that mirror right now if I didn’t have to pay for it,” he comments aloud.

However, being this close enables Yoh to feel something from it. How strange. He can’t be sure if that is even the mirror doing that. Seems to be, or by someone or something closeby.

Shiori Hibiki [KDA] has posed.

Shiori lowered her arm, as her reflection faded away. “That’s… odd.”

She kept her hands behind her back, on the basis that after the TV World, it was not a good idea to touch mysterious surfaces and screens. Especially those which hammered at her resonance-sense with This Thing Is Weird, Investigate/Avoid It. “Fuuka-senpai, what do you think about-”

Shiori broke off, scooting back several meters and possibly dragging Yuuka along with her, as Minagi decided to take an experimental swing at the mirror. Glass shards flying all over the place was probably not the best thing to have front-row seats for.

Elizabeth [A] has posed.

Meanwhile, Rena and Natsuko stalk the upstairs floors; Fuuka and Shiori may notice their Resonances as well, a sign that someone beat them here. Who? …but for the meantime, the Shadows continue to meander the floors as Rena does in her snakelike form, treating her like one of their own. There’s a certain room that throbs sensually–so to speak–but the door is locked, for some reason. Meanwhile, Natsuko has a moderate time with the Shadows. She’s all right if she takes them on one-on-one, but when she gets outnumbered, things go bad. Fortunately, she’s a little girl and thus quick enough to run away. But she’ll feel like someone’s watching her the more she looks around, even though when she looks around, there’s no one there…

Yuuka Chiba [SFC] has posed.

Yuuka squints at the mirror. Then Minagi attempts to smash it. “Minagi-san, don’t!” Yuuka says, wincing at the static in her ears from the mirror. “Oh no.” She says, simply. She pushes her armband up a bit. It’s almost kind of funny how Yuuka’s collecting identifying items, with her glasses on, her armband, then her little backpack has a frog on it.


She steps back into a defensive position, even though her quarterstaff lies in pieces in her backpack.

Minako Arisato [SEES] has posed.

Such comments aside, Minako knows full well the gravity of their mission. It just means, at the same time, that there’s no reason she should take a moment to admire the scenery, too. Tonight, though. No, after tonight. Minako might be a creature of the now, but she’s anticipating this tomorrow, where people will wake up an d go back to their families again.

She blinks a little at Himeru’s suggestion, tilting her head a little to the right. “Are we allowed to move the coffins, though?” They /were/ people. Although, Minako’s never seen them stacked like that before. Did they fall over just before the Dark Hour ended?


He, in turn, had blinked at Jason’s whispered words. So that meant–
Damn. She was probably still pissed.

The detective nods, glancing off at the world that’s changed so much about them. “Every night, for the past eleven years, nearly.” He lived out here for just about a year, himself; after the initial shock and adjustment period afterwards, he’d… maybe not ‘gotten used to’, you never ‘get used to’ that. ‘Begun to tolerate it’, now that might come closer to the heart of the matter.

There’s a nod. “Yes, aside from that.” He adjusts his glasses. “I can’t put my finger on it, but something doesn’t feel right…” It’s little more than a gut feeling, something akin to a breath of cold air at the back of his neck. Even so, though… “Right.” He’s nodded, once, over at Jason. “I’m going to spread out from the others.” He’s going to head upstairs in the meantime.

There’s definitely something fishy about the mirror, but at the same time… there could be something else going on. He can’t discount it; he heads further up, to the third floor.

Deidra Doyle [SEES] has posed.

Deidra Doyle nears the mirror and just kinda scares at it for a moment, she pauses as her reflection vanishes. That’s strange also there’s a power she can feel it too. She pauses looks back to the other members of Sees but at least doesn’t say the obvious that something’s messed up with it. She just goes back to looking at the mirror. There’s clearly a power coming from it and there is something unnerving about this thing not having reflection.

“and who knows what might happen Yoh if we did break it…”

Minamo Takagawa [SEES] has posed.

Minamo laughs with a confidence she doesn’t really feel, subsequently her laugh sounds a little nervous. “Ahaha…haha..ha…oh I’m fine Yamagishi-senpai. What could possibly go wrong with this army of people? I-I think I’ll be lucky to see anything before going home anyway,” she says trying to sound casual. She does manage an inside voice, so it’s not really going to be heard by any of the Important People at the front of the group though.

But for all that, she does keep a decent look out for … well … whatever she’s supposed to look for. Which is … what? “It is like volunteer work. I’m glad to be here!” she says pretty cheerfully (out of place) here.

Upon examination of the hotel’s interior, she states something that a lot of the students in here might be feeling: “Am I old enough to be in here?” she asks nobody in particular. Her tone of voice suggests she suspects the answer is ‘no.’ “Is it true that dating for adults is all ero-ero?” she adds, trying to sound blithe about it. Blithely curious. In an academic way, of course.

Mitsuru Kirijo [SEES] has posed.

As they pass by the mirror, Mitsuru has to stop for a moment and look at it. Her head tips slightly and her brow furrows. A disappearing reflection? A trick mirror perhaps. Or possessed. But before she can get a really good look at it and let Penthesilea reach out to probe beneath the surface to see just what lies before it, Minagi has reached up and is smashing it with her sword. Instinctively, she jerks backwards and whips out her evoker and is ready to shoot at a moment’s notice in case something jumps out.
Shinsuke Kusagawa [SEES] has posed.

That off hand starts to reach for its owner’s silver pocket watch, but stops when its owner remembers that the bloody thing doesn’t work during the Dark Hour. Shinsuke sighs.
“It will be alright, everyone,” he says to his comrades, voice terse with the growing stress of the situation. Kay shifts in his mind like an eagle on a perch, and he casts his azure gaze over each person within view — many of whom he doesn’t know. He’s also willing himself to stay cool and collected; the presence of both Akatsuki /and/ Seiichi is making him want to loosen his collar. Shinsuke never gets hot, hence his ability to wear the winter uniform — augmented by gloves /and/ a vest — during the heat of summer, but the two men are testing the limits of his heat endurance. He exhales shakily, smoothing his overlong bangs and tucking them behind his left ear. God, this place’s aura is making it /worse/ than usual…even though he would ordinarily keel over and die of horrified embarrassment at the very thought, part of him wants to steal them both, since they /are/ in a l-
Okay no that’s a thought for /later/ not /now/ goddamnit
The aristocratic teen peers into the mirror at Akatsuki’s direction, frowning as the reflections of all present disappear. “How fascinating…” he says softly.

Yukiko Amagi [KDA] has posed.

Does the Dark Hour /have/ to make everything look so… so… well… and the glasses weren’t helping. Yukiko Amagi purses her lips tightly, adjusting her glasses a little bit with one hand as the fan is snapped up in her other, Yukiko idly fanning herself as the crew moves on – it felt a little warm in here: that had to be simply the amount of people all in one place, right?

A breath is released, and Yukiko smiles wanly, belatedly answering her friend. “Yes, Chie – but I am very glad for the adventure. Just um…” Yukiko pauses a moment, their location sinking in once more, and she winces behind her glasses. “Umm… that sounded wrong.”

It was the mirror that catches the attention of all the intrepid youngsters, and thusly, Yukiko finds herself drawn as well, her eyes narrowing as she takes a few short steps towards it, narrowing her eyes. Her sense of the supernatural was about as keen as her sense of the romantic, but even she could understand that there was /something/ wrong with that mirror.

“Do you think there is a shadow in…” she begins to say, when Minagi and others /attack/ it, leaping back with a graceful motion. “Careful!” she warns.

Michiru Fukase [KDA] has posed.

Michiru rubs at one of her shoulders. She has a few freckles there; part of her is quite certain that everyone is looking directly at. Because there really are a great many people here.

Michiru looks at others as they come in, including Shinjiro and the always charming Mitsuru. Chie and Yukiko get an off-handed wave. Then she hears –

– someone banging on the mirror. “What the hell are you doing that for?!” she says in astonishment, even as other people tell her to be more cautious. Michiru shrinks fractionally closer to the nearest person (Naoto in this case) possibly in case she has to throw someone in front of a fireb-


In case there is an attack and something unfortunate occurs.

Aigis [SEES] has posed.

Maki replies to Minagi with what appears to be a ‘murrnuggle’. What’s a murrnuggle? Not even Maki knows, but it seemed to be an appropriate response. Aigis waves and would normally have seen Maki but thanks to her EELS Shield, she happily misses her existence entirely. She doesn’t even look at Minagi’s cellphone, despite being a pretty nosy individual.

Maki tilts her head curiously at the whispers but doesn’t comment vocally. She sticks with the actual detectives for the moment, “So…” She glances over to Katsuya. “Hooow…isssss….” pause. “How did caaaaake go?” Smile, smile.

BACK TO AIGIS WOAH. She says, “When they wake up they will be moved, if we move them, so it could disorient them or cause confusion at the very least.” She glances to Himeru. “They may be asleep as well.” Blink. BLink.

Rena Kinukasa [S] has posed.

If Natsuko ends up getting ganged up on, Rena will intervene if nearby. When she catches sense of the sensual emanations coming from that locked room, the Shadow-possessed young woman seeks out her tiny companion. Black coils clothed in iridescent blue and green scales sweep around Natsuko gently and guide her away. Rena’s touch is oddly soft, in spite of her skin, more like a caress than a push.

“SEES has arrived.” she tells Natsuko, her voice coming out of her gaping mouth, even if her jaws do not move to form the words. Perhaps Natsuko is hearing it in her mind? “I’ve also found something.”

The serpentine form of Kiyohime unwinds from Natsuko and slithers off, returning to the mysteriously locked room she discovered earlier. Pushing herself upwards, she reaches out with a stubby clawed forefoot, grasping for the doorknob and aiming to just /rip/ the damn thing out. A little collateral damage would be worth it, no?

Naoto Shirogane [KDA] has posed.

Naoto Shirogane is seventeen. He’s not that young! Just short.

“It’s no worse than some of the other places we’ve been,” Naoto says, though he means ‘in the TV world’ rather than ‘in reality’. Even he has never been to one of these places. His investigations have never taken him there, possibly because the police tried to herd him out. Or maybe he’s just gotten lucky.

Naoto enters the place. “Keep on alert,” he says, as he walks a little faster to catch up with the SEES group he sees ahead. “I don’t know what is in here.” His sense of Resonance is often not very good. Even he’s starting to get on edge, just a little.

He is interrupted by someone swinging at a mirror. Naoto winces. That has /never/ ended well; he edges toward the rest of the KDA, hand sliding into his pocket. There is a pistol there. He might need it.

Mitsuru Kirijo [SEES] has posed.

“Eleven ye-.” Jason looks rather incredulous at that particular bit of information. He.. has a lot of questions bout it! But he’ll ask Katsuya about this weird event later. They have a /mystery/ to solve.

When they step into the hotel, the American starts pulling out his gun from his satchel and nods. “Alright. I’ll back you up. Miss Sonomura-san. You might wanna come with us.” He blinks when she asks Katsuya bout cake. “… What?”

As they ascend the stairs, he wonders if they should be asking about cake…

Fuuka Yamagishi [SEES] has posed.

“I dunno… What is /up/ with that thing?” Fuuka wonders out loud. She looks at it and starts to reach out to touch it but pulls back. It /mostly/ seems normal except for the reflection part. She looks at Minagi, “DON’T!” It may be too late though. Breaking strange mirrors was definitely not a good plan, especially not one that emanated this kind of power.

Chie Satonaka [KDA] has posed.

“Well, it’s the dark hour,” Chie muses, “So…they’re in coffins, right? Probably, uhm.” She looks upward toward the ceiling, and the hotel above. “…i-in the rooms,” Chie stammers, embarrassed by proxy for /the entire human race/.

And then Yukiko says /that/, and Chie giggles a little, bursting out in laughs because that was just /perfect/. But alas; she cannot keep it up forever, because even deaf as a post Tomoe hears that crackle of power, calls out to Chie’s attention. “Huh?” she asks, and her eyes snap up to the mirror, just in time to see her reflection wink out.

“Oh, man, this isn’t gonna be fun, is it?” Chie sighs, setting her feet, hoping for an enemy she can kick. Eyes tick to the people around her, focusing on KDA because those are the ones she knows (though she does glimpse briefly at Akatsuki, nodding in his direction but not sure there’s much else to say at the moment when there’s a threat in the air.)

Kotone Nakamura [SEES] has posed.

Kotone Nakamura finds herself more unnerved by everything going on than anything else; this is different from traipsing around outside Tartarus or hot zones and occasionally poking at (and running away from, occasionally) Shadows. This is a distinctly alien environment, even during the day — and on top of that, it has creepy things that shouldn’t exist like non-reflective mirrors!!

She lets out a small noise — a squeak, practically — as Minagi swings for the mirror. She doesn’t instantly think it’ll do anything actually harmful, the way a lot of people do; she just finds the sudden violent outburst toward the surroundings a little nerve-wracking.

Himeru Namikawa [DS] has posed.

There’s a brief eye contact crossed with Shimizu and Maki, a faint nod, but otherwise she doesn’t seem to be in a mood for hellos and such. Impression of being watched? Paranoia +20. SPOTTER SHADOW(s)?!?

Himeru’s eyes find themselves darting left and right on occasion, disliking this feeling alot. “Panic, or comedy.” she does retort to Akatsuki’s comment, but otherwise even her morbid humor knows when to call it quits and for when it’s best to focus.

People are mentioning something unusual with a mirror, and mirrors is something that she had plenty of BAD experiences with. Seeing her own reflection disappear even from the rear causes her to sigh. “Why is it always mirrors…” and it seems someone is willing to soak up the bad luck, but as far as she knows it might already be too late or Minagi might just end up falling through.

Minako’s question about being allowed ends up unanswered: She had no idea. “Maybe.” she does say regarding Aigis’ theory. Right now she’s busy enough hoping that the mirror did not make an army of evil shadow clones.

Natsuko Choukawa [S] has posed.

Fortunately indeed that Natsuko is extremely Not Hot Blooded, and perfectly willing to sneak and run her way through danger rather than try to take on all of the mans at once. She might be concerned by all of the people piling in steadily if she were more keen on Resonance — but as it is, she has a hard enough time with putting all of her concentration on evading a horrible Shadow-related death. Easily bothered by external stimulus, the little Hermit Arcana girl finds great irritation in that sense of being watched —

Which turns to sudden surprise when she finds herself suddenly being surrounded by a Shadow that is totally going to eat her and turn her into a drooling moron and — oh, wait, it’s Kiyohime. A glance back over her shoulder with one violet colored eye is taken as her Shadow Possessed partner warns her of the danger imminent; it certainly wouldn’t be wise at all for her to try to take on SEES and whatever other mans might be helping them directly. She wouldn’t even be useful as a distraction. They’d probably put a palm on her forehead and let her swing harmlessly — such is the woe of those whom are small.

Shiki Ichimonji [SEES] has posed.

Shiki shakes his head as his /hair status/ is confirmed as optimal. “Oh, ‘kay then!” It’s important for him!!

“Um,” Shiki’s eyes widen at Minamo’s question. “I… I dunno, but it’s not like it really matters, right? Nobody’s gonna check and stuff!” …Of course, Dark Hour or not, there’s something annoying about being in a place they /shouldn’t/ be! –but wait, ero-ero?! “W-what?!??” Okay, this conversation is not going to places he likes!

But then… Itsuka, not to mention /other people/, get interested in the mirror Shiki just stopped looking at. Huh?? He trots back to it, gazing with the rest. “Oh, so it’s not just me, huh?” Wait, no more hair… no more anything!! What the heck?

And then, MINAGI SMASH?? “H-hey, wait!!” Too late to stop her, leader guy!

Akatsuki Enda [DS] has posed.
“Arisato,” Akatsuki notes, spotting Minato as he comes in to cover the rear. He’d already seen the quiet youth join them, but with a group this size, it’d been hard to say anything to him. It’s been a long time since they’ve spoken… Still, Akatsuki has to admire, to a certain extent, the aplomb with which he handles coming here. A lot of people here are understandably nervous, including him… and Shinsuke, a similar person. “Feeling out of place?” Akatsuki murmurs Shinsuke’s way. He follows the other youth’s gaze to the mirror, where their reflections have vanished, increasingly making a blank mirror. Akatsuki frowns, pulling out his manriki.
Nonetheless, the college student smiles slightly at the presence of both Chie and Yukiko too. There’s something simultaneously appropriate and *in*appropriate about that. Nonetheless, when Chie catches his eye, Akatsuki nods back to her. It’s been a while… He wonders how she’s been. Then Himeru shoots back her remark, and Akatsuki just shakes his head. “You’ve always had a twisted sense of humor, Namikawa.” He grimaces as she continues. “I don’t much care for them either–”
And then Minagi attempts to smash the massive piece of smoothed glass, and like most of the rest of the group, Akatsuki’s eyes widen in alarm. “Hey, wait, don’t be so reckle–!”

Seiichi Miyamoto [NWO] has posed.

Its the odd mirror that gets Seiichi’s attention quickly enough as he notes the decidedly odd object-of-art. The disappearing reflection? Oh yes. That can’t be bad at all. No. No it can’t. Strangely mystical happening in the Dark Hour with no one else around and some rather powerful shadows out and about…

Alright. Maybe it is a bit of Bad Thing. Ah well. At least this search was going to be lively with everyone else. When will they learn though. Breaking the magical item/demon summoning circle/mystic summoners face isn’t /always/ the answer.

Ah well. Heroes.

When Minagi swings for the mirror one hand snaps out quickly to wrap around the hilt of his sword, his eyes flickers left and right. Just as paranoid as Himeru it seems. Alright. Maybe a notch or two less than that.

This could end…poorly.

Itsuka Mizuhara [SEES] has posed.

Well, a little cheer at least makes Itsuka feel better. She nods right along to Minamo. “Just stick with us, and you’ll do fine,” she says, adding to Fuuka’s reassurance. And as for volunteer work–It’s–It’s nice!

Itsuka wasn’t really feeling that, as such, and is she old enough…? “…I dunno,” she says with a little shrug. But, for dating, “I think it pretty much is,” she answers casually, still quiet, though she almost laughs just a little at Shiki’s embarassment. It’s kind of–…no, better not to. She pauses, and grows a little more serious. Though, uh. “…Shinsuke, are you okay…?” She notes the little hints of /something/, but–

That’s someone already swinging for something!

Fuuka Yamagishi [SEES] has posed.

Kasumi is still alone in the Dark Hour inching her way closer to Shirakawa. Her senses seem to be heightened this evening. The closer she gets there, the more the feeling increases. It is one that was unlike anything she had felt before. She passes the odd coffins here and there, the blood red water, everything that at any other time would have freaked her out without so much as a second look. There were no shadows yet but she remains prepared just in case.

Minato Arisato [SEES] has posed.

Aigis’ presence being a constant, staring thing has pretty much filtered into Minato’s background noise permanently. Is Aigis standing behind him, staring at him, looming possessiv– er, protectively? Like, a ninety percent chance of that, easily. So Minato doesn’t even sweat it, that’s just how he rolls. Moving into the hotel alongside his sister, he’s noting the awfully large amount of people investigating this case. It’s good, perhaps, that they aren’t alone. And with this many, Shadows won’t be too hard. But aren’t they attracting too much attention? Either way, he offers an easy smile to Minagi as he notices his former team mate. Minako makes some comment about coffins being stacked, and the elder Arisato nearly laughs. It’s… comforting, perhaps. That his sister doesn’t really get that, juust yet. And ah, there’s Akatsuki! Minato nods back to the other boy, apparently cool as ice despite this situation.
And then someone breaks a mirror. Whoops. …Yeah, definitely too many people in here. As if that wasn’t going to attract /something’s/ attention.

Elizabeth [A] has posed.

It, Seiichi, will *definitely* end poorly.

Upstairs, those who ascended–Maki, Katsuya, Jason–run into some Shadows that rush towards them on sight, more than willing to give them an attack. Ahead, something slithers around a corner… and was that a little girl over there, too?! However, the appearance of the Shadows as soon as they arrive on the third floor prevents them from investigating easily.
Meanwhile, Natsuko manages all right, thanks to Rena swooping by to pick her up and bring her to that one certain room. That room still throbs, though whether it’s threatening or inviting or both at once it’s hard to tell. Natsuko and Rena stand right before it…
…and downstairs, Minagi swings at the mirror with her bokken. Those who were closeby when she did so are dubiously lucky, for rather than shattering like a normal mirror should, it ripples and distorts more like the surface of a pond, like the glass has gone full liquid. Nothing jumps out to slaughter them all, which is fortunate, at least–but as it ripples, what appears to be light begins to glow from a point within the mirror. A moment later (conveniently giving people the time they had to react to it), that point of light bursts forth, enveloping everyone in the building, including Kasumi, who conveniently managed to get just inside the Champs de Fleur gate in time to get caught in the mind-blast.
An indeterminate time later, people wake up. Some wake up in rooms in the love hotel, and something is whispering in their ear how nice this feels, and how it would be so much better to give in to pleasure and indulge in the *now* where heaven is waiting for them… The silk of the sheets beneath some of them is so luxurious, and for others, the hot water runs down their bodies sensually. For the moment, everything just feels so *right*–and that voice keeps on whispering…
Others wake up in the bare, empty maintenance rooms behind the walls of the love hotel. There is nothing sexy there, nor is there anything trying to tell them to get their sexy on, or even to bring sexy back. As they begin to awaken, they’ll realize that they hear people in the next room moaning.
…/For help/, that is.


Mamoru Yasuragi [U] has posed.
When the light fades, and Fuuka and Rena return to consciousness, the two of them will find… that they alone have not been caught in Lovers’ snare, or the snare of another presence here.
Fuuka is on the first floor, near one of the love hotel room doors, but somehow–perhaps it’s her strength of will, perhaps it’s her particularly strong abilities as a spotter–she’s managed to not get sucked in. However, the love hotel room doors are all locked, and even if she may hear voices behind the doors, nobody will answer even if she bangs on the door. If she tries to reach out with her Resonance senses to reach her friends and allies, she’ll get the psychic equivalent of a busy signal; somebody’s home, but they’re /busy/ with something else. There are still Shadows here, too, but she should be able to avoid them rather easily–though it may be of significant concern that there are *two* powerful Shadows, one more technically a Shadow-Possessed, towards the middle of the floor.
Rena, meanwhile, awakens to find that she’s likewise been passed over. Lovers recognizes one of her own. It’s for that reason that, even though Natsuko is gone, Rena remains outside that throbbing door…
…and said door is now unlocked. What does Rena do?

Fuuka Yamagishi [SEES] has posed.

Before Fuuka can sense what is happening a blast comes from somewhere. For a brief moment or two, maybe even longer, she is knocked out. When she comes to though there is no one around her, save for the minor shadows and two more powerful entities that she can still sense. Looking around, it seems like she is somewhere else. What happened though? Did the mirror breaking cause the warp or what? She shakes her head and gets up. Where /was/ everyone?

Walking along the hallway, she is extremely careful to avoid shadows. Trying to hone in on her friends resonances there is very little there. She knows they are still around but something odd is going on! She senses the shadow-possessed person and for now manages to avoid them. She tries to enter the random hotel door but they are all locked, despite the sound of voices coming from a few. She is not really sure /what/ to do now…

Rena Kinukasa [S] has posed.

That door which Rena had been clawing at when the wave of power hit now has a nice five-track line of claw marks carved down in the wood. Like a stunned snake, she had flopped over in a disorganized pile outside the door, mind spinning and blank. When she comes too, she shakes herself out and looks around, eye ridges lowering as she notices her fellow Strega member has somehow vanished.

Unwinding, she peers around the corners of the hallway before peering back at the door. Gently, she noses the knob before repositioning herself. A tiny stubby clawed hand reaches out, but rather than trying to awkwardly rip it open, the hand shifts and “mutates” back into a human hand on a human arm. With this, Rena grasps the knob and lets herself in.

“Hello.” she greets to the presence within. “I can feel you in here.”

Belladonna [A] has posed.

The Shadows are active, in the hotel, though they remain in the hallways. There are no easy answers at first for Fuuka; the doors /are/ locked, and the Shadows must be avoided. Attempting to press at their resonance continues to form a static, something ‘bouncing back’ and interfering with her signal. The front door is open; the upstairs…

The stairs can be reached.

As Rena–Kiyohime, perhaps–noses the knob… Ahhh, then that works. As she enters the room, there is no visible sign of anyone present at first. There is, however, a palpable presence, one that resonates well with her–at first, there is silence…

Then, it makes itself known to Rena’s mind, by way of feeling; invitation; curiosity. And a tiny, mental voice, ~…Want?~ that is only barely comprehensible.

Fuuka Yamagishi [SEES] has posed.

Fuuka decides to continue looking on this floor for awhile until she reaches a staircase which leads upward. Noticing the numbers on the doors she guesses this is still the first floor if it’s anything like another hotel. She tentatively heads downward still trying to somehow communicate with Mitsuru or anyone else for that matter. Nothing seems to be getting through. It’s all jumbled but there are still shadows on this floor so she remains cautious. Where was the source of that great power? It was so difficult to pinpoint the location and what was the significance of that mirror? It definitely had something to do with this.

Rena Kinukasa [S] has posed.

While Rena cannot see anyone in the room beyond, she knows it’s in here. She can feel it’s super concentrated presence-a feeling not unlike herself. Kiyohime’s nostrils flare as she snorts in the air of the room before she slinks over to the ever-present heart-shaped bed. Languidly, she makes herself comfortable on the soft pillows and sheets, neatly curling herself on top of it. To get her entire mass up there, however, makes the bed sink and creak.

She feels the presence touch her and her mouth pulls back into a too-large toothy grin. “Help.” she purrs. “We are the same. I need your help to create love where there is none.”

Her yellow eyes shine in the gloom as she peers around the room. “Will you help me with that?”

Belladonna [A] has posed.

The presence remains, even more palpable as Kiyohime/Rena settles herself onto the bed. It /is/ very comfortable; perhaps it would make the nice start of a grand place for a dragon to be. …Though the sheets may rip some, beneath her claws.

The same…? The presence pulses, slightly, and then a feeling of ‘consideration’ rests for a moment, and the question ~You wish more…?~ An offer. A moment, and then, ~…Give in to your wishes. Show me what it is you desire…~ The curiosity remains. It would seem that the presence is still listening.

For Fuuka, heading up the stairs, the resonance blocking remains the case–there are a number of Shadows in front of her, but they haven’t seen her yet–they’re still a good few yards away, and she could turn the corner to avoid them if she chose. The source of that power, however–it seems that she’s getting /closer/, in any case. The stairs are across the room from here–unless Fuuka’s willing to take the one that’s now to her right–she can sense a Shadow up at that entrance, however.

Rena Kinukasa [S] has posed.

Though she may be covered in scales, her shape doesn’t behave as a normal reptile’s would. Rena can feel the softness of the mattress and smoothness of the silken sheets beneath her. For someone, or some/thing/, like her this lewd bed would make a fitting throne. A quick observation of the room does let her conclude that no, this had not been the room she held Akatsuki in months ago, offering her a little less irony tonight.

“So much more.” Rena’s voice lowers, almost sounding intoxicated as her thoughts drift to the men she’s had around her in her life. Kyo Enda. Akatsuki Enda. Seiichi Miyamoto. Gozaburou Gessou. /Tatsuya Suou/. “I want them all to love me.” There were others two, others she didn’t know so well, having only met in passing. It didn’t matter. She wanted them too. She wanted them /all/ to satiate her desire. “My time is starting to run short.”

A low growl in the ‘real’ world accompanies her words. “Without this, I will lose that chance forever.”

Fuuka Yamagishi [SEES] has posed.

As she heads up the stairs, Fuuka’s sense of the shadows around her is strong. She knows that it is risky for her to keep exploring with no backup though. Oh how she wished she had brought Koro-chan. He probably wouldn’t have been affected by the warp. Oh well, too late to think about that now. She turns the corner to avoid the shadows.

Right now she can see one set of stairs but her instinct tells her that she should find another way up to the next floor. The feeling of the major shadow was close to her as well. It was frustrating that she couldn’t pinpoint a location though. She continues to walk along the hallway for another set of stairs. Would she actually be able to continue to avoid the shadows.

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Belladonna [A] has posed.

It’s a very comfortable bed; for all that one might expect the accommodations to be cheap–well, this is pretty important to their business, isn’t it? The presence does not comment on memory, or on the past; the presence is very much in the /now/, and it may even be aware of those thoughts floating through Rena’s mind. A sense of being /watched/ pervades the room, and then… something like approval. ~All that matters is now~, the presence speaks in that tiny mental voice.

The presence intensifies, a power collecting near the bed. ~We are the same~, it agrees, and it continues to build. …This process may become… uncomfortable.

The powerful presence’s resonance spikes to Fuuka, who sadly has no backup, even though Koromaru might have been a fine guard indeed. Her instincts are good; the sensation of ‘closeness’ continues to increase as Fuuka walks, and–well, with her resonance powers, she /can/ avoid the Shadows so far, as long as she keeps her eyes open. To her sense, there’s a clear path to the third floor… but it won’t be clear for very long.

Fuuka Yamagishi [SEES] has posed.

It was awfully lonely here for Fuuka right now. She still couldn’t understand what had happened to everyone. Her main thoughts right now were keeping away from the shadows. Further across the hallway she almost runs into a shadow. Luckily, for some reason it is distracted and she quickly dodges it. How long could she keep this up?

Finally, she comes upon another staircase. She seems uncertain if it is safe to go up though so for the moment she is at the bottom, looking upwards, using Lucia to scan. The sense of the other powerful shadow and shadow-possessed was growing stronger in her mind. Finally, she deems it safe and makes her way quietly upwards to the third floor.

Rena Kinukasa [S] has posed.

Months ago, Rena /paid/ for several days in this place. She knows it’s not cheap at all. One of the more high-end love hotels on Shirakawa Boulevard in fact-she had done her research beforehand in case she would ever need somewhere like this. With how her encounter with Akatsuki proceeded, it turns out that preparation really paid off, even if the owner did rat out her presence eventually.

Even though the presence has not taken shape before her, Rena feels comfortable enough with it that she doesn’t continue straining and squinting to seek it. Instead, she sets her head down atop a wound coil and allows her glowing eyes to slide to half-mast. “We are the same.”

To be here, in it’s presence, just felt insanely comforting to Kiyohime. Were it not her ambitions for a tangible warm body to be with, she might be inclined to just remain here forever.

The present waits for no one, least of all the Shadow-possessed. The presence of her fellow Shadow intensifies and for Rena, it feels pleasant at first. Not unlike a warm shower. But as the seconds tick by, that feeling increases, as if the temperature of the water was being turned up and up, eventually to unbearable levels. Levels that would make the human’s bare skin boil and scald.

Rena-Kiyohime begins to writhe, her neat coils slopping out irregularly as spasms wrack her serpentine body. Claws flail, tearing the sheets and mattress, ruining the bed. Her eyes bulge and her spine twists.

Unable to help herself, she unleashes an ear-piercing inhuman shriek that’s possibly loud enough to shatter glass-or perhaps even a mirror.

Belladonna [A] has posed.

It’s difficult; aside from the sounds emanating from the rooms, it is silent during Fuuka’s passage. And the Dark Hour’s tiring effects move ever-onward. Is it really just an hour…? Sometimes, it can seem far, far longer. Another Shadow peers Fuuka’s way, but as she finds the staircase…

Lucia’s powers indicate a much clearer view, at least. The Shadows are for some reason largely /away/ from where the largest presence resides. And as she goes up… A surge of power makes the presence nearly painful.

Up in the room–indeed. The same, and soon moreso.

As Rena screams, Kiyohime’s form may /shift/ slightly, her scales burning with the power that is affected her. The scream pierces through the shower window, which cracks under it–and under the power in the room.

…The pain abates, after a few moments, however, leaving a dazed comfortable sensation oozing from the presence. ~…The same~, it reiterates, and ‘pleasure’ fills the room.

Fuuka Yamagishi [SEES] has posed.

At the top of the stairs, something happens and Fuuka can sense it. It makes her try to suppress a painful feeling in her mind. She shakes her head. The presence was closer though she could tell. Perhaps it /was/ on this floor. Wherever it was though the shadows seem to be moving away from it so Fuuka moves somewhat closer, still trying to open the odd door here and there. She could hear noise emanating from the rooms but no one answered her.

Rena Kinukasa [S] has posed.

The screams continue for at least a solid minute before they finally die off and the Shadow-form of Rena gasps for air. The lower half of her long body flops onto the floor, twisting and falling “upright” on her stubby legs. The heat fades eventually but from the look of it, no, she didn’t get out of the experience “unscathed.” The iridescence of her scales, which had been a green-blue sheen before, is now that of a reddish glint when the light catches it from the right angle.

The pleasant feelings saturating the air afterwards calm her down and she drags herself back onto the bed, even though the sheets are shredded and the mattress’s stuffing is spilling out. No, this damage doesn’t stop her at all as she nestles on top of it all comfortably.

It’s a while before Rena tries speaking to it again, her voice, unsurprisingly, sounding rather dazed. “What is your purpose here?”

Belladonna [A] has posed.

There is indeed something happening–as Fuuka moves up, the presence /is/ on this floor, for sure, over on the other side. With the way the Shadows are moving, if she moves quickly, she could approach it… but now, the presence is larger. The resonance of the Shadow-possessed is less distinct from the greater presence; Fuuka’s talents can distinguish them, but there’s something… Odd….

And she might hear the screams.

There is light, glinting; the mattress will need to be replaced, if it’s to be used again, but it is comfortable enough to someone with Rena-Kiyohime’s particular attributes. Silence reigns, and the presence does note abate. Instead…

~…Desire..~ is the mental reply, as if that says all that there needs to be said. There is a second, less audible, ~It is here~.

The presence retreats, very slightly, as if in wait.

Fuuka Yamagishi [SEES] has posed.

Fuuka moves her way through the third floor. The shadows are still moving away so the danger from them is not so strong though she does keep a watchful eye of course. However, she does hear the screams fill the air but stop suddenly and it sends her on edge. The powerful presence is definitely close. It’s not like she could approach it alone or would even attempt to though. For now, she stops and with Lucia, will continue to try and find her friends and allies while still continuing to dodge shadows if need

Rena Kinukasa [S] has posed.

‘A Shadow of few words.’ Rena thinks. On the other hand, it /was/ rare that Shadows spoke at all unless they were riding on a human like Kiyohime was. This Shadow was different, though, different from the low-leveled ones she fed on. “I see. So this place drew you here. Interesting.”

She strains, suddenly, to hear its next words. “It..?” she repeats, looking towards the door to the room. As its presence retreats, so does the pleasant feeling and Rena’s senses become sharper, taking note of the approaching persona-user beyond. The draconic form of Kiyohime bares its teeth. “I see.”

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